Are You Related to Pocahontas & John Rolfe?

If you or any of your extended family members are descendants of Pocahontas and descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, you’ll want to read this recent article from Popular Archaeology: Archaeologists rebuild 1608 church where Pocahontas was married.

article about Pocahontas in the magazine Popular Archaeology
Credit: Popular Archaeology

The June 2015 issue of Popular Archaeology details the story of the archeologists who found the original site of the church in Jamestown, Virginia, where Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married 401 years ago, on 5 April 1614.

Archeologists are rebuilding a replica of the church on the site. Here is a companion Youtube video showing how this rebuilding is being done: Experimental archaeology: bringing Jamestown’s early church to life.

Tracing Pocahontas Descendants

The marriage between Pocahontas and John Rolfe worked to form a unity among the English settlers and Native American indians during the course of their matrimony. In 1616 John Rolfe and Pocahontas traveled to England and stayed for 10 months. While living in England, Pocahontas birthed her first son, Thomas Rolfe. In March 1617 they set sail to return to Virginia, but as the ship was heading down the river Thames, Pocahontas (then renamed Rebecca Rolfe) fell sick. She was taken ashore in Gravesend, England, where she died. Her son Thomas also fell ill, but recovered and continued living in England with family members. She was buried there on 21 March 1617 in Saint George’s Church cemetery.

photo of a statue of Pocahontas in Saint George’s Church, Gravesend, Kent, England
Photo: statue of Pocahontas in Saint George’s Church, Gravesend, Kent, England. Source: Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia:

Pocahontas and Rolfe had one child, Thomas Rolfe, who was born in 1615 before his parents left for England. Through this son, Pocahontas has many living descendants.

Two of Pocahontas’s descendants have become First Lady of the United States, both First Lady Edith Wilson and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

photo of First Lady Edith Wilson
Photo: First Lady Edith Wilson. Source: Wikipedia.
photo of First Lady Nancy Reagan
Photo: First Lady Nancy Reagan. Source: Wikipedia.

Did you know?

Pocahontas was known by many different names during her lifetime. She was a Powhatan Native American and it was common for Powhatan Indians to have several names. Pocahontas’s other Powhatan names included Matoaka and Amonute. When Pocahontas was captured during Anglo-Indian hostilities she was taken back to England. There she learned English and converted to Christianity to fit her new English community. She was then used as a model for the rest of English settlers, showcasing the success in turning Indians into civilized settlers. She also changed her name to Rebecca upon her new way of life.

The Pocahontas genealogy highlights a rich history. This unique family line ties together a violent relationship between the American settlers and the Native Americans. The marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe brought a period of peace between the two conflicting groups.

Do you know if you are related to Pocahontas?

If so – tell us how.

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159 thoughts on “Are You Related to Pocahontas & John Rolfe?

  1. I have found my ggggrandmother< Nancy Bowling Sizemore in the book by Brown and Myers, Chappel as a late addition on page 39 listed not by name but by number 12a. it appears that she may have been a daughter of John Bolling the third married to Mary Jefferson. She is listed by name on page 144 as 12a Nancy Bolling. Again on 175 as John Sizemore 12a and Nancy Bolling 12a. can you tell me if she is actually a descendend?

    1. Pocahontas (Matoaka) (Rebeca) Rolfe (Powhatan Indian Princess) (1595 – 1617)
      Is my 10th great-grandmother
      Thomas Rolfe Col (1615 – 1675)
      Son of Pocahontas (Matoaka) (Rebeca) Rolfe Powhatan Indian Princess
      Jane Rolfe (1650 – 1676)
      Daughter of Thomas Rolfe Col
      John Fairfax Bolling Major (1676 – 1729)
      Son of Jane Rolfe
      John Kennon Bolling II (1700 – 1757)
      Son of John Fairfax Bolling Major
      James Bolling (1756 – 1804)
      Son of John Kennon Bolling II
      Joseph Bowling (1786 – 1841)
      Son of James Bolling
      Lucinda Bowling (1813 – 1855)
      Daughter of Joseph Bowling
      THENIA GRAY (1855 – 1935)
      Daughter of Lucinda Bowling
      Mary Adeline Murray (1874 – 1950)
      Daughter of THENIA GRAY
      AlMedia “Media” Sparks (1906 – 1982)
      Daughter of Mary Adeline Murray
      AlMedia “Media” Sparks Moore (1906 -1982) Is my Grandmother

      1. My mother says we have a family history book tht was traced back and ended with her. I am unsure which side of my mother’s family though. My papaw or my mamaw. However I only reply to you asking if you are a Anderson by blood or marriage because my mamaw was also a anderson. My papawsside has 15 brothers and sisters they are mullins.

      2. My Distant Cousin and Ex-Spouse is supposed to be a Great-Granddaughter to Powhattan, by way of Pocahontas Sister.
        My Great-Great Grandfather+, was Capt. Hugh Mason of Plymouth Colony and was A Cousin to Dorothy Mason-Rolfe, Spouse of John Rolfe Sr. and Mother of John Rolfe Jr. that Married Pocahontas.
        Strange as it might be… My Father-in-law, worked in The White House under President Ronald and First Lady Nancy Reagan

      3. Pocahontas is my 11th great grandmother. My name is Lucinda Alice Styers Ayers (Styers is my father’s last name but my Pocahontas line is from my mother Glenda Alice Elder ). My mother’s father was Ota Newton Elder, Jr. His mother was Lucinda Alice Gum Elder. The lineage then goes up the chain through 4 Cross families, then there’s the Murray and Bolling families. Jane Rolfe Bolling married COL John Fairfax Bolling. Jane is my 9th GGM. Her father was LT Thomas Rolfe (my 10th GGF whose mother was Pocahontas (my 11th GGM (who was married to John Rolfe. I hope all of this makes sense. I live on the VA coast near Williamsburg.

    2. Pocahontas and John Rolfe are my 10th great grandparents; Thomas Rolfe> Jane Rolfe > Major John Fairfax Bolling > Judith Bolling > Randolph DuPriest > Frances DuPriest > Mary Polly Carter > Rebecca S Miles > John W Mayhew > John Mayhew > Sharon Kelly Mayhew > Kerry Phillips (me).

  2. Brian- I don’t have access to the book you are referring to. I can’t confirm the dependency for Nancy (Bowling) Bolling. What you want to do is start with what you have already confirmed with sources, started with the most recent information going back. If this matches with what is in the book, you can confirm the information with what you have researched.

  3. I believe myself to be related, but will need to do further research to confirm my findings. Earlier genealogy research led me to John and Rebecca Rolfe, through their descendant Thomas, and his daughter Jane Bolling. It has been several years however since I established that, and will need to revisit the family tree by going back through the various lines to find that again. My interest was rekindled after sending in my DNA to 23 and Me recently, and finding out I’m 0.1% Native American Indian. The generations between myself and my Indian ancestor according to 23 and Me put me squarely in sync with being a descendant of Pocahontas. It’s an exciting and educational find to discover, for sure.

