Are You a Descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim John Alden?

Imagine setting sail into the unknown, in hopes of finding the new world. This was the reality of the English settlers who voyaged on the Mayflower back in 1602. John Alden, along with 101 other men, women, and children, were among the brave pilgrims who endured this 66-day journey at sea.

Are you longing to uncover the details behind your family’s heritage? It’s possible that your very own ancestors were among the first settlers to set sail on the Mayflower. Whether it’s pilgrim John Alden himself, or any of the other passengers on the Mayflower, you never know if your family heritage is connected to such a historical event.

The Rev. Bailey Loring (1786-1860) was a descendant of John Alden, who was a crew member on the Mayflower and one of the original settlers of Plymouth Colony and a crew member on the Mayflower. A year later when the Mayflower returned to England, John Alden was one of the few settlers who stayed behind to form the Plymouth Colony. John Alden later married a fellow Mayflower passenger, Priscilla Mullins, and together they remained in Plymouth Colony to raise a family. John and Priscilla Alden raised ten children and greatly influenced the creation and foundation of the Plymouth Colony.

Rev. Loring’s mother was Alethea (Alden) Loring (1744-1820), and her great-grandfather was John Alden, who married Priscilla Mullins.

Family stories and ancestral connections were reported in old newspapers, and GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives are essential for getting the stories of your family history. Our historical newspaper archives contain some of the most prominent historical events.

For example, here is Rev. Bailey Loring’s obituary, which states he is a direct descendant of John Alden.

obituary for Rev. Bailey Loring, Boston Recorder newspaper article 10 May 1860
Boston Recorder (Boston, Massachusetts), 10 May 1860, page 75

A “Shout Out” to the Alden Kindred of America, one of my all-time favorite genealogical organizations and websites: FYI—you’ll want to link this obituary and citation to your website. The “Alden Kindred” is a lineage society open to all descendants of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden and those interested in the work of the society.

Through the descendants of John Alden, GenealogyBank has been able to discover many family relationships tied to the Mayflower. Are you a descendant of John and Priscilla Alden? Tell us about your familial connection in the comments section.

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124 thoughts on “Are You a Descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim John Alden?

    1. They are my 8th great-grandparents, also through Elizabeth Alden. Longer generations in my family, and/or maybe I am older than you 🙂

      1. I am a descendant of John Alden as well. On my Great Grandma Naxine Andersons side. It’s wonderful.

        1. I am a decedent of Pirscilla Mollens and John Alden too(Great-Grandparents) don’t know how many years though all of you guys up above who commented I am somehow related to you to either 6th aunts or uncles cousins or more but I am related to you guys too!

      2. Ok so President John Adams is my third cousin
        Nine times removed. I am also a direct descendent of the mayflower through John Alden and daughter Elizabeth. Not sure what number John Alden great grandparent is ? So we sre obviously related. My maiden name was List.

        1. Wow! John Adams is also my 3rd cousin, 9 times removed. John Alden is my 11th great grandfather. So, I guess…. Hey cuz! Haha

        2. President John Adams is my 3rd cousin as well, nine times removed. So would I also be related to John Alden?

    2. John and Priscilla are my 11th great-grandparents thru their daughter Elizabeth 🙂 It’s been an exciting journey on Ancestry to discover that I’m a “Mayflower Child”! 🙂

      1. my 9th great-grandparents through their son, Joseph. but I also notice that Elizabeth ended up in Portsmouth, R I, with her husband. do your families still live there? because my husband was born and raised there. i wonder how many connections i actually have to people there.

      2. John and Priscilla are my 11th great grandparents too! – through their daughter Sarah. And Myles Standish is my 11th great grandfather through Alexander.

        1. hello everyone, I don,t want to intrude on anyone s history,however i came across a tea set ,with the priscilla and john aldin photos on it ,as well as other photos of the mayflower, I know nothing about it as was trying to find out info. on the tea set ,and came across this site …the tea set is white china with blue photos of the family of john aldin and wife priscilla aldin and ship mayflower do not know if it is of any intreast to anyone or not if it is please call me at 865-475 1512 , i would hate to have something of value to a family that may want it ,I myself am looking for info. on the dockery family from england and Ireland…

    3. John and Priscilla Alden are my 9th great grandparents through both Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah married Alexander Standish, who is the son of my 9th great grandparents, Miles and Barbara Standish. As well as the Alden and Standish connection (paternal side), I am also a descendant of William Bradford & Alice Carpenter (12th great grandparents) on my maternal side.

      1. Greetings, fellow descendant of Sarah and Alexander! At the age of 8 I discovered this fact and wrote to NBC newscaster Chet Huntley to inform his that we share this ancestry via our mutual Huntley ancestor. Chet wrote back on a postcard, “Hello 8th cousin!” I still have it.

      2. John and Priscilla Alden are my 11th great grandparents through Sarah and Myles and Barbara are my 11th great grandparents through Alexander. I just discovered this today!

    4. Hello, I’m KellyE Collins I’m a direct descendant John and Priscilla Alden. According to my bloodline he is my 11th great-grandfather and great-grandmother. My Great grandmother on my mother’s side was Ruby Stanfield Mcclain.

