Did You Miss These Mayflower Stories?

GenealogyBank is an outstanding source for documenting your Mayflower family lines.

Painting: “Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor” by William Formby Halsall, 1882
Painting: “Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor” by William Formby Halsall, 1882. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

We have posted a number of blog articles about tracing your family history back to the Mayflower and its passengers. Take a moment and read these key articles for tips on researching your family history.

Mayflower Articles:

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  1. My daughter and wife are descended from John Alden through my wife’s Grandmother Ethie Shatto. Ethie Shatto is a Kingsbury. I had seen the connection online in one of the Alden’s websites but not sure, now, which one. Any help or info would be appreciated.

    1. I am a descendant of John Alden. I believe I saw Sharp on my Ancestry.com family tree.
      Heidi Reynolds

  2. I am a descendant of John Alden and Pricilla Alden. My line comes down thru the Blodget and Blanchard line. We were amazed when we found this out. My mother is gone now but it would have pleased her greatly to have known this.

  3. I am a descendant of John Alden (and Priscilla) and Miles (and Barbara) via Sarah Alden and Alexander Standish. So was newscaster Chet Huntley, who responded to a lengthy letter on the topic that I had written as a child with a “Hello, 8th cousin!”

    1. I, too, am a descendant of Sarah Alden and Alexander Standish on my maternal grandfather’s side, and Ruth Alden on my maternal grandmother’s side. While visiting this weekend with a dear High School friend, who is big history buff, we discovered our common heritage; John & Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. Curious, we each went back to our family trees to see if we were both descended from the same child of John & Priscilla. She is a descendant of their daughter, Elizabeth. Though we were hoping for a closer connection, we’re now calling each other ‘cousin’. It is my friend who sent me the link to Alden Family GenealogyBank. What a fascinating & rich resource.

    1. I believe I am a descendant of John and Priscilla Alden. I heard this from my grandfather. I am not sure how to find out for sure though. There is a lot of people who were from John and Priscilla. Any help full tips on how to find out for sure?

      1. Go to AncestryDNA. I just found out on my mothers side. My great grandma Maxine Anderson is a descendant of John Alden who was on The Mayflower in 1620. I have proof on Ancestry.com.

  4. All my life I was told I was a direct descendent of John and Priscilla Alden. Most males in the family have Alden as a middle name. I will research more.

  5. I just found out that John and Pricilla Alden are my 9th great grandparents. I discovered this on Ancestry.com. How can I join this organization? I have proof from my ancestry tree.

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