    1. What a brilliant find. Good to know your tree has affirmation with DNA. I have found during my 9 years research into my family, down all lines. That this line down to John Rolfe and Pocahontas is the best researched. Down one of my lines, I have only got to 5 x great grandparents. Best wishes for future research. Helen

    2. Your posting is interesting. Through 23andMe DNA testing I know that I do have 0.5 percent Native American ancestry. The only connection with Pocahontas that I can find so far is through marriage (not 100 percent proved but I think it’s probably true)) between my ancestor John Wall and an Anne Poythress. We know Thomas Rolfe married Jane Poythress, who I believe may be the aunt or great-aunt of my ancestor. Still looking for a blood tie to Pocahontas–or at least to her tribe–but it surely takes some digging!

      1. Hi so I have names that lead back to Pocahontas if this helps
        I’m related to her through her daughter she had four children before she was taken and married to John Rolfe. Her first husband was Indian and her daughter was a toddler when she left. Her name was kaokee and she had a daughter kaziah and then it goes down from there email me if you’d like any information I have.

      2. That is my ancestor as well. I am descended from John Wall and Anne Poythress as well. The Powthress’s married into the Bland family. Richard Bland married Mar y Bolling, daughter of John Bolling and Elizabeth Blair. It is through the Bollings that the connection comes to Pocohantas.

  4. Good luck with your research Pam.
    Take it step-by-step, document each generation – and see where the research takes you.

    Are you going to post your line/conclusions online? If so, what online family tree site are you going to use?


  5. To bad Matoaka and the rest of the Native American people were unable to civilize the European Hordes that invaded their homelands. If The Europeans were as civilized as they say, they would have assimilated to the natural and wholesome life ways of the Autochthonious People who’s lands they invaded. Especially the way some white Americans decry modern immigrants of not doing. Pure hypocracy !!

    1. You think the NA tribes were civil to each other? Ha! Don’t go thinking they lived amongst each other in harmony. Those immigrants who came to this land back then (Native Americans migrated here too, you know) made it what it is today.

      Oh yeah, most who identify as Native today have, more often than not, white European ancestry.

      1. NA americans existed here some 20,000 years having migrated first to canada back down to the central america then to north america. Do your research. You knew very well what the comment meant, it was to say that the land was stolen through death, violence, and enslavement and that your reference and anyone in history to say another culture is uncivilized is actually coming from blood thisty barbarians.

        1. If a person has done research on the settling of North America twice, or more, then they know well how tentative the many claims are. Even big claims, like when the saber tooth tiger lived, vary from study to study. Enjoy it all. Among the thousand ideas there grow general accuracies, some of which show the past as it was. Positing a Garden of Eden is wishful thinking, magic stories to talk and become instructional models. What is wrong for sure is to label one group or another with negative tags. Were the scurvy ridden, unbathed, mariners arriving from the east the Savages? No? No! Were the oyster roasting locals upriver from Chesapeake Bay the Savages? Only if observed by racist savages from other places, from other times. A great deal of what happened in the early 17th century was amazingly well done. Our job is to choose what is best, adapt and model and develop, not just leave a smudge, but build culture. Amen.

    2. I totally agree!! I don’t have any Native American Ancestry that I know of.. I go back to Mary Chilton and Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and the Van Wickels from New Netherland !1640’s
      . How strange that as a child I always chose to be a Native American in our childhood games.

  6. Pocahontas is my first cousin thrice removed’s wife’s husband’s 6th great aunt’s husband’s first cousin once removed’s husband’s 2nd wife.

    1. Let’s try it this way:

      1) thrice-removed cousin
      2) wife’s husband or ex-husband’s five-times-great-grandaunt
      3) five-times-great-grandaunt’s husband
      4) husband’s thrice-removed cousin
      5) widower’s second wife

      Pocahontas , then, has no connection to your cousin unless he is descended from John Rolfe.

  7. Hi everyone, I am finding this ancestry DNA research to be quite fun and Rewarding.

    Here is just a tree branch of how my lineage from Pocahontas relates to me:

    Roshann Chahidi

    Gail Roberts/Hassan Chahidi

    James Roberts/ Dorothy Hardwick

    Dewitt Roberts/Della Roberts

    William Roberts/Nancy Collier

    Granville Roberts/Sarah Evans

    Elisha Roberts/Nancy Bowling

    Elijah Bowling/Sally Anderson

    Maj. John Bowling/Elizabeth Justis Blair

    Col John Bowling/Mary Kennon

    Robert Bowling/Jane Poythress Rolfe

    Thomas Rolfe/Mary Frances Sloman

    John Rolfe/Rebecca Rolfe (Pocahontas)

    1. I may be related to you on more than one side of my family… At William and Nancy. My father’s family came from Wales to Massachusetts. I am familiar with Colliers and my last name is Roberts… The furthest I’ve gotten is Isaac J. Roberts and Odessa V. Woods. They came to north Mississippi from Tennessee. Most of my direct family is deceased and I have no real way to go any further… William is a family name… My father’s first name is William, as was my grandfather’s… If you have any information, please contact my facebook account. Jordan Roberts.

    2. I am Sherry Yancey. On my father’s side, my 8th generation grandfather married Jane Rolfe, who is the granddaughter of Pocahontas. (Her parents are Thomas Rolfe, (son of Pocahontas) and Jane Poythress.) Col. Robert Bolling Sr. (my 8th gen. grandfather) and Jane Rolfe had a son together~~~~~ who is my 8th generation Uncle……….Col. John Bolling. It is so fun to make discoveries in our ancestry.

    3. How did you find this? From one of those DNA tests? My grandma told me when I was young that we are related to John Rolfe. I never asked more questions. I am interested now and too late to ask her.

    4. Hello,

      I have somewhat of the same ancestry however the wife of Thomas Rolfe is very different on my end.
      Pocahontas- John Rolfe
      Thomas Rolfe- (m) Elizabeth Washington
      Jane Rolfe- (m) Robert T Bolling
      John fairfax Bolling –
      John Kennon Bolling- (m) Elizabeth Blair
      John w Blair Bolling – (m) Mary Jefferson
      Francis bowling- (m) John m Bowles
      John Bowles 3- (m) Millie Carolyn pate
      Priscilla Bowles- (m) John G Webb
      Dursdemona webb- (m) Robert s Scott
      Margaret p Scott- (m) Curtis bunion dove
      Curtis Murray dove – (m) pearl ann Carr
      Gertrude Curtis dove
      Traci (daughter of Gertrude)
      Tammy ( daughter of Traci)
      Lily (daughter of Tammy)

  8. Hi there! I believe I am related to Pocahontas and John Rolfe as well, but have come up against a few significant snags in my search! My line descends as such: Pocahontas&John Rolf > Thomas&Jane Poythress > Robert Bolling&Jane Rolfe > Following the John Bollings down to James Bolling&Letitia Gillespie > Catherine Bolling&John Amis > Lucinda Amis&John ‘Mucker Jack’ Baker. Following this is where I get somewhat uncertain. Their daughter Mary ‘Polly’ Baker, 1826-1890 born and raised in Owsley County Ky had three children out of wedlock. I have found multiple sources saying that she had my 2nd Great-grandfather John Todd Baker in 1854, but have been unable to confirm who his father is. Although it does not affect this lineage, I cannot feel certain about it with information missing. However, moving on, John Todd Baker has a daughter with Rachel Sandlin, producing Rebecca Sandlin, b. 1888, who marries my great grandfather Jeremiah Roberts. The rest down to my father I am certain of!

