Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes from 19th Century America

Americans have been gathering together as family and friends for centuries to celebrate Thanksgiving: a holiday tradition of giving thanks, enjoying each other’s company—and of course eating. Recognizing their readers’ interest in food throughout the holiday season, many newspapers publish Thanksgiving recipes during the month of November.

One handy feature of GenealogyBank’s newspaper archives is that it includes digital, complete copies of the back runs of the nation’s newspapers. Newspapers wrote about all aspects of our ancestors’ lives—including what they liked to eat for their holiday dinner.

The following sections are from an 1892 newspaper article that highlighted the unique regional cuisine in Thanksgiving menus from around America. This historical newspaper article presents many fine traditional recipes from New England and the South.
If you’re a New Englander, how much does your Thanksgiving dinner differ from what was traditional back in 1892?
Here is a classic pumpkin pie and pie crust recipe from this old 1892 newspaper article.

In this historical Thanksgiving newspaper article you will even find the recipe for Southern style gumbo soup.
Find the best Thanksgiving recipes to enjoy with your family this holiday season in the New York Herald (New York City, New York), 20 November 1892, page 14. Go to the full article “Fat Turkeys, Mince Pie and Also Egg Nogg” to read about some of the old traditional Thanksgiving recipes of our American ancestors:

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