  1. Hi cousin. It’s good to know we’re related. Do you put your line and the accompanying sources, photos and scans of documents in one of the online family trees? Tell us more about how the family tree connects down to today –

    Did your family stay in New England – down to your family?
    If not – how many states has the family lived in?
    How widely spread out is the current generation? What states do they live in?

    It’s great to see genealogists tracing their lines back 10 and many more generations back.

    All the best –

    1. I am also related to the kemps. I am through John Alden and daughter Elizabeth. Not sure how we are related?

  2. Hello, I am descended from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins in 3 lines, 2 through my mother’s mother and 1 through my mother’s father. My grandmother’s people essentially stayed in Massachusetts, with sojourns in Vermont and New Hampshire. My grandfather came from Maine, and all his Mayflower lines were there since the early 1700’s. I now live in Illinois, but born and raised in Massachusetts.

    1. I am also related to the kemps. I am through John Alden and daughter Elizabeth. Not sure how we are related? I’m from Illinois

  3. Good to hear from you cousin.

    Are you putting your Mayflower lines online?
    I encourage you to do that to make a permanent of your family tree.


    1. How do you put it online? I’m doing mine through family search
      Apparently I have an ancestor that was Mormon. Noah Packard

  4. Hi. Im Alicia from Massachusetts. This is where my whole family has always come from. I recently came across some information about my heritage and i am in complete shock. John “mayflower” Alden and Priscilla are basically from what i can find are my first documented ansesters.. I have followed the line up from them until about 5 generations before me.. Im still working on it. But its truely amazing to see where it all began.. To read the stories of these people so long ago and to know that they arwe connected to you is amazing.. I want to know more. Im loving this new little hobby to find where i come from.. Its very interesting

  5. Alicia – I agree with you – cousin – there is a lot of awe and wonder in learning more about our ancestors. It’s likely that years ago it was common knowledge among the family that their ancestors came over on the Mayflower – but over the years that story was lost.

    Congratulations on documenting your family tree so that the stories are accurate and seeing to it that this awareness of our ancestral connections is preserved for the rising generation. Preserving this information – along with the stories of each of the generations will make it easy for all of us to see that we are all related.


  6. Hello,
    I believe that I am descendant from John and Priscilla Alden through the Kneeland family that settled in VT. I also was always told by family elders that we were descendant from Degory Priest’s daughter, Mary Priest. I am just beginning this journey of tracing this line. My great-great grandmother was Mary Amelia Kneeland, youngest child of Silas Kneeland and Martha Laws. She lived with my great-grandfather’s family here in Little Rock, AR. At some time, they left VT for Kansas City, MO and by 1915 were in Little Rock. My grandfather said that she made the best apple pies! She is buried here in LR at Roselawn Cemetery.

    1. Vicki Brain: Thank you for telling us of your family line connection to the Mayflower.
      Does your family still have her apple pie recipe?

      What you want to do is to begin with your 2nd-Great Grandmother, Mary Amelia Kneeland – gather all of the sources that you can for her & her family. Then do the same for her parents and each generation moving back in time.

      You will want to track each generation – and importantly – the sources you are finding on an online family tree site like FamilySearch (free) or Ancestry (pay). By finding this information, documenting it and making it easy for you and others to see – you will be permanently verifying your line for generations to come.

      Notice that you can add photos and stories to these sites – a good place for you to write-up your grandfather’s recollections of her success with those apple pies.


  7. I have a document from the DAUGHTERS. OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION in which shows my fathers side and John Alden and Priscilla are our ancestors. So cool.

  8. Hi – I am descended from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins – they are my 11th great grand parents. However, I cannot find the records at this point (my aunt had them when I was a kid) – they show it all. (I am supposedly related to someone else on the Mayflower – “Green”? This part is from memory only). How do I trace something like this if I can’t find the original?

  9. I believe I’m a direct descendant possessing John Alden’s sword. I’m just starting down this path but can’t wait to do more research!! Here’s what I’ve got so far.

    George Calvin Bower (great great grandpa) – >John Alden Bower (great grandpa) -> Alice Bower (Burchalk) (grandma) – Velma Sue Burchalk (Ripley) (mom) – Tanner Ripley (Me!)

    Apparently George came from Poughkeepsie NY out to MT

    I have pictures of George Bower and John Alden Bower and as I mentioned most significantly John Alden’s sword! Stamped on it is a date. I’m going to find it. We have verification it is his sword!

    1. That’s terrific Tanner.
      You want to take this step-by-step.

      I suggest you contact the Museum of the Rockies in your area. Contact info:
      They can put you in touch with experts in your area that can evaluate the age and provenance of the sword passed down in your family.

      You also want to fill in the details of your family tree.
      I see that your great-grandfather John Alden Bower is already listed on
      See here:

      Add and document your relatives.
      I see that you have photos of the family – scan them and upload them to the corresponding family members on FamilySearch.

      Start with these steps and let us know what your find.