    1. This is my lineage from the bolling side down.
      Pocahontas- John Rolfe
      Thomas Rolfe- (m) Elizabeth Washington
      Jane Rolfe- (m) Robert T Bolling
      John fairfax Bolling –
      John Kennon Bolling- (m) Elizabeth Blair
      John w Blair Bolling – (m) Mary Jefferson
      Francis bowling- (m) John m Bowles
      John Bowles 3- (m) Millie Carolyn pate
      Priscilla Bowles- (m) John G Webb
      Dursdemona webb- (m) Robert s Scott
      Margaret p Scott- (m) Curtis bunion dove
      Curtis Murray dove – (m) pearl ann Carr
      Gertrude Curtis dove
      Traci (daughter of Gertrude)
      Tammy ( daughter of Traci)
      Lily (daughter of Tammy)

    2. Mine line is, Pocahontas-Jane Poythress-Mary Molly Bolling-John Teneretta Baker(he had several wives-1 being 100% cherokee)-Reuben Lemar Baker-John Tyson Baker- Ella V. McGee-Rose Baker- J. Condon-me.

  9. Marissa- I would recommend searching the Owsley County Kentucky history they may mention John Todd Baker or Mary “Polly” Baker in their history. If they have a Historical Society they may have information about the family being a decedent or have a genealogy on the family. The library may have historical newspapers about the family as well. Try contacting the Library or Historical Society. They may be able to give you information, as well as City Hall, our the County Court records. Tax records sometimes will give parents names and or spouses names.

    1. My name is Bobby Baker, my father was Gary Baker, his father Buell Baker. A few years ago (2009 or 2010) I came across an address to get free family history done by the Church of Latter Day Saints out of Salt Lake City. They would send me packages about every two weeks; a manilla envelope with a well displayed list my family tree consisting of many names per page and about three pages if I recall correctly going back to a Sir Robert the First. Included would be any pictures they had on file of family members, coat of arms, family mottos, family inheritance papers with deeds, and property passed on to the next generation, etcetera. I would go through the names finding the earliest names mentioned and write down those names and send them back to them where they would send me my next set of info. by the time I stopped I had a 3 ringed binder consisting of about two inches of paperwork. Unfortunately I gave this binder to my mother to hold for me in safe keeping and she had a injury that cause her to lose some of her memory and the binder has been misplaced at her home. (Although she is now moving and selling her home it may be found shortly and if so I will scan and send this information to you as soon as it is if it is found.) What was said was amazing. It appears we share the same family bloodline, you and I, to what extent I don’t know. However, I know this Matoaka was one of my G. grandmothers and John Rolfe a G.grandfathers. Without my paperwork I can’t give the order in which the connections in the branches form so some parts of this that I’m revealing may or may not apply to you. I learned that I come from English Royalty, Scottish Royalty, French Royalty, Norman Royalty, one North American Emperor in charge of 66 chiefs the greatest North American Emperor ever (Matoaka’s father), That my family went back to the Viking Kings all the way back to a legend that said I was descended from the one eyed king Odin, and this legend claims Odin was a God, Also one of my g.grand mothers was Morgan Le Fay, who was a goddess known as Morganna the Fairy,; eventually the Viking names abruptly changed and became Hebrew or Biblical names going back to Seth. Some of the names the paperwork claims relation to was De Williams, Atkins, Amis (which means friend and were the Huguenots. But were first the Frodshams and were a Kingdom in France the Frodsham castle is in ruins. De Blairs of Scotland have a famous ghost story in relation to them. George the first and second were relations in France. The English bloodline is known as the White Rose. It is said that the king loved his first knight so much, Sir Robert the First, that he gave Sir Robert the First, our coat of arms, a castle with three White Roses in the front yard of it, as well as his oldest daughter to marry. It’s a little unclear however, Sir Robert the First, seems to either have been being under the care of this king for another king who was Sir Robert the First, father or Sir Robert the First, was the illegitimate son of this other king. I never got a clear answer on this information. It seems that our Baker bloodline is not like the other Baker’s we seem to be a different branch or something. There is so much more that it was amazing to me that the Church of Latter Day Saints out of Salt Lake City had so much information on our family and there is so much more I have not even began to break the surface to what they sent me. There was one story about our French bloodline that was like Romeo and Juliet, where this daughter of one of our French Kings bloodline g.grandmothers ran away to marry one of our White Rose G.grandfathers; her name was removed by her father from the royal book. The French bloodline that did this had a family motto that was “Fame is Greater than the White Rose” to say how much they hated one another. Our family was the first to be allowed to manufacture guns in America and we designed the gun that won the One Hundred Years War. There is so much information on our family because of our royal connections. When I read the names your related too, I knew instantly that you are of my White Rose Bloodline, we are a very very very special Bloodline that connects many secrets that are unreal it’s beyond belief. Our family started the Knights Templar among other things. I hope this helps you. I’m having problems with my email and may have to open another one. However, here is a number for those of you this information applies to, I can be reached here at 513- 715- 8590. When I get another email up and running or mine fixed I will change this number perhaps I’ll leave it up a month unless people who are not of our bloodline begin to harass, then I will change the number. Remember, almost all this information was given to me by the Church of Latter Day Saints out of Salt Lake City. We are the White Rose if you understand the significance of this then you understand we our the Holy Grail Bloodline.

        1. it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in SLC you can also sign on to family that is the website you can sign up for and acct even if you to not belong to the Church. Each Mormon church also has Family History Centers for all to use.

  10. My ex husband John Toland is an ancestor thru his Mom Elizabeth Bolling Toland. Found on Ancestry. He is direct grandparent decendant

  11. Does William Roberts born 1800 have a son Benjamine Roberts born 5/3/1826 who married Ann Reed Everington born 12/18/1826
    who had the following children Mary Ann Martha Roberts born 1849, Ann Roberts, Henry Roberts, Thomas Roberts. then Mary Ann Martha Roberts born 1849 married James Day born 1849, they had the following children , Brynina , Bringham, Harvey, Martha, Seth,George, Joseph Henry Day, Then Joseph Henry Day born 1870 married Levena Elizabeth Lawson born 1877they had the following children Benjamine Day, Alise Day, Joesph Ray Day, James Robert Day, Luvena L.Day, John Day born 1909 , MaryA. Day, Ada Day, Elbert Day, then John Day married Dorothy Wilma Sills, and they had one son Joseph Lloyd Day.

    1. My family name is Roberts and William is a traditional name in our family. Most of my father’s family is deceased and I only have traces back to my great grandparents. Isaac Jefferson Roberts and Odessa Viola Woods. They were both born in the late 1800s or early 1900s. If you know any of these names or know someone who might, I’d love to know more.

  12. Joy- Searching newspapers can give you hits as to what families are related to Pocahontas. It would often be mentioned in an obituary if they are decedents. The best way to confirm the relationship is start with what you already know. You first want to confirm the Bunch family relation, then go backwards confirming each relation. Try not to jump any generations. You can also Google the decedents of Pocahontas or John Rolfe.

