How to Find Descendants of Mayflower Pilgrims in Recent Obits

Genealogists love their ancestors—as well as the fact that important family history connections are often mentioned in recent obituaries.

Have you ever noticed how common it is for these recent obituaries to describe the name of their ancestor who came over on the Mayflower ship or fought in the American Revolutionary War?

screenshot of recent obituaries from GenealogyBank
Credit: GenealogyBank

Use those names in obituaries to your advantage in your genealogy research. If you’re searching for someone whose ancestry goes all the way back to the Mayflower and Plymouth Colony, then include the keyword “Mayflower” and that Pilgrim ancestor’s name in your search.

screenshot of a search in GenealogyBank for descendants of Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller
Credit: GenealogyBank

For example, if you were looking for the recent obituary of someone descended from Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller in the Recent Obituaries search page, you could type in: Mayflower, Samuel Fuller. This search will find all obituaries that mention this Mayflower ship passenger.

This particular search found 51 obituaries.

screenshot of search results in GenealogyBank for descendants of Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller
Credit: GenealogyBank

Since each person in these 51 obituaries is the descendant of a common ancestor, Mayflower ship passenger Samuel Fuller, we know that all of them are relatives.

You will then want to research and document each generation back to this Mayflower Pilgrim ancestor to confirm these new members of your family tree.

15 thoughts on “How to Find Descendants of Mayflower Pilgrims in Recent Obits

  1. I’m searching for the Mayflower ancestors of James Barnes or his wife Keturah Shipley 1685-1740 Annapolis, Maryland. I think one of them was descended from the Dorcey / Dorcy family.

    1. Michael- Searching the families in the newspapers can be very helpful. As our article states obituaries sometimes mention that the person is a descendant of a Mayflower or Pilgrim. Start your search with what you already have confirmed about you ancestors with sources. Then go back with your search, (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) until you have a source, ie, newspaper, probate record, birth, marriage, etc… tying the families together. Try Googling the Mayflower descendants and check out the source they give. That may be of help with your search.

  2. I’m related to George Soule and possibly 4 other Mayflower passengers through my 5th great grandpa Issac Benjamin, mother’s side, Benjamin-Savage-Soule. Referenced on Issac Benjamin #82437669. 1791-1867. His mother was named Polly Savage, mother was Deborah Soule.

    1. That’s terrific cousin.
      How are you preserving and documenting your family tree?

      Have you put your family tree online – on the major online family tree sites?
      Are you planning to join the Mayflower Society?

      What is your plan for preserving and passing down this information?


    2. Hello my grandfather traced back to our family family tree as he found out that George Soul is our people . He did join . my grandfathers name is Eugene Johnson . My name is Lorraine Jean Colton Porter . I was born in Randolph , Vt 1957 . I was not able to receive a copy of those papers . I live in Jefferson , Oregon . Thank You

  3. I know that the name Gibb or Gibbs is Scottish, and we have a coat of arms. I’m just wondering if any of the decendants of the Mayflower at Plymonth where related in some way. Also wondering if anyone with the last name Daniels or Myers is connected to the decendants of the Mayflower.

    1. Dorothy,

      Alba gu bràth! As is always a great approach with genealogy, we would recommend that you start with what you know. Follow the names (Gibbs, Daniels, and Myers) through sources as far back as you can.

      If the Mayflower is your destination, you can begin with the end in mind. Tom Kemp posted a great link above (for your convenience, here it is again: showing the names of each person on the Mayflower. If any of your names tie back to any of the names listed on that website (or if they don’t), you have your answer!

  4. I’m descended from the Mayflower passengers Hopkins, Tilley and Howland. I also thought Weldon was on the Mayflower, but don’t see that name on the list. I’m trying to find how long after the Mayflower the Weldon’s came to America.

  5. I understand that the Isaac Allerton family on the Mayflower may be related to me. I am William Kipp Marzuk, Kipp is my mother’s maiden name. She was born in Goshen, NY, in April of 1920. Her mother was Clara Baker and she married John Kipp of Goshen. There is supposedly a relationship of my grandfather, John Kipp, going back to Isaac Allerton. Can anyone shed light on the subject of the family KIPP? Thank you.

  6. I understand I am a descendent of Stephen Hopkins. My grandmother was a member. How do I go about getting membership for myself?

  7. My grandfather was Beecher W. Fuller whose father was Warren Fuller whose father was Harmon Fuller whose father was Lyman Fuller whose father was Thomas Fuller.

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