  10. Just traced via and found that John Alden and Priscilla Mullins are my direct line, 10th Great-Grandparents via their son Joseph Alden, who was the father to Isaac Alden, and so on… My family is all originally from Boston, Mass., and traces the line all the way to my 2nd Great-Grandfather George Everdean of Chelsea, Mass.

    1. That’s terrific Tara.
      Good to know that you are preserving it and making your family tree data easily available online.

      With your Mayflower heritage – are you making plans for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower, 1620-2020? Tell us what your plans are.


      1. Hi Tara, We also just discovered we are a John Alden to Joseph to Isaac descendant. The rest is Isaac’s son John to James Alden to Samuel J Alden to Mary Alden to Samuel C Bartholomew to Clara Bartholomew to Francis Peterson to Drusilla Wright who was my Grandmother.

  11. I believe I am the 10th great-granddaughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins through their son Joseph. It looks as if I’m also descended from Peter Browne, but I’m trying to verify both claims through solid genealogical and DNA evidence. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? Are there confirmed DNA markers for the Aldens? If so, what are they and/or where can I find them? And is the information available for GEDmatch?

    Thank you for your assistance!

    1. Thank you Natalie – always good to hear from a cousin.

      Yes – there is an active DNA Study underway for the descendants of Mayflower passengers.
      The basic information and contact information is here:

      This site is administered by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants – and participation is restricted to members of the Mayflower Society. Like all Y-DNA studies – this site traces the Mayflower descendants in the male lines.

      Quoting from their website:
      “The Y-DNA Project includes many surnames, all of which are direct descendants of the men who arrived in Plymouth, MA aboard the ship named the Mayflower.
      Going forward, acceptance to the group will require a 67 marker test or higher, membership in GSMD, or a match to a GSMD member. Family Finder matches are also accepted.
      The YDNA test results from proven descendants will be matched with YDNA tests from other proposed descendants & may include descendants from the UK.
      The MtDNA Project is an all female lineage of one of the daughters of a proven male or female Mayflower descendant. This project hopes to identify the MtDNA Haplogroup of the mothers of these descendants. This may help to establish parentage & place of origin in some lineages of women in these lines who have no paper records connecting their birth family with their marriage and children.”

      It’s a great day for genealogy!
      All the best in your research.


      1. ID LIKE TO KNOW IF ANY OF MY FAMILIES SAURNAMES HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO WILLIAM BREWSTER,WILLIAM BRADFORD,MYLES,STANDISH And john alden. they are hart, nickerson,winterson ,Collins, sisler, macgrath, Collins,magner,evans,coite,king,abbondandolo,and Donahue.

  12. For easier reference, this is my direct line to the Aldens as referenced on
    Natalie Nichols (me)
    Raymond Nichols (my father)
    Martha Arlene Grose (my grandmother)
    Ida Dell Runnells (great grandmother)
    Ephraim Runnells (2x Great grandfather)
    Oliver Runnells/Rennells (3x Great Grandfather)
    Charles Rennells (4x Great Grandfather)
    Hannah Snow (5x Great Grandmother)
    Lemuel Snow (6x Great Grandfather)
    Solomon Snow (7x Great Grandfather)
    Elizabeth Alden (8x Great Grandmother)
    Joseph Alden (9x Great Grandfather)
    John Alden & Priscilla Mullins (10x Great Grandparents)

  13. Just found out I am a descendant of John and Priscilla, descending from George Richard Alden born 7/23/1833, married to Irene Young.

    Tina Sooter Almario (me) of Sachse Tx
    Robert Floyd Sooter (my father) married Madeline Boston of Prescott, AR
    Pernie Perry Sooter (Grandfather) married Grace Taylor of Prescott, AR
    Emeline Alden (2X Grandmother) married William Guinn Sooter of Benton, AR
    George Richard Alden (3x Grandfather) married Irene Young of Claiborne Parish, LA
    Philo Alden (4 Grandfather) married Margaret Reimer
    Issac Alden (5x Grandfather) married Irene Smith
    David Alden (6x Grandfather) married Mary Southworth
    Joseph Alden (7x Grandfather) married Mary Simmons
    John Alden (8X Grandfather) married Priscilla Mullins

    1. My grandson is also descended from son Joseph Alden; he’s 31 this year. His mother, through me is descended from John and Priscilla’s daughter, Ruth.

  14. Hi Cousin Tom and Everyone,

    Just found out that John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were my 9th Great Grandparents. I am connected thru David Alden, who was their youngest son. It is very overwhelming to find out this information, but thrilling, too. Here is my family line to John Alden:

    Julie Robinson (me)
    Donald Schoenwetter Robinson (father) married Elsie Sydor (mother)
    Mabelle Smith (grandmother) married Theodore Schoenwetter (grandfather)
    Mary Ralph (great grandmother) married Stillman Smith (great grandfather)
    Mary Anne Bright (2x great grandmother) married James Ralph
    Mary Hibbard (3x great grandmother) married Charles Bright
    Hannah Wight (4x great grandmother) married John Hibbard V
    Daniel Wight (5x great grandfather) married Hannah Lyon
    Susanna Alden (6x great grandmother) married Daniel Wight
    Henry Alden (7x great grandfather) married Deborah Streeter
    David Alden (8x great grandfather) married Mary Southworth
    John Alden (9x great grandfather) married Priscilla Mullins (9x great grandmother)