  13. John Rolfe m. Pocahontas (Son)
    Thomas Rolfe m. Jane Poythress (Daughter)
    Jane Rolfe m. Robert Bolling (Son)
    John Bolling m. Mary Kennon (Son)
    John Bolling II m. Elizabeth Blair (Son)
    Benjamin Bolling m. Pattie Felts (Son)
    Benjamin Bolling II m. Sarah Hancock (Son)
    Benjamin Bowling III m. Prudence Callicoat (Son)
    John Crittenden Bolin m. Eliza Ann Forrest (Son)
    Abraham Forrest Bolin m. Winniefred Flanagan (Son)
    William Winfield Bolin m. Bessie Gossage (Son)
    Garvin HoraceBolin m. Joyce Maxine Popplewell (Daughter)
    Linda Cheryl Bolin m. William David Voils (Daughter)
    Kasey Lynette Voils m. Robert Allen Hoskins (Daughter)
    Katherine Joyce Hoskins

    1. Kasey –
      Thank you for taking the time to record your family line here.

      Have you also put your family tree online – using the well known family tree sites?
      It is another good way to preserve your family stories and details for years to come.

      All the best with your family history research,

    2. Hello,
      Looks like we follow the same lineage almost all the way down through the bollings here’s my email

      Pocahontas- John Rolfe
      Thomas Rolfe- (m) Elizabeth Washington
      Jane Rolfe- (m) Robert T Bolling
      John fairfax Bolling –
      John Kennon Bolling- (m) Elizabeth Blair
      John w Blair Bolling – (m) Mary Jefferson
      Francis bowling- (m) John m Bowles
      John Bowles 3- (m) Millie Carolyn pate
      Priscilla Bowles- (m) John G Webb
      Dursdemona webb- (m) Robert s Scott
      Margaret p Scott- (m) Curtis bunion dove
      Curtis Murray dove – (m) pearl ann Carr
      Gertrude Curtis dove
      Traci (daughter of Gertrude)
      Tammy ( daughter of Traci)
      Lily (daughter of Tammy)

  14. I have been told by several family members that my great grandmother Susie Bolling (who was married to James Powell) is a descendant of Pocahontas. Anyone know anything about this family member?

  15. Can someone tell me who the heck is Benjamin Boling? Do you know about the controversy surrounding him? I may be related, but the mystery of Benjamin is giving me mixed leads.

    1. I’m also from the Benjamin Bolling line and have researched it quite a bit recently. He was considered a “Blue” Bolling. This term was due to the fact that there was no recorded history that he and some other supposed siblings were the children of Maj. John Bolling and Elizabeth Blair. From what I read, it seems DNA testing confirms the Blue Bollings were NOT related to Pocahontas. As well, I read the only indication this group of supposed offspring was because of personal documents that were someones recollection and not official census or tax documents from that time. Check out the link below for some brief info about the Blue Bollings. I have always been told I was related and even got a printed Family Tree sent to me by family… However, when I researched on my own, I discovered this mystery about the Blue Bollings. Although very interesting, I’m convinced we are not descendants and I can no long claim this unique heritage.

  16. I also have been tracing my family tree and believe I am related to Pocahontas. I think all of you should read the Indian history, not the one you learned in school regarding this woman. She had an (Indian) husband before marrying John Rolfe and a child, a daughter. She was kidnapped and according to Indian history was raped and had a child out of wedlock. John Rolfe may or may not be the father of Thomas Rolfe.
    Additionally, her tribe has recently (2015) become federally recognized.

    My Family Tree

    America R. Bolling -gg
    James Bolling – ggg
    Jeremiah Bolling-gggg
    Benjamin Bolling-ggggg
    Maj. Benjamin Bolling-ggggg
    John Bolling-gggggg
    Maj John Bolling -gggggg
    Col. Robert Bolling -ggggggg married Jane Rolfe -ggggggg
    Lt. Thomas Rolfe-gggggggg
    Pocahontas Matoaka Powhatan-ggggggggg

    1. Good to hear from you cousin.
      There have been several replies about the Maj. Benjamin Bolling connection.

      I hope that you post your lineage to an online site like FamilySearch or Ancestry – along with – your sources and documentation so that others can benefit from your documentation and conclusions.


    2. I never knew any of this, thank you for sharing this. I just read the true story and tears are running down my face.

  17. I am so confused. I’m doing my family tree, on, and when I get to a “Rebecca Jane Bolling,” my 9th great grandma, who is married to a “Michael Pendergrass,” my 9th great grandpa, Rebecca’s parents are listed as Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe. But in doing research, I haven’t been able to find any information about Rebecca being an actual daughter of Robert and Jane. Could it be that the Pendergrass line is incorrect and that Michael Pendergrass did not marry a Rebecca, supposed daughter of Robert and Jane (Rolfe) Bolling? Grrrrr… I don’t know where the mistakes could be… the Pendergrass line seems to be correct and in order… and all the sources I’ve come across have stated Rebecca as a daughter of Robert and Jane.

    Kim Cathey – me
    *James G. Cathey/Charlene Brown – dad and mom
    *Hardin Cathey/Mary Elizabeth Thompson – grandpa/ma
    Elias Newton Cathey/ *Mary Jane Brown – 1st g grandparents
    *William John Brown/Ferbie Pendergrass – 2nd gg
    John Gilbert Brown/*Margaret Peggy Laws – 3rd gg
    Aaron Laws/*Pheriba Pendergrass – 4th gg
    *William Titus Pendergrass/Rebecca Ensley – 5th gg
    *William Pendergrass/Martha “Patti” Jobe Attwater – 6th gg
    *Robert Raleigh Pendergrass/Elizabeth H. Manly – 7th gg
    *John Pendergrass/Anne Jane Pleasants – 8th gg
    Michael Pendergrass/*Rebecca Jane Bolling?????? – 9th gg
    Robert Bolling/*Jane Rolfe – 10th gg
    *Thomas Rolfe/Jane Poythress – 11th gg
    *John Eustace Rolfe Jr./*Pocahontas Matoaka “Rebecca” Powhatan (Princess) – 12th gg
    John Rolfe/Dorothea Mason – 13th gg

    1. Kim, we are definitely related as I am a direct descendent of William and Martha Pendergrass who are my 5th great granmdparents. I have them back to 1610 in County Mayo Ireland as such with ancestors back to 1169.

