Finding Military Records for Veterans Day – Part 2

When it comes to military records in GenealogyBank, we often think of the obituaries and articles that appeared in America’s newspapers over the past three centuries.

A montage of Army Registers from GenealogyBank
Source: GenealogyBank

I have written many times about the millions of newspaper articles reporting stories of our military ancestors that have served, from the Colonial wars down to the present.

But wait, there’s more.

Source: GenealogyBank, U.S. Army Register, 1958
Source: GenealogyBank, U.S. Army Register, 1958

GenealogyBank includes the series of Army Registers, Navy Registers, etc., that were published annually from the mid-1800s to modern times.

Each annual Register gives detailed information about the officers who served the nation – with important core facts about their lives: information like their date and place of birth; dates of service; rank advancement; duty stations; and similar information.

I have taken the Official Army Register for 1910 as an example and extracted the basic information for 2,000 of the officers that were serving that year as a Veterans Day tribute to them – and as a reminder to family historians to dig into all of the sources contained in GenealogyBank.

Here is a partial list of those officers – more to come.

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceServiceRegister Page
Bishop, Joel S.11 February 1850Wisconsin15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 178
Bispham, William N.22 May 1875VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 43
Bixby, William H.27 December 1849MassachusettsCorps of Engineers1910. page 75
Black, Hanson B.5 December 1874MarylandSignal Corps1910. page 98
Black, Roger D.18 January 1883New YorkCorps of Engineers1910. page 84
Black, William M.8 December 1855PennsylvaniaCorps of Engineers1910. page 75
Blaine, Robert24 March 1878Iowa10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 159
Blair, Winn28 February 1879Alabama7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 144
Blakely, Charles S.6 November 1880Pennsylvania3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 191
Blanchard, Robert M.4 September 1874MissouriMedical Corps.1910. page 47
Blauvelt, William F.11 May 1851New YorkPay Department1910. page 71
Bliss, Tasker H.31 December 1853PennsylvaniaGeneral Officer1910. page 6
Blocksom, Augustus P.7 November 1854Ohio13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 169
Bloom, Jacob E.21 April 1851OhioSubsistence Department1910. page 31
Bloombergh, Horace D.27 October 1877PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 45
Blunt, Stanhope E.29 September 1850MassachusettsOrdnance Department1910. page 88
Boggs, Frank C.16 March 1874New JerseyCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Boice, Charles H.18 October 1864New York7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 142
Bolles, Frank C.25 September 1872IllinoisQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 25
Bond, Paul S.18 April 1879New YorkCorps of Engineers1910. page 82
Boniface, John J.24 November 1874New York2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 119
Booth, Ewing E.28 February 1870Missouri7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 142
Borden, William B.15 April 1880North CarolinaMedical Department1910. page 68
Bosley, John R.8 November 1876MarylandMedical Department1910. page 50
Boughton, Daniel H.27 August 1858Minnesota5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 132
Bourke, James24 November 1869IrelandMedical Corps.1910. page 47
Bow n, Albert S.28 July 1879IowaMedical Department1910. page 65
Bowdish, Myron B.14 July 1872Pennsylvania7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 144
Bowie, Hamilton26 June 1877Georgia9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 153
Bowley, Albert J.24 November 1875California1st Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 182
Bowman, George T.12 June 1869New York15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 179
Bowman, Madison H.23 November 1865KentuckyMedical Department1910. page 59
Boyd, Carl3 March 1878Vermont3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 126
Boyd, Charles T.29 October 1870Iowa10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 157
Boyer, Perry L.18 November 1877VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 46
Brabson, Joe R.12 June 1884Tennessee3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 191
Bradley, Alfred E.25 November 1864New YorkMedical Department1910. page 37
Brainard, David L.21 December 1856New YorkSubsistence Department1910. page 29
Brander, William W.14 July 1867VirginiaChaplains1910. page 103
Brant, Gerald C.29 June 1880Iowa9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 154
Bratton, Thomas S.10 August 1868South CarolinaMedical Department1910. page 39
Brechemin, Louis, Jr.21 February 1877PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 45
Brechemin, Louis25 May 1852PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 35
Brennan, Neil P.10 November 1873MassachusettsChaplains1910. page 105
Brett, Lloyd M.22 February 1856Maine1st Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 114
Brett, Morgan L.25 January 1881OhioOrdnance Department1910. page 94
Brewer, Charles M.19 December 1877AlabamaChaplains1910. page 104
Brewer, Edwin P.16 April 1854Ohio7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 141
Brewer, Isaac W.3 November 1867KansasMedical Department1910. page 56
Brewster, Alden F.30 July 1877Illinois2nd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 186
Brewster, André W.9 December 1862New JerseyInspector General’s Department1910. page 16
Briand, Christian10 May 1863Denmark15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 180
Bricker, Edwin D.24 November 1875PennsylvaniaOrdnance Department1910. page 91
Briscoe, N. Butler1 April 1885West Virginia1st Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 117