    Thru DNA testing, I have a DNA cousin with the last name of Alden. We share the same 7x great grandfather, Henry Alden. Any suggestions of what to do next and what societies to look into? I have not joined any societies yet. I am hoping to retire in December of 2020 so I may not be able to be at any 400th anniversary celebrations taking place in the fall of 2020. Are there any place or sites that have listed anniversary celebrations at this point? What would be the best sites to look for any special celebrations related to the anniversary? Have you heard if there will be Mayflower anniversary things happening in the summer of 2020? Thanks.

  15. Hello to All My Alden Cousins,

    Just confirmed my lineage to John and Pricilla with Alden Kindred of America. Amazing just how many Mayflower passengers* are my great grandparents on my father’s side:

    William Mullins* and Alice Atwood*
    John Alden* married Pricilla Mullins*
    Joseph Alden married Mary Simmons (Mary Chilton* -Aunt)
    Hopestill Alden married Joseph Snow (Peter Browne*)
    Jonathan Snow married Sarah Soule (George Soule*)
    Samuel Snow and Deborah Tinkham (Francis Cooke*)
    Samuel Snow married Betty Perkins (Henry Samson*, John Howland,* John* and Elizabeth* Tilley)
    Lucy Snow married William King
    Edna King married Oliver Farnsworth (Richard Warren* -uncle)
    Jane Farnsworth married Royal L Taylor
    Frances Taylor married William Byron Duryee
    Grace Duryee married Coit Pease
    Frances Pease married Francis Malone

    And William Brewster* on my mother’s side. Did this as a gift to my daughter who teaches middle school social studies and for my grandchildren. It was a process documenting but glad I did. Just fascinating.

  16. A lasting gift too.

    Now, have you put your lineage online – so it will be ‘preserved’ and interconnected with the rest of the extended family?
    You should also be in touch with the Alden Kindred – the family association – see:

    Good work cousin,

  17. I live in Plymouth, England & I was born in 1967 around the corner from the Mayflower Steps, where the Mayflower had sailed from in 1620. I’ve always been fascinated by the history & I am looking forward to the Mayflower celebrations in 2020. I would like to wish you all the very best for the future. Your ancestors would be extremely proud, if they knew how they helped to colonise the future United States of America. I also have American family in Florida & Alabama. Bless you all from England. XXXX

  18. Hello all! Through the winter months I’ve worked on our family tree and was so excited and proud to find out yesterday that on our mother’s side, we are descendants of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, as well as other Mayflower passengers:

    John Alden married Priscilla Mullins (10X grandparents)
    Sarah Alden married Alexander Standish (son of Myles and Barbara) (9X grandparents)
    Sarah Standish married Benjamin Soule (grandson of George and Mary Buckett Soule) (8X grandparents)
    Zachariah Soule married Mary Eaton (great grand-daughter of Francis Eaton and Christian Penn Eaton) (7X grandparents)
    Ephraim Soule married Rebecca Whitmarsh (6X grandparents)
    James Soule married Margaret Holmes (5X grandparents)
    Capt Alexander Soule married Hannah Draper (4X grandparents)
    Martha Soule married Linus Bliss (3X grandparents)
    George Bliss married Elizabeth Shaw (2X grandparents)
    Hattie Bliss married Arthur Boardman (great-grandparents)
    Bliss Boardman married Rose Mathews (grandparents), and
    Paula Boardman married George Thomas (parents)
    Kimberly Thomas (me)

    Hope to connect with some of “my cousins” at the 2020 celebration as we live 20 minutes from Plymouth!

  19. Good work cousin!
    Now, have you put your information into one of the online family tree sites – like FamilySearch – so that it is permanently recorded and findable for generations to come?

    If not – let me encourage you to do that – adding as many photos, scanned documents etc. as you can so these images and records will not be lost to the family.

    Keep up the good work – and congratulations again on your accomplishments.


  20. I am an artist in Rockport, MA, 01966 and have had an art gallery for 46 years. The family genealogy in our possession was researched many years ago. The oldest member listed is Humphrey Turner born in Essex or Kent County, England, 1593. He died in Scituate, MA, in 1673. He had been married to Lydia Gamer. They had seven children:

    John who married Mary Brewster, granddaughter of Elder Brewster, one of the 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact.
    Thomas who married Sarah Hiland.
    Younger John, Nathaniel, Joseph, Lydia & Mary.
    Amasa Turner, 1674, who was the 4th child of Daniel & Hannah Turner, married Anna Smith in 1704.
    Amasa Turner, Jr. married Rebecca Delano, great granddaughter of John & Priscilla Alden.

    The genealogy compiled by a family member connects us to Elder Brewster, but more directly through Amasa Turner, Jr. who married Rebecca Delano, great granddaughter of John & Priscilla Alden.

    We are looking into Britain’s records for Humphrey Turner’s father and ancestors.