    2. I know you posted this a year ago. I have a Rebecca as well in my family tree and Pendergass. Goes like this the Stephanie at the bottom of the list is me.
      Pay close attention to names

      Pop’s side through Nettie May
      I’ve spent all morning checking this out and it appears to be real.
      I’ll also send later some stories I found on Ancestry

      15GG Ensenore Algonkian 1516-1570 – Father Scent Flower 1517-1600 – Mother
      14GG John Rolfe Sr 1562-1594 – Dorothea Mason Rolfe Redmayne 1559-1645 Chief Wahunsonacock Powhatan Jun 17 1545-Apr 1618 – Father Matatishe Winanuske Nonoma Powhatan 1570-1618 – Mother
      13GG John Thomas Rolfe 1585 Princess Pocahontas Matoaka Rebecca Powhatan 1595-1617
      12GG Thomas Rolfe 1615
      11GG Jane Anna Powhatan Rolfe 1650-1676
      10GG Rebecca Jane Bowling 1675-1714
      9GG John Pendergrass 1685-1715
      8GG Robert R Pendergrass 1711-1782
      7GG William Pendergrass 1730-1804
      6GG Mary Pendergrass 1762-1816
      5GG William W Shaw 1792-1850
      4GG Washington S Shaw 1812-1873
      3GG Moses Harvey Shaw 1836-1870
      2GG Camillia Valentine Shaw 1869-1905
      1GG Nettie May Holliday 1890-1974
      GF David Clinton Leonard 1914-1974
      Mom Linda Jean Leonard 1950-xxxx
      Scott, Laura, Stephanie (me)

  18. When my father passed away in 2012 I found paper work that his grandparents had of our family tree back to the 1700’s
    One of the family on my fathers said was Family of James G. Collier Burried in Beech Creek Cemetery.The paper work states James G.Collier Born Feb 24th 1812 Died Oct 23 1896. Born in Blakely Ga. Parents were Benjamin C. Collier and (Margret Lane a descendent of Pocahuntas) was married in Ga. Sept 27, 1832 to Eliza Ann Stewart she died in 1843 then he married her sister Elizabeth Wynn Stewart June 14th 1843 our grandmother was his second wife, the Stewart girls parents were John Stewart born Aug 21,1780 died Oct. 8 1840

    I really wish I knew how to upload a photo because its pages and pages of births and deaths and marriages.

    I am not quite sure how Margret Lane is a descendent of Pocahuntas but I find this all fascinating.

  19. For those who are related to this young woman who was taken away to England.
    Don’t you think it’s about time that she comes home to her native Virginia homeland and her family?
    There are plenty of contributors of D.N.A. to help locate her remains. This is the time to show that you really care about this person and not just proclaim your descendancy.
    With the recent changes in the Royal House, the possibility is there to petition them to help repatriate this young woman home.
    It would be her final gesture of goodwill and a completion of her journey. Her ancestors are waiting for her.

    1. I would love for her remains to be brought home. However her burial place The King James church has since been rebuilt over leaving many of the graves unknown and hidden under the new building.

  20. I was looking through my family tree with my mother and found that we are related to John Rolfe. I am going to investigate more.

    1. Good luck with your research Barbara,
      Take it step-by-step, document each generation – and see where the research takes you.
      When you’re ready – please post your line/conclusions online here.

      All the best,

  21. 13 GG Powhatan
    12 GG Pocahontas-John Rolfe
    11 GG Thomas Rolfe
    10 GG Jane Rolfe
    9 GG John Bolling
    8 GG John Bolling JR
    7GG Jared Bolling
    6 GG Louisana Bolling
    5 GG Samuel Ratcliffe
    4 GG Ellen Ratcliffe
    3GG Georgia Skinner
    2 GG Lucie Selecman
    1 GG Lucy Pierce
    Grandfather Everette Hamilton Moore JR
    Mother Dana Minder
    Me Douglas Minder

  22. My last name is Roberts… William is a family name… The furthest i have is my great-grandparents, Isaac Jefferson Roberts and Odessa Viola Woods… And her mother, Iantha Taylor… Which would both be born in the early 1900s. I’d like to have more to add to my family tree… My mother’s has a long surviving family name traced back to one man in the 950s, and it doesn’t feel right just know the expanse of hers if I could know his… Most of my direct relation is deceased. If you know anyone who would know these names and knows anyone further than that, I’d much appreciate it.

  23. My parents made my middle name Pocahontas because I am directly related to her. I’m so happy that I found all these relatives on the web!!!!

  24. Hi all. So… I am a Rolfe. I am a real newbie at this family research. I have found out that my family lived in Hayes, Middlesex, which is a part of London. From my grandfather it goes: Thomas = Henry = John, which gets you back to 1799. Past John things get much harder… at least for me. By 1799 my family was very poor, so if there is a connection to the famous John Rolfe, then somebody lost a lot of money in the 1700s. In any event half the people on my tree are named either John, Thomas, Arthur or William.
    Best to all, David

  25. I am a descendant of Pocahontas; she is my seventh great grandmother. My nana always told me growing up about her and how we were related, I told the kids at school but they never believed me because they thought she was just a Disney character at the time. I take great pride in knowing I’m related to such an amazing and inspirational woman.

    1. That’s terrific Sarah.
      I encourage you to document and add your family tree to the online ‘Tree’ sites – like FamilySearch and Ancestry.
      Putting your documentation and conclusions online will make it easy to permanently show who her descendants are over the generations.

      Keep up the good work.


  26. Edgar Loyd Robbins, III ( Me)

    Edgar Loyd Robbins, Jr 1918-1971

    Edgar Loyd Robbins, Sr 1898-1962

    Samuel F Robbins 1862-1938

    Charles Steed 1841-1938

    Sallie Redding 1811-1852 Sally was also called Sarah

    Joseph Redding 1754-1815

    Anne Palin 1728-1778

    Dorothy Ann Relfe 1687-1733 Dorothy was also called Susannah

    Thomas Rolfe, Jr 1645-1714

    Thomas Rolfe, Sr 1615-1675

    Matoaka Pocahontas Powhatan 1595-1617

    1. Good work Eddie. Thank you for sharing.

      Have you put your family tree to the online ‘Tree’ sites – like FamilySearch and Ancestry?
      Your should add your documentation and conclusions online to make it easy for your descendants and cousins to permanently find your family lines.

      Keep up the good work.


  27. My line:

    Pocahontas married John Rolfe
    Son: Thomas

    Thomas married Jane Poythress
    Daughter: Jane Rolfe

    Jane Rolfe married Col. Robert Bolling
    Son: Major John Bolling “of Cobbs”

    Major John Bolling married Mary Kennon
    Son: Col. John Bolling

    Col. John Bolling married Mary Elizabeth Bland Blair
    Son: Archibald Bolling

    Archibald Bolling married Sarah Cary
    Daughter: Anne Bolling

    Anne Bolling married Joseph Cabel
    Daughter: Elizabeth Robertson Dixon Cabel

    Elizabeth R. D. Cabel married James Pollitt
    Daughter: Virginia James Pollitt

    Virginia Pollitt married William McClain
    Daughter: Rebecca Dixon McClain

    Rebecca Dixon McClain married Dr. Rufus Calvin Bowman
    Son: Rufus C. Bowman

    Rufus C. Bowman married Nan Logan
    Son: George Logan Boeman

    George Logan Bowman married Rosemary “Peggy” Holmes
    Son: Stephen McClain Bowman

    Stephen McClain Bowman married Diane Vansciver
    Jenny Pearson (Bowman)
    Robert Bowman
    Stephanie Bowman (me)

  28. Through tracing on my mother’s Burks side, her Burks ancestor married Niketti (my 9th gg), daughter of Cleopatra (my 10th gg), sister of Pocahontas (my 10th great aunt), so Thomas would be a 10th great cousin.

    1. Good to hear from you cousin –

      I encourage you to put the details of each person’s birth, marriage & death dates and places on one of the online family tree sites. Those sites also let you upload photos, documents and stories – so that all of the information you have gathered will be easily accessible for generations to come.

