Handy Genealogy Research Tips

Here are three quick tips to help you research and document your family history. These handy genealogy research tips will help you become more efficient using GenealogyBank.

Genealogy Research Tip 1: How to Print Newspaper Articles

GenealogyBank makes it easy to print out any of its newspaper articles using the site’s printing tools. Read this article to learn how to print newspaper articles.

Genealogy Research Tip 2: How to Browse a Specific Issue of a Newspaper

Sometimes when you are doing family history research you just want to go right to a specific newspaper and start searching or browsing through that newspaper. GenealogyBank provides an easy way to do this. Read this article to learn how to search or browse a specific newspaper.

Genealogy Research Tip 3: Having Trouble Finding Your Ancestor? Try Searching Using Only the First Name

Yes—try it. If you’re not finding your ancestor using a surname search, try searching GenealogyBank’s archives by only using your ancestor’s first name. This search technique is especially effective when the name of your ancestor is unusual or a less common name. Learn more about searching using only your ancestor’s first name.

screenshot of GenealogyBank's search form and results for first name "Durwood"
Screenshot of GenealogyBank’s search form and results for first name “Durwood”

We hope these quick genealogy research tips help you do better family history research using GenealogyBank.com. Happy ancestor hunting!

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