    1. Thank you for sharing your family line cousin.

      I hope that you are also posting each generation along with the supporting details to one of the online family tree sites – like so that it is preserved online and easily findable by generations for years to come.

      Best of luck in your continued research in England,

      1. I’m the youngest son of Dorothy Mae Curley, according to a family tree at a reunion. My name is James Clifton Campbell.

        1. I’m the youngest son of dorothy mae curley and from what I learned from a family tree during a reunion that I am a descendant of John Alden

  21. Kimberly Thomas Whitney, I am also descended from John and Pricilla through their daughter Sarah.

  22. John Alden m Pricilla Mullins
    David Alden m Mary Southworth
    Samual Alden m Sarah Sprague
    Alethea Alden m William Loring
    Samual Loring m Lucy Delano
    Issac Loring m Annie Anderson
    Henry Loring m Alice Simpson
    Henry Loring m Rose McCarthy
    then had my grandmother, Boston Massachusetts 1923
    John Alden was my 8th Great Grandfather.
    Bless the Mayflower

  23. I have recently learned of a connection to John and Priscilla Alden from their son Robert’s daughter Mary Alden, who married John Sartain in Virginia. I was tracing the Sartain lineage having married into that family 50 yrs ago. Eugene Lewis Sartain was my husband and I am the mother of 5 Sartains. I thought: what a legacy to leave for them. However, I was struck dumb to find the connections to the Aldens.

  24. I am descended from John and Priscilla through their son Joseph. My fifth great grandfather Silas Conduct was the fourth great grandchild of John and Priscilla through his mother.

  25. Just found some of my father’s geneology work and used the Family Search . org site to plug in some new info to figure my lineage to John Alden

    Me, Joseph C. Kent III Exeter RI
    Joseph C Kent jr m. Sally Wakefield RI
    Joseph C Kent m. Sally M. RI
    Albert Sherwood Kent m. Bertha Maud Miller RI
    Albert Dorr Kent m. Elsa Hayden Kinney MA
    Charles Franklin Kinney m. Mercy Green Bradley Hudson MA
    Joseph Hudson Jr. m. Elsa Hayden MA
    Nathaniel Hayden m.Alice Peakes MA
    Enoch Hayden m.Amme Thayer MA
    Elijah Hayden m. Priscilla Thayer MA
    Ephrem Thayer m.Sarah Bass MA
    Capt. John Bass m.Ruth Alden MA
    John Alden m. Priscilla Mullins MA

    1. I’ve always been told I was a descendent of John Alden on my biological fathers side of the family through my Grandmother, her maiden name was Shirley Kent, she married Arnold Bates. They raised their five children in Rhode Island where I still live. Her parents were Sherwood Kent and Mildred Hatch. I don’t really have any more information other than that. Also, i’ve always heard there was a connection to Kent hospital as well. Not that it is anything to brag about. Ha! I was reading this page and I came across your link whenI saw Sherwood Kent and thought I would leave a note.

      Have a great day!

    2. Hello Joseph, My Alden descendants are the same as yours from John and Priscilla Alden up to Ephraim Thayer and Sarah (Bass) Thayer. The Thayer name then goes another four generations to my great great grandmother Lucinda Thayer who in turn married my great great grandfather which is the surname I have. I am a tenth generation descendant of both John and Priscilla. FYI…Capt. John Bass and Ruth (Alden) Bass had another daughter Hannah who married Joseph Adams III and were the grandparents of President John Adams and great grandparents of President John Quincy Adams……

      Have a good one!

    3. Hello, cousin! I too am from John and Priscilla’s Ruth, and in the 11th generation. Alden Kindred member and D.A.R. but haven’t paid dues in 20 years…no meetings within 75 miles from my rural home.
      You are the first one on these comments who comes from Ruth.

  26. John and Priscilla are my 9th great grandparents through Elizabeth.
    John Alden-Priscilla Mullins
    Elizabeth Alden-William Pabodie
    Lydia Pabodie-William Grinnell
    Pabodie Grinnell-Ruth Nettleton
    Lydia Grinnell-Joseph Spencer
    Lydia Spencer-Elisha Platts
    Lydia Platts-Timothy Warner
    Ansel Lockman Warner-Mary Jane Cook
    Gordon Dimmick Warner-Ella Gifford
    Ruth Evelyn Warner-Henry A. Hydorn
    Audrey Louise Hydorn-T. James Martin
    Me- I am very humbled

  27. John and Priscilla are my 11th great grandparents…also through Elizabeth.
    John Alden-Priscilla Mullins
    Elizabeth Alden-William Pabodie
    Lydia Pabodie-Daniel Grinnell
    Mary Grinnell-Robert Lay
    Jeremiah Lay-Prudence Belden
    Prudence Lay-Ezra Crane
    James Crane-Lydia Square
    Polly Crane-Joshua Tucker
    Charles Francis Tucker-Phoebe A Goodyear
    Eugene Charles Tucker-Emeline Pratt
    Jane Hattie Tucker-Bert LaClair
    Lula Lida LaClair-Ernest Paul Ruest
    Theodore Levi Ruest-Janet Lillian Bernard