      Good work.

  29. Stephanie,
    Thank you for recording your Pocahontas & John Rolfe family tree online.
    This will make easy for you to be in contact with your cousins.

    I encourage you to put this, along with the details of each person’s birth, marriage & death dates and places on one of the online family tree sites. Those sites also let you upload photos, documents and stories – so that all of the information you have gathered will be easily accessible for generations to come.

    Good work.

  30. My family tree goes back to Pocahontas, but I am 75 years old and looking now to the future rather than to the past. I did read all the comments and found one particularly interesting since I can confirm what was said through reading a recent book written by the Indians picked to pass down the history of what actually happened to Pocahontas. It is hard to believe what was written since it is different from what is read in history books about her. I have the book and if anyone is interested in reading it, I can share with you the name of the book. The author of the book said that they decided it was time to reveal the truth about her after keeping it among themselves for so long. She was a remarkable person and anyone who claims her as an ancestor can be proud of his or her connection to her. Our connection goes back so many years that I would be surprised if our DNA would show there to be any Indian blood in our heritage from her as our relative. It is good, however, to know that I am connected to such a famous person.

  31. I have a tree on Family Search. One day while trolling through the branches I came across the name Fleming. I remember my grandma talking about her grandma Fleming. I kept looking for Flemings and through Family Search I eventually ran into Pocahontas.

    My dad: James Berlin Upton
    His mother: Anna Louise Jones
    Her mother: Della Margaret
    Her mother: Eliza Jane
    Louisa Jane Fleming
    Her dad: Robert Fleming
    His dad: John Fleming
    His dad: Capt. Alexander
    John Fleming
    His mother: Mary Boling
    Her father: Major John Boling
    His mother: Jane Rolfe
    Her father: Thomas
    His parents: Capt. John Rolfe
    and Rebecca Pocahontas

  32. She is my 11th great grandmother, through her first marriage with Kocoum Japasaw Stream, their daughter Ka Okee Jane Stream/Christian Pettus/Mary Martin/Randolf Fugate I/Josiah Fugate/James Fugate/Indiana Fugate/Mary E. Said/Hulda E. Edwards/Mamie Evalyn Hamren/Donald Mercer/Colleen Mercer/me. Used Family Tree app to find the info.

    1. Cool kocum is my 13th grate grandfather and pochontas is my 13th grate grandmother. I didnt even know untill i reserched my grate grandmother ‘s father on my daddy side. Very intresting to me. I knew a little about pochontas from books like her name means little cheif. That she had a son. Now i know about her life before she went to james town or england.with john rolfe.

  33. Is this family tree as found on Family Search correct or does it have errors in the connections between Thomas Rolfe and Mary Reynolds (1767-1840)?

    If the tree is correct, then I am a descendant of John Rolfe and Pocahontas. If I am, then there is a very strange coincidence. I grew up in the town of Rolfe, Iowa, in Pocahontas County, Iowa.

    Can someone who has access to the book check out if the connection is a true connection or a phantom connection in a family tree? As for family trees, real and phantom, I am supposedly descended from Charlemagne at least 6 times over from 4 different children through my maternal grandmother. In addition, I am descended from Modred, King Arthur, and Pendragon. Talk about phantom family trees!

  34. Here we go:
    Thomas Rolfe
    John Bolling
    Jane Bolling
    Mary Randolph
    Mary Cary
    Mann Page
    Frederick Winslow Page
    Jane Walker Page
    Mildred Nelson Walker Page
    Orten Everett Duling (my father)

    1. Correction cousins: Jane Rolfe was Thomas Rofle’s daughter. She married Robert Bolling. Their son is John Rolfe.

  35. She is my I don’t know how many great grandmother on my mother’s side we have a family tree and have known since I was very little and can’t wait till my son’s are old enough to tell them the family history on both the quandt side and haller such is kalapuya indian

  36. Hi All,

    Just ran across this feed doing some genealogy research. I too am a descendant of Pocahontas. Here is my line:
    Chief Wahensonacook (some say Paquiquineo was his father)
    Thomas Rolfe
    John Barnett Sr
    John Barnett Jr
    David Barnett
    Narcissa Barnett
    Elizabeth Magness
    Seaborn Tabor…absolutely LOVE that name!
    Elizabeth Tabor
    Alice Clem
    Lillian Snodgrass
    Donald Sharp
    Rhonda Davis

    I too am related to quite a lot of the same people that many of you are. It’s just so hard to tell if the information is accurate or not. The Pettus, Fugate, Five Mankillers, Moytoys, Eagle Plume…amazing how they are all interrelated to be honest.
    I am trying to put my lines together and see where they cross and how the families are connected. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

    P.S. My line is on Family Search and Ancestry.

  37. I am a distant cousin of John Rolfe’s. My grandmother’s sister took a DNA test and her lineage was linked back to John Rolfe.

  38. Hello. I’m doing research into my heritage and according to a family tree on Pocahontas and John Rolfe were my 13th great grandparents on my maternal grandfather’s side. I’m not sure how true this is as this is as far as my research has gotten so far, but I’m hoping to look more into it in the near future.

  39. This is how I am descended from Pocahontas according to the relationship tool on the Family Search site. I only found this today and have previously only done research back from myself through Emanuel Hill. Everyone prior to him is based on what other Family Search users have posted and I have not verified those connections myself.

    John Rolfe m. Pocahontas
    Thomas Rolfe m. Jane Poythress
    Jane Rolfe m. Robert Bolling
    John Bolling m. Mary Kennon
    Jane Bolling m. Richard Randolph
    Elizabeth Frances Randolph m. Joel Halbert
    Hannah Elizabeth Halbert m. William Hill
    Thomas Smithers Hill m. Catherine Shropshire
    Jehu Hill m. Martha “Patsy” Carlin
    Emanuel Hill m. Brazenia Byce
    Mary J. Hill m. William S. H. Payne
    Dewey Garron Payne m. Lydia C. Cochran
    Living Son Payne m. Living Spouse (My Parents)
    Living Daughter Payne (Me)

  40. This is what I have been working on. William Boling is listed as a blue Boling so I’m not sure of the accuracy?

    John Rolfe 1585-1622 + Pocahontas 1595

    Thomas Rolfe 10 Oct 1650 – 27 Jan 1676 + Jane Poythress 1630- 1655

    Robert Bolling 1646-1709 + Jane Rolfe 1650-1676

    John Rolfe Bolling 27 January 1676 – 20 April 1729 + Mary Kennon 29 June 1677- 29 June 1727

    John Rolfe Bolling 20 January 1699- 1757 + Mary Elizabeth Bland Blair 4 April 1712- 22 April 1775

    William L. Bolling 5 Apri 1731- 5 April 1776 + Amelia Randolph 1712-1775

    Jeremiah Boling + Nancy Batson

    James Boling + Sallie Boling

    Clarence Andrew Boling + Ruby Davis

    Jack Boling + Vera Delaney

    Donna Boling

  41. I have been told my another tree researcher that I am related to Pocohintas, by my Elwin ancestors from Norfolk UK. I have only managed to get back to my 2 x grt grandfather, James Elwin, born in Cantley c1801.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      We are also descendants of Peter Elwin 1623-1695 from Thurning, Norfolk through his daughter Anna 1665-1676 who married George Anguish 1672-1737. George’s grand-daughter Mary Anguish 1764-1827 married blacksmith Joseph Stout 1763-1831 and they are buried in St Mary’s Churchyard, Cantley, Norfolk. Their grandson William Merrison Stout 1817-1872 moved to Limehouse, London and his grandson, my grandfather Frederick Walter Stout 1884-1952 migrated to Western Australia with his parents and siblings.
      Last year we visited Cantley again and also Thurning, Norfolk. Next year I’m visiting Virginia, US to see the rebuilt church where Rebecca and John Rolfe married and to visit related history centres.
      I would be interested to find out more about your James Elwin born about 1801 Cantley, Norfolk. We didn’t see any Elwin memorials in the Cantley churchyard. There are wall and flagstone Elwyn memorials in Thurning and also Booton which we didn’t visit.

