Tracing Famous ‘Mayflower’ Passenger Peregrine White’s Family Tree

Newspapers tell the story of the everyday lives of our ancestors. From articles about famous Mayflower descendants to more mundane, daily news, use newspapers to uncover unknown stories and facts about your ancestry. We used GenealogyBank’s extensive collection of newspapers spanning nearly 400 years of American history to trace the family tree of Peregrine White – the first Pilgrim born in the U.S! 

The historical newspaper article in the upper right is an obituary of Peregrine White, “the First Englishman born in New England.” He was born on board the Mayflower in the Cape Cod Harbor in November 1620! Peregrine White’s obituary appeared in the Boston News-Letter (Boston, Massachusetts), 24 July-31 July 1704, page 2. The newspaper article below it is about a family reunion, including four generations of Peregrine White descendants, who gathered in McMinnville, Oregon. This family reunion newspaper article was published in the Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 30 May 1915, Section 3, page 9.
Peregrine White’s descendants were understandably proud to have such a famous ancestor, Mayflower ship passenger and the first Pilgrim born in New England, in their family tree. They could be considered famous Mayflower descendants. This past summer, when Mary Alice (Haskell) Morey (1928-2011) died, her obituary prominently mentioned that she was a direct descendant of Peregrine White.Her obituary was printed by the Natick Bulletin & TAB (Natick, Massachusetts), 22 July 2011, page 18. Read her complete obituary in GenealogyBank.
With over 250,000 newspaper articles at GenealogyBank related to the Mayflower you can learn so much more about Peregrine White and his descendants, as well as discover the other Pilgrims on board the Mayflower and their descendants. Research Mayflower ship passenger lists and explore our Pilgrim ancestors’ lives with newspaper articles about Plymouth Colony. Maybe you have ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower too?


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34 thoughts on “Tracing Famous ‘Mayflower’ Passenger Peregrine White’s Family Tree

    1. I recently was presented a letter that was written by my great-aunt in the 1970s. In the letter my Aunt Myrtle Stanton whose mother’s maiden name was White wrote about being related to Peregrine White. Would be interested in anyone related.

      1. Hi Cousin Sarah –
        Are you a member of the Mayflower Society? Do you have your family tree online? Do you post about it on Facebook?

        How are you getting your interest in the Peregrine White family history out there so that you can share information with other Peregrine White cousins?

        Responding to our posts like this is an excellent way to be in contact with your cousins.


        1. I have been told for years that I am descendant of Peregrine White but I’ve been unable to make the connection. Do you have any information that shows migration to South Yarmouth on Cape Cod, MA

    2. Am I in your family tree? John Wayne Worley DOB 11/17/1943 twin, father; Don Marquis Worley, mother Virginia Maurine Kinney (her mother’s maiden name: Mary Jane White).

  1. We have just discovered that my husband, Rex is a 9th Great-Grandson of Peregrine White & in trying to discover more about this lineage have come across his 2nd Great-Grandmother by the name of Pauline Evelyn Mullins, and was courios if she might also be a decent of the Mayflower Mullins?

  2. My grandma was Vonnie white(her dad harold floyd white)from champville w.v.a. I traced grandpa to grandpa on macavo right back to peregrine white.born 1620 on the Mayflower.very cool!

  3. How do I access this tree? My ggrandfather, William, was said to have been a descendant of Peregrine White, but I can’t find the documentation to prove or disprove. William was born in Dutchess County, PA (according to maps, Dutchess County is in New York) in 1788. This info came from William’s obituary. Any help will be appreciated.

  4. My grandpa has a our family tree and it shows us as direct descendants! To Gail White, I used and ended up with the same exact tree as my grandfathers. Maybe that will help you

  5. I am also a decendent of Peregrine White! I am related to Ursula White whose father was William White II, brother to Peregrine. I am fascinated with geneology and would be honored to keep up with my distant family. Please contact me if we are related!

    1. My mother’s maiden name was Ursula Marie White, born in South Yarmouth 1927. Her father was Charles H. White and suppose to be descendant of Peregrine, however I cannot find the connection.

  6. I have found out through research completed by my cousin that we are direct descendants of Peregrine. She has a book that she has completed that traces the White family all the way back into England. I live in Charleston, WV.