  28. I see several of you have posted genealogies that match for the first couple of steps, here is mine:

    John Alden and Priscilla Mullins – 9th great-grandparents
    Elizabeth and husband William Pabodie – 8th great grandparents.
    William Pabodie – Judith Tilden – 7th ggp
    William Pabodie – Jerusha Starr – 6th ggp
    Thomas Peabody (Pabodie) – Ruth Babcock – 5th ggp
    Susannah Peabody – Jonas Chapman – 4th ggp
    Cyrus Chapman – Mary Polly Bigelow – 3rd ggp
    William Edson Chapman – Alma R. Mather – 2nd ggp
    George Warren Chapman – Carrie Eliza Bishop – 1st ggp
    Marion G. Chapman – Lauren M Gillies – grandparents
    Jean F. Gillies – John Pickering – parents
    me (birth name – Joan Laurene Pickering)

    Also descendant of Elder William Brewster and his wife, Richard Warren and of course, Priscilla’s parents- William Mullins and his wife.

  29. I believe John and Priscilla Alden are 9x great grandparents through their daughter Priscilla who married Samuel Cheeseborough.

  30. I believe John and Priscilla Alden are my 10th great grandparents through the following line

    John Alden & Priscilla Alden
    Joseph Alden
    John Alden
    Joseph Alden
    Ebenezer Alden
    Ebenezer Alden
    Joshua Alden
    Joseph Fobes Alden
    Frank Risk Alden
    Priscilla C Alden – great grandmother

  31. John Alden and Priscilla Mullins are my 12th great grandparents through their daughter Ruth Alden who married John Bass. Which also connects me to John Adams 2nd President of the United States through my 11th great aunt Hannah Bass who married John Adams Grandfather Joseph G. Adams.

  32. Here is my supposed affiliation to the Alden’s

    Carolyn Moore (Me)
    William (Lynne) Moore (pops)
    William (Clara) Moore (Grandparents)
    William (Florence) Moore (Great Grandparents)
    Mary (Daniel Mann) Hewitt (x2 Great Grandparents)
    Henrietta (Edward Hewitt) Pineo (x3 Great Grandparents)
    Thomas (Mary) Pineo (x4 Great Grandparents)
    Job (Mary) Pineo (x5 Great Grandparents)
    Peter (Eunice) Pineo Jr. (x6 Great Grandparents)
    Elizabeth (Peter Pineo) Samson (x7 Great Grandparents)
    David (Mary) Samson (x8 Great Grandparents)
    Mercy (Caleb Samson) Standish (x9 Great Grandparents)
    Sarah (Alexander Standish) Alden (x10 Great Grandparents)
    John (Priscilla) Alden (x11 Great Grandparents)

    This also makes me a descendant of Myles Standish, Henry Samson and the Tilley’s, all Mayflower transports.

  33. John Alden-Priscilla Mullins; Elizabeth Alden-William Pabodie; Hannah Pabodie-Samuel Bartlett; Elizabeth Bartlett-Joseph Bartlett; Betty Bartlett-Benjamin Rider; Elizabeth Rider-Nathaniel Churchill; Lydia Churchill-Daniel Cook; Joel Cook-Elizabeth Fletcher; Amanda Cook-George Brown; Clara Brown-Daniel Nathan McDaniels; Clara Amanda McDaniels-Bert Roy Reber; John Willis Reber-Theodora May Smith; J J Reber (me). Also Allerton, Brewster, Billington, Doty, Fuller, Warren.

  34. Martha Alden and John Phelps had Herbert Calvin Phelps. Herbert married Mary Atossa Scott and they had my grand-father Richard Leroy Phelps.

  35. I just discovered through having my DNA completed and searching on that I am a direct descendant of both Miles Standish and John Alden on my father’s side through Miles’ son Alexander and John and Priscilla’s daughter Sarah. It is so exciting. I have checked and double checked the links to make sure.

  36. Hello everyone!
    I was on the web today seeing if Joseph Plumb Martin of the book “Yankee Doodle Boy” was related to my ancestors John Alden and Priscilla Mullins and I ran acrossed your website and decided to comment.
    I live in Arkansas at the moment but my sisters and I are 15th generation grandchildren of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. We have a distant cousin who is in DAR (Daughters of the Revolutionary War) that contacted us a few years back that did a genealogy chart for us. Since we had an ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War she was able to trace our genealogy for many generations. I’m related to them through my mom’s dad and also we are related to the Lowells of Massachusetts also.
    Here’s the chart for John Alden and Priscilla Mullins:
    John Alden m Priscilla Mullins
    Joseph Alden m Mary Simmons
    Isaac Alden m Mehilable Allen
    Ebenezer Alden m Ann Keith
    Abigail Alden m Ebenezer Byram
    Anna Byram m Peter Condit
    Byram Condit m Mary Lindsley
    Sarah Condit m Moses P. Condit
    Amanda Sylvania Condit m Franklin Hutchinson
    Amira B. Hutchinson m Henry Gains Sprinkle
    Auretta Sprinkle m Eger Green Howerton
    Roy Howerton m Emma Mae Lowell
    Richard James Eger Howerton m Dorothy C. Stevenson
    Jerusha J. Howerton m Ronnie D. Reece
    (ME) RuthAnna Reece
    Well y’all have a wonderful day and nice to meet y’all.
    Your friend and family
    Ruth 🙂

  37. My ancestry back to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins is through my father’s mother’s mother’s mother’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s wife (Rebecca Pabody) who was a daughter of Elizabeth Alden and Wm. Pabody. Elizabeth being a daughter of John and Priscilla. John Alden is my 10th great grandfather. My lineage is mostly through the Southworth tree.