  42. rincess Matoaka of the Powhatan (1595 – 1617)
    10th great-grandmother
    Thomas Rolfe (1615 – 1675)
    Son of Princess Matoaka of the Powhatan
    Jane Rolfe (1650 – 1676)
    Daughter of Thomas Rolfe
    John Fairfax Bolling (1676 – 1729)
    Son of Jane Rolfe
    Martha Bolling (1713 – 1749)
    Daughter of John Fairfax Bolling
    Mary Polly Aldridge (1740 – 1825)
    Daughter of Martha Bolling
    David Miller (1775 – 1845)
    Son of Mary Polly Aldridge
    Lydia Miller (1802 – 1870)
    Daughter of David Miller
    Rufus Alexander Bingham (1833 – 1910)
    Son of Lydia Miller
    Thomas Alexander Bingham (1863 – 1945)
    Son of Rufus Alexander Bingham
    Lee Bingham (1888 – 1981)
    Son of Thomas Alexander Bingham
    Rosa Bingham (1931 – 2015)
    Daughter of Lee Bingham
    Roger K Duncan
    You are the son of Rosa Bingham

  43. I am descended from Maria Holmes married to Henry Johnson.She is regarded as a direct descendant of Pocahontas. Does anyone know of such a connection?

  44. I feel pretty confident I am related through Mary Bolling and John Fleming, but I keep seeing different names and/or lack of children names. I am a Fleming and my family traces back to that area and seem to lead back to her but lines cross with the John’s and David’s. Can anyone verify how many children they had together?

    1. Not sure if you have found anything or still investigating but I am attempting to chase the same thing. I believe my line (Fleming as well) goes back potentially a step or two above the point in Fleming tree above Col. John Fleming who married Mary Bolling. So not direct blood line but remoted related.
      My family (Fleming) goes back to James and Susannah Fleming (b. 1725- d. 1800) (interestingly married at 51 and had children until they were 57 so some of this info I am finding seems hard to believe)
      I have been unable to find definitive steps past James and Susannah.
      I did find a Susannah that was a daughter of Mary Rolfe (Bolling) Fleming Listed as born 1727 and half-sibling of all the Mary and John Fleming children but not sure I can trust that. Only place I have seen this..
      I was wondering if you found anything additional.

    1. Roberta,

      Yes, my research is showing that it was–and still is–a common practice for Native American intermarriage.

      “More than half of all Native Americans don’t marry other natives.” [Tristan Ahtone, “Native American Intermarriage Puts Benefits At Risk” in NPR at (accessed 14 May 2019).]

      “David Wilkins, a professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota, says that intermarriage has always been the norm. ‘It just shows that Native individuals, due to the small population size of most indigenous communities, frequently find that they have to reach outside of their local community to find a partner suitable for marriage — hence the high degree of intermarriage,’ says Wilkins.” [Ibid.]

      There are reasons for this intermarriage, among which include the establishment of trading/political relationships. “Algonquian Indians frequently intermarried between tribes, which allowed two kinship networks to create a new trading relationship.” [Jesse Dukes, “Without Native Americans, Would We Have Chicago As We Know It?” in WBEZ91.5CHICAGO at (accessed 14 May 2019).]

      For more reading on Native American identities (and how intermarriage contributes), you may find this article interesting: Ryan W. Schmidt, “American Indian Identity and Blood Quantum in the 21st Century: A Critical Review” in Hindawi’s Journal of Anthropology, at (accessed 14 May 2019).

  45. If there is anyone that has dna proof that they are descendants of Pochontas, I would love to compare my dna.
    I have 183 pages of documents validating Pochontas is my 10th grandmother, but I want more proof.
    Thank you very much

    Mel Bond, Pastor

    1. How did you prove your DNA. What company did you have it pulled through?

      Thanks, JP ..see my comment below yours.

    2. Dear Mr. Bond,

      According to autosomal DNA my husband, Christopher James Bond, is a descendant of Pocahontas. I am doing DNA with 3 companies and the common surnames pop up that are links to Pocahontas but I am unable to establish a trace using Ancestry. I would be very appreciative if you could send me what you know of your line. I am very willing to share information. Please know that I am a genealogist
      (work part time in a library in a genealogy department and have been a DAR Registrar for over 15 years). Unfortunately, I cannot travel due to
      age and health issues. However, I still enjoy research!
      Thank you!
      Barbara Bond

  46. My mother and I did our genealogy many years ago before I am being told that Pocahontas is my 12th great aunt through Princess Cleopatra Scent Flower. We arrived on the Mayflower and were in Virginia. Later most of the family shows up in Tennessee. I believe the last name is through Dodson on my mothers side which is Pippin (probably O’Pippin) since our DNA showed mostly Scottish and Irish decent. We will be doing 23 and me and I hear that one is better. We showed no Indian with even though we have it on both sides tell the descendants. I heart that Ancestry goes back really far to find the DNA links so it might not show up. We will see. If anyone knows a better way to find out let me know.
    Thanks JP

    1. Jennifer, Native American ancestry tends to “wash out” within 5 generations. Supposedly I am also descended from John Rolfe and Pocahontas through my maternal grandmother who never knew of the possibility of having NA ancestry. My maternal grandfather knew he had NA ancestry. His closest NA ancestor was much closer. 23andme indicated no NA ancestry for my mother or myself. I was not surprised.

  47. This is what I have been told: John Rolfe M Amonute Matoaka Pocahontas: Thomas Rolfe M: Jane Poythress. Jarrett BowlingM: 1762 Jane Rolfe M: Col Robert Bolling Henry. 178?
    John Boling M:Mary Kennon Charles Spence 1810
    John Jr. M:Elizabeth Blair William Jerry 1855
    Benjamin M: Fencher Daniel Boling 1902
    Benjamin Jr. M:Winfred Garrison (above). Darrell Boling (Me). 1946. That would make Pocahontas my10th

  48. Hi I am a descendant through Emmaline Pendergrass (Pendergraft):

    Thomas Rolfe and Jane Poythress
    Col. R Bolling and Jane Rolfe
    Rebecca Bolling and Michael Pendergrass
    John Pendergrass and Ann Pleasant
    William Pendergrass and Mary Raleigh
    William Pendergrass Jr and Milah Coulter
    George B. Pendergrass and Katherine L. Starnes
    John E. McGinnis and Emaline Perdergrass (Pendergraft)
    James B. McGinnis and Anna Belle Myers
    George Henry McGinnis and Ella Jones (My Great-Great Grandparents)

  49. Can anyone tell me if they have done ancestry of the Norris family? My uncle Wayne Norris has done it for years and went clear back to Pocahontas as an ancestor. He fell sick and has not been able to finish. Can anyone tell me anymore about it?