  7. My 8th great grandfather was Peregrine White. I have confirmation from the Mayflower society. So cool!!!

    1. I am also suppose to be descended from Peregrine, but have been unable to find the connection. I can only definitely trace back to my grandfather Charles H. White from South Yarmouth, MA. There are two other Peregrine Whites buried in a local South Yarmouth Cemetery.

  8. Hi all,
    I’ve found Temperance White on my ancestral tree. Daughter of Daniel White and Abigail Turner. I am having a difficult time pinpointing Temperance’s birth date, ranging from 1748 to 1770. Also, I’m trying to verify that she married Roland Burton Ware…
    Thanks for your help!
    – Rick LeVang….

  9. Rick LeVang –
    You want to work backwards from the known to the unknown.
    Her tombstone states that she was “aged about 73” years old when she died in 1844 – which would give her an estimated birth year of 1771.
    Her husband Roland Burton Ware’s cemetery record is here:

    You will want to focus on the newspaper, probate, church and government records for her parents; their siblings; Temperance and her siblings; and all of their descendants for the next 2-3 generations. By pulling in all of the surviving original records from this time period you will be able to confirm by the evidence gathered if she was in fact a daughter of Daniel and Abigail (Turner) White.

    Note that you need to do this thorough search, beginning with her parents and their siblings – to find the clues, facts that will confirm your family tradition. You want to take this step by step and gather the records to confirm the accuracy of your family’s family tree.


  10. my maiden name was white…I trace back to a Joseph White b. 1807 in Ohio…am curious if I might be descended from Peregrine White. One of my other ancestors was Samuel Fuller, son of Edward and Ann Fuller, also Mayflower ancestors. Any information on Joseph or back further would be appreciated.

    1. Elizabeth- There are many articles about the Peregrine White family in the newspapers and his descendants. The best way to verify if Joseph White is a descended would be to start with what you know about Joseph with marriages, obituaries, family bible or church records they may have said something about him being a descended of Peregrine. It is always best to start with what you know and then go back. I suggest that you research Joseph and see if they have a family tree for him online that connects with Peregrine White.

  11. Temperance Ware, wife of Roland Ware, is not the daughter of Daniel White.

    Please refer to the following website: Read note for Temperance White on page 28 which says that she was unmarried when she died.,+marshfield,+ma&source=bl&ots=yuMQkpoJO_&sig=pLa6kJ5ewa5sqjInzTLRTM5D2cg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjks9K747HXAhUN-lQKHT10BYgQ6AEIOTAE#v=onepage&q=temperance%20white%2C%20marshfield%2C%20ma&f=false

  12. I had been told for years that I was a direct descendant of Peregrine White. My mother’s maiden name was White living in South Yarmouth, MA. Her father’s (my grandfather) name was Charles H. White. He died at the age of 42 in 1940. I have yet to find the connection back to Peregrine White from the Mayflower. However in Pine Grove Cemetery in South Yarmouth there are two Peregrine Whites with the inscription od direct descendant of Peregrine from the Mayflower. I have no family members to contact to try and make this connection, all have passed. Can someone help me with my quest??

  13. Hello. I am related to Peregrine White but didn’t know who he was. My Mom said she heard our family came on the Mayflower but never knew for sure because all Grandparents had passed when children were young.

    1. It is terrific that the old newspapers can help family discover, gather and connect family members across hundreds of years. Here is a link to an earlier posting where you can see a digital copy of his actual obituary notice published in 1704 – in GenealogyBank. See:

      Imagine that – newspapers have survived that span the generations from the Mayflower down to today.


  14. Hi, I’m being told that I am a descendant of Peregrine White. My great, great grandmother was Cecilia E. White, but she was born in St. John’s New Brunswick, Canada, and immigrated to Massachusetts in 1870. Is it noted somewhere if Peregrine had descendants that went to Canada and then came back to the U.S.? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

  15. A good way to find out if you are a descendant of Peregrine White is to start with what you know about Cecilia E. White. Start with what you already know and move to the unknown. Does Cecilia E. White have a family tree chart? If you don’t have a family tree chart, I would suggest that you try Googling Cecilia E. White to see if you can find a family tree online. Searching an obituary also may have information about whether she is a descendant of Peregrine White.

  16. i have the same story – my great grandmother had a lineage done back in her day – supposed to have gone from Perigrine White to her sister. My ggrama’s parents were Charles Levy Hathaway b 1851 and Alice Daniels B 1857. There is supposed to be a book in Massachusetts library somewhere.

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