  38. My Great Grandmother was a Hayden. Her history is easily traced due to nobility in England.
    Samuel Hayden and Priscilla Webb married in MA. Priscilla’s father was Peter Webb who married Ruth Bass.
    Ruth Bass was named after her Mother Ruth Alden. Ruth was the daughter of John and Priscilla(Mullins) Alden.

    1. I am also from the the first Aldens through their daughter Ruth. I’m an 11th generation cousin.

  39. I received a letter years ago because someone was letting me know they traced back to me from John and Priscilla Alden. Growing up it was common knowledge I, my brother and my dad are descendants. My father’s older brother was named Alden, their sister was Priscilla, grandpa’s brother was David, etc. I’d love to see a family tree!

  40. My great-grandmother petticord and my her daughter my grandmother Catherine petticord were members of the DAR fortunately for us we had our family history documented through Washington DC John Alden was one of my ancestors and it goes all the way into Ulysses Grant and so on it’s an honor and a privilege to be part of this group even though I’m only an honorary member of the DAR my history of the revolutionary war stands proud of me and my ancestors.

  41. I am a descendant of John Alden. My grandma was an Alden and she always said we were related to him and his wife. I hope I can find some of my relatives — I want to know about my family history. I’m on Facebook; hope to hear from someone.

  42. Hello! My ancestors trace back to John Alden & Priscilla Mullins plus Myles Standish & and his wife, Barbara. I am a 10th-generation great granddaughter. I just wish my parents were alive to have known this. My dad is the one who carried on that lineage. I’ve traced documentation as far as I could on Ancestry except one great grandfather; howevver, he’s not in the line. His young wife was, and she died at age 18-1/2 from childbirth in 1897. I just learned all of this info this past year, and am so grateful and surprised to learn it.

  43. Hi there. I’m very new to all of this so not sure what to post. But I just found out that John Alden is my 11th great grandfather. Unsure of the rest of the tree or how that works, how he’s my 11th great grandfather.

    Also, Helen Pitts Douglass (a descendant of him) is my 5th cousin 6x removed.

    Can someone help me find out more or possibly explain? Thank you!

  44. By any chance does someone have a copy of page 64 from the Descendants of Daniel Alden, Who is Sixth in Descent from JOHN ALDEN, THE PILGRIM, 1923? Every digital source that I have located has it blank. Thanks in advance.

  45. My grandma Bernice parisot was the 10 th great grand daughter and my dad was the 11th great grandson of John Alden. I am the 12 th great grand daughter to John Alden

  46. I was told I was a direct descendant of John alden and Priscilla Mullins. It was through my grandmother’s side, Her name was Dorothy Carter McClain, her grandfather was Henry Stanfield.

  47. Here’s my connection to the original Alden Family in America:

    from the marriage of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins . . . to some Garretts, from Columbus, Ohio, who have Churchills in their close lineage:
    (1) Ruth, their seventh child, married John Bass
    (2) Sarah Bass, their seventh child, married Ephram Thayer
    (3) Ruth Thayer, their eighth child, married John Capen
    (4) Sarah Capen, their eighth child, married Nathaniel Moseley
    (5) Uriel Moseley, son of Nathaniel, who is my D.A.R. lineage, married Sarah aka “Sally” Hammond. There are three others great-grandfathers whom I know of that could also be added to our membership qualifications.
    (6) Asenath Moseley, their second daughter, married David Burnett
    (7) Cornelia Asenath Burnett, their only daughter, married James Alexander Parker
    (8) Clinton Burnett Parker, their first son, married Louise Halsey Douglas
    (9) Roswell Clinton Parker, their second son, married first Marjorie Edsall Bartlett (nee “Weeks”)
    (10) Nina Edsall Louise Parker married Raymond Robert Clegg
    (11) Julia Louise Clegg, her first daughter, married George Wade Garrett, whose father George Washington Garrett came from Columbus, OH.
    (12) Laura Jane Garrett and (12) Donald Lee Enslow, whose lineage also traces into this original union of Mayflower Pilgrims from his mother’s side of the family to Joseph, the first Aldens’ son.

    And, I have two grandsons (13) and one each, so far, a great-grandson from one and a great-granddaughter from the other (14). I expect there could be more children from that second grandson and his wife.

    1. Hello Julia (cousin)!!!
      I had read your earlier comments plus this one from November 29, 2021. My Alden ancestry is also from John and Priscilla’s daughter Ruth (Alden) Bass who’s seventh child Sarah (Bass) Thayer would be my great grandmother just like you.

