Jonathan Wheelock, Revolutionary War Drummer Boy

Continuing my research into Revolutionary War veterans, I recently found the obituary of Jonathan Wheelock, a 16-year-old drummer boy.

An obituary for Jonathan Wheelock, Congregational Journal newspaper article 17 September 1845
Source: GenealogyBank, Congregational Journal (Concord, New Hampshire), 17 September 1845, page 3

According to this obituary:

“He was at the battle of Bunker Hill, at the capture of Burgoyne, and served through the whole of the revolutionary war, occupying the station of drum-major at its close.”

When he died in 1845, he was “85 years and 8 months” old – so that means he was born about 5 January 1760.

According to the article: “He was born at Lancaster or Lempster, Mass.”

So, using the basic facts that I had about him, I looked in to see what more I could learn about this Revolutionary War soldier.

I found a record that seems to be a match:

A screenshot of FamilySearch's search page showing a search for Jonathan Wheelock
Source: FamilySearch

That’s interesting – using FamilySearch’s “View My Relationship” feature, it says that I am related to Jonathan Wheelock.

A screenshot of FamilySearch's relations page showing connections to Jonathan Wheelock
Source: FamilySearch

Armed with his obituary and this record in FamilySearch, I can continue my research to determine the accurate dates, places and other details of Wheelock’s life.

Let’s take a minute and document all of our Revolutionary War kindred.

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3 thoughts on “Jonathan Wheelock, Revolutionary War Drummer Boy

  1. So, you might already have this info, but I was visiting Old North Cemetery in Concord, NH, today visiting the grave site of Franklin Pierce, and I stumbled across the grave of Jonathan Wheelock. He seemed like an interesting guy so I took a picture of the grave and then did some Googling and I came across this post. Sure seems to be the same guy discussed in this post, so in case you don’t have the info already, that is where he is buried, and I’ve uploaded the picture I took at — Hope this is useful info for you!

    1. Thank you Chris!
      Yes, this is his grave.
      I will add your link to his personal page on my online family tree.

      Thank you again for taking the time to find and share this information with us.


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