  50. Hi. My name is Robert Hoyt. My Aunt on my Mother’s side did a great deal of research, and traced their lineage all the way back to Pocahontas and John Rolfe. She is my 11-times Great Grandmother. There were many inter-marriages of white and native, all the way thru the early 1900’s, in this genealogy, so many tribes are mixed along the way.
    If anyone is interested, we have what appears to be the full line, with many details dating all the way back to 1609, with most all children listed on many other family lines that branch off of this original lineage.

  51. I just found out that Chief Powhatan is ny 9th great grandfather. My 8th great grandmother was Cockoeske Powhaton West, and my 7th great grandmother was Susannah Pamunkey. I am honored.

    Does anyone know how to get The Indian roll #????? I am related through William Winston, Toby Jennings West, and Giselle Dabney.

  52. Supposedly I am also descended from John Rolfe. I can guarantee that the ancestors in my line are correct, from 1750 onward, on this genealogy posted on This listing goes on much farther back to Pocahontas and John Rolfe. I don’t have proof that this lineage is completely correct before 1750.

    One thing that is interesting is that I grew up in the town of Rolfe, Iowa. Rolfe was the first town and first county seat of Pocahontas County, Iowa. It is interesting to think that five descendants of John Rolfe and Pocahontas grew up in Rolfe, Pocahontas, Iowa.

  53. Who is Sir Roger Bolin? I’m told he was married to Pocahontas’ granddaughter and thus my family is directly descended. I would love to know if the Bolin family is a direct descendant of Pocahontas. I am told we are and I would like to know for sure. How can I find out?

  54. Pocahontas is my 12th great-grandmother! Very excited to have found that out and excited to learn more about my family history.

  55. Stephanie- The best way to confirm the relationship is start with what you already know . You first want to confirm the Bolin family relation, then go backwards confirming each relation. Try not to jump any generations. You can also Google the decedents of Pocahontas. I did not find Sir Roger Bolin on the list. The spelling for Bolin in Pocahontas line is with Bollin. You can Google Sir Roger Bolin for more information.

  56. I have worked on this with the best of my knowledge. pedigree
    Pocahontas& John ROLFE
    Thomas Rolfe & Jane Poythress
    Jane Rolfe & Robert Bolling
    John Fairfax Boling & Mary Elizabeth Kennon
    Mary Bolling & Samuel Sweringen
    Richard C. Swearingen & Mary Pendly
    Austin Riley Swearingen & Virginia Jane Watson
    Elixzabeth Swearingen & John Lewis Warner Snow
    John James Snow Elizabeth “Jennie” Murphy
    James Morgan Murphy & Elizabeth Jane Yocum
    Samuel Logan Murphy & Annie Elizabet Murphy
    Robert Allen murphy & Julia Woodrum
    Margaret Elizabeth Murphy & Joseph Daniel Kernen

  57. I am related to Pocahontas thru the following: Louise Gay & Sidney Stubbs, Edward S. Gay & Sallie Ewell, Capt. Edward S. Gay & Catherine Tazewell, William Gay & Judith Scott, Dr. William Gay & Elizabeth Bolling, John Bolling & Mary Kennon, Jane Rolfe & Robert Bolling, Thomas Rolfe & Jane Poythress to John Rolfe & Pocahontas.

  58. Hello,
    If there is any one out there that has had your dna tested and Keziah Arroyah 1635-1690 or Silent Robert Bryant 1657-1704 or Elinor Bryant 1690 – 1735 is in your dna. I would be very much interested in seeing if my dna would match with yours. This would help me greatly in validating my Patawomeck blood line. I have valiation up to Nathaniel Owens 1680-1735. However there is not enough valid proff for Nathaniel to be the son of Elinor Bryant.
    Thank you very much!

    Oceans of Eternal Unconditonal Love in Jesus Christ

    Mel Bond, Pastor

    1. Mel Bond, I saw the Keziah Arroyah. I am a descendent of Chief Nicholas Quishia Cashia. He is my 6th ggrandfather thru my 4th ggrandmother Sarah Cheriah Kizziah(spelling changed to Kizziah/Kezziah). I had my DNA tested thru Ancestry but it is very general and only goes back 150 years. I was able to trace back thru my father’s side and found my 4th and 6th ggrandparents. I saw where Pocahontas was also named Keziah also(not sure how accurate it is. Chief Cashia was Tuscarora though.

  59. My older sister and I were always told we were descendants of Pocahontas. My Dad’s mother’s maiden name was Rolfe and she looked Native American. I’ve just sent off an Ancestry DNA sample. So watch this space. xx

  60. Your comment certainly is an interesting one. I had not heard it before. All the information I have ever read about Thomas Rolfe says he is the son of John Rolfe, although I knew Pocahontas was married to a member of her tribe before her marriage to Rolfe. I know I have 0.5 percent Native American DNA, which may or may not come from Pocahontas or her tribe. I have believed my family to be related by marriage to Pocahontas, however, since a several times great-grandfather of mine, John Wall, married an Anne Poythress. Family lore has us related to Pocahonatas (although perhaps only by marriage, as stated). A DNA distant cousin match to me has the surname of Rolfe, but he has written me that Thomas Rolfe stayed in England. Another interesting story, but I my belief is that he must have come back to America to take over his father’s lands, and I believe there is plenty proof of it, correct???

  61. Pocahontas is my grandmother through her granddaughter Jane Rolfe’s son, John Fairfax Bolling. I was able to trace this back through my maternal great grandmother, Ida Gabbard.

  62. I have some confusion with my line it looks like
    John Boiling and Elizabeth Blair
    James Thomas Bolling -Sarah Blevins
    Katherine (Katie) Bolling
    Lucinda Amis
    Andrew Baker
    Nancy Baker
    Ellen Johnson
    The issue I have leading from my Great Grandma is about the connecting of Katherina and James (Her dad) Boiling to the line. I cant seem to figure out if this is a real line or not. I see that There is a son that times named James and no connecting or evidence after that.
    Thanks, Jill

  63. Hello
    My family have always known who we descend from as it was always passed down directly from generation to generation. I trace my family directly back to Pocahontas and for that matter to Charlemagne and on back to antiquity. There are many proven descendants of Matoaka and just as many unsubstantiated claims. For example, there is no proof of a prior marriage or child before marrying Rolfe and the “blue” line is considered unsubstantiated as well. These are instances of here-say, mistakes and blatant misrepresentation which people eventually believe to be fact. There are those who use Ancestry sites and inadvertently put almost anything on them and then in turn add this same invented information to their own pedigrees——without checking. There are many lineage books which contain accepted and factual information based on first hand documentation and those who kept knowledgable accounts relating to the first founding families, the indigenous peoples and numerous subsequent factual family lines. I encourage many of you here to utilize these resources as well.

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