      Another of Sarah and Ephraim Thayer’s children (Philip Thayer) who was Ruth (Thayer) Capen’s brother was my great grandfather (x5). You are the closest relative I have found so far being related to the John and Priscilla.
      I too have a connection to the Churchill name but through different ancestors.

      Have a good day!

  48. I just found out I’m related to John and Pricilla Alden like thus
    Robert William Bailey…g-father
    Ruth Alice
    John Riley Tyler..2nd gg-father
    Joseph Clark Tyler…3rd
    Sally Clark..4th g-mother
    Joseph Clark…5th
    Daniel Clark 6th
    Lydia Grin ell…7th
    Lydia Pabodie…8th
    Elizabeth Alden…9th
    John and Priscilla Alden…10th great grandparents

  49. Hello Friends,
    I have known of my lineage to John & Priscilla Alden for quite some time, but just recently have become more interested in researching. I have just begun the process of membership application to the Mayflower Society, and am looking into the Alden Kindred membership. It’s fun & interesting to read others’ accounts. My lineage is as below:

    1. John Alden m Priscilla Mullins
    2. Joseph Alden m Mary Simmons
    3. Joseph Alden m Hannah Dunham
    4. Mary Alden m Timothy Edson
    5. Timothy Edson m Lydia Joy
    6. Mary Edson m Ebenezer Johnson
    7. Selenda Johnson m Warren Orcutt
    8. Elvira Orcutt m William Desper
    9. Henry Desper m Mary Drawbridge
    10. Mabel Desper m Clarence St. George
    11. Sidney Warren St. George m Dorothy Wickham
    12. Cindy Penland (me)

    Looking forward to discovering much more!

  50. Just discovered John and Priscilla were my 9th great grandparents thru their son Joseph(1627-1697) I grew up in Massachusetts and remember going to see Plymouth Rock and all, but now it means so much more!

  51. My mother said we were descended from John & Priscilla, and now I have proof! Their daughter Ruth is my connection. I was born and brought up in Massachusetts, and just completed DAR membership too! I find genealogy so fascinating.

  52. I don’t think I’m descended from these Aldens. My Great great grandmother was named Melissa Alden. She was born in Minnesota or Wisconsin around 1850, and died in Michigan near Detroit around 1920.
    There seems to be another Melissa Alden born around the same time also in Minnesota or Wisconsin.
    My Melissa married Otho Pearree and their daughter Daisy Bell married William Taylor.
    Their son, Luke Otho Taylor, my grandfather, settled in Michigan after a few years in Illinois and De Queen Texas.
    We all share a narrow jaw, and that all I know.

  53. I am a descendant of Judah Paddock and Alice Alden,
    Thru Priscilla Paddock and Elishsha Eldridge .
    Stephen Hopkins , thru Samuel Tucker and daughter Angnes
    Many other New England connections

  54. Through two of John Alden’s children I can trace my family line. Through his son Jonathan Alden, who married Abigail Hallett, as well as through his daughter Sarah Alden who married Alexander Standish (son of Myles). This means both John Alden and Myles Standish are my 10th great grandfathers. This would also make John’s children Jonathan and Sarah both my ninth great grandparents.

  55. John and Priscilla Alden are my 11th great grandparents through Sarah and Myles Standish and Barbara are my 11th great grandparents through Alexander. I just found this out today on Family Search. I had no idea! What do I do now?

  56. I’m a descendant of John and Priscilla through their daughter Sarah who married Alexander Standish. It’s fascinating to go through the family trees.

  57. My grandmother is 10th descendent to John and Priscilla Alden. Her name is Pearl Eva Brown (her married name Frerichs).

  58. Hello, my name is Kyle. Nice to meet you. I have been a Genealogist since June Of 1997. I am interested in The John Alden Family Tree.

  59. John Alden is my 10th great grandparent, verified through DNA results. I’m unsure however which side it is, but I suspect my father’s side, as many of our family are founders in the state of Massachusetts as well.

  60. I descend from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins and of course her parents, William & Alice (Atwood) Mullins who also arrived on the Mayflower. John & Priscilla are my 10th great grandparents which mean William & Alice were my 11th great grandparents. I descend from John and Priscilla’s daughter Ruth Alden who married married John Bass (9th great grandparents).
    From there:
    8th great grandparents Mary Bass & William Copeland, Sr.
    7th great grandparents William Copeland Jr. & Mary Thayer
    6th great grandparents Rebecca Copeland & Isaac Parks
    5th great grandparents Theoda Parks & Isaac Bridgman
    4th great grandparents Theoda Elvira Bridgman & David Camp
    3rd great grandparents Cyrus Camp & Nancy Knapp
    Great great grandparents Lewis Camp & Ella Aseltine
    Great grandparents Jessie CAMP & Ernest Gladden
    Grandparents Grace Gladden & Ovila Beland
    My parents

  61. My grandmother was a direct dJohn an desenant d P irsilla she left a publication with her information in Cortland New York News paper several years ago.,Ruth

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