Bristol, Matt C.4 July 1873England3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 125
Broadhurst, Hugh H.14 July 1880North Carolina15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 181
Brodie, Alexander O.13 November 1849New YorkAdjutant General’s Department1910. page 11
Bromwell, Charles S.1 May 1869KentuckyCorps of Engineers1910. page 78
Brooke, George M.17 May 1875Virginia4th Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 194
Brooke, Mark27 August 1876South CarolinaCorps of Engineers1910. page 83
Brooke, Roger, Jr.14 June 1878MarylandMedical Department1910. page 45
Brooke, William22 November 1864PennsylvaniaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 24
Brooks, William H.7 May 1868North CarolinaMedical Department1910. page 44
Brown, Earl I.13 October 1874GeorgiaCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Brown, Henry A.12 May 1864OhioChaplains1910. page 102
Brown, Henry L.17 September 1873IndianaMedical Department1910. page 51
Brown, Ira C.19 October 1861New YorkMedical Department1910. page 55
Brown, John K.13 August 1885Minnesota2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 122
Brown, Levi G.2 August 1879Mississippi12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 168
Brown, Lewis, Jr.11 February 1876Rhode Island7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 143
Brown, Lytle22 November 1872TennesseeCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Brown, Orville G.26 May 1874Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 50
Brown, Polk D.8 September 1875TennesseeMedical Department1910. page 60
Brown, William C.19 December 1854Minnesota3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 123
Brown, Wilmont E.1 June 1873OhioMedical Department1910. page 60
Browne, Rhodric W.15 October 1872MassachusettsMedical Department1910. page 64
Browning, William S.5 July 1877New York1st Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 183
Brownlee, Charles Y.19 August 1867LouisianaMedical Department1910. page 44
Bruff, Lawrence L.14 October 1851MarylandOrdnance Department1910. page 88
Brush, Daniel H.9 May 1848IllinoisGeneral Officer1910. page 8
Bryan, Ray W.19 July 1876IndianaMedical Department1910. page 52
Bryson, James H.29 October 1875Georgia4th Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 194
Buchan, Fred E.5 October 1873Kansas9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 152
Buchanan, Edmund A.4 September 1877Pennsylvania2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 121
Buck, Carroll D.8 June 1876VermontMedical Department1910. page 44
Bull, Henry T.28 May 1880Pennsylvania13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 172
Bundesen, Herman N.27 April 1882PrussiaMedical Department1910. page 68
Bundy, Omar17 June 1861IndianaInspector General’s Department1910. page 15
Bunker, Charles M.16 October 1869Connecticut4th Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 194
Burch, Bruce L.16 February 1881Alabama14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 177
Burgess, Harry22 February 1872MississippiCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Burket, John A.5 July 1882IowaMedical Department1910. page 64
Burleson, Richard C.29 January 1880TexasOrdnance Department1910. page 93
Burnett, Charles28 October 1877Tennessee4th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 129
Burns, James H.13 September 1885New York1st Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 184
Burr, Edward19 May 1859MissouriCorps of Engineers1910. page 76
Burr, George W.3 December 1865IllinoisOrdnance Department1910. page 89
Burroughs, James M.1 November 1869Texas12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 166
Burt, William H.22 February 1876MassachusettsPay Department1910. page 74
Bushnell, George E.10 September 1853MassachusettsMedical Department1910. page 35
Butler, Matthew C., Jr.1 May 1864South Carolina7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 141
Butler, Rodman26 November 1872Virginia6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 139
Butner, Henry W.6 April 1875North Carolina2nd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 185
Butt, Archibald W.25-SepGeorgiaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 24
Byram, George L.19 January 1862Mississippi6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 136
Byrne, Charles B.28 January 1846MarylandMedical Department1910. page 34
Cabell, De Rosey C.7 July 1861Arkansas1st Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 114
Cabell, Lawrence D.22 August 1874TexasQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 27
Caldwell, Frank M.8 November 1866New York11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 165
Caldwell, Ralph C.27 September 1876Ohio7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 143
Calvert, Edward10 November 1870Kentucky9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 153
Cameron, Francis H., Jr.20 October 1872North Carolina15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 179
Cameron, George H.8 January 1861Illinois14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 173
Camp, Beauford R.7 March 1875Virginia9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 154
Campbell, George F.29 December 1868ScotlandMedical Department1910. page 62
Campbell, Robert M.28 August 1880Maryland12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 168
Campbell, Tilman1 February 1874Arkansas3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 190
Canby, James24 December 1863DelawarePay Department1910. page 71
Cannon, William C.28 October 1860IndianaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Caples, William G.21 August 1878MissouriCorps of Engineers1910. page 82
Card, Daniel P.29 July 1878New YorkMedical Department1910. page 53
Carey, Edward C.20 April 1871New MexicoPay Department1910. page 73
Carr, Daniel J.25 November 1860ConnecticutSignal Corps1910. page 96
Carr, William B.23 October 1884VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 66
Carson, John M., jr26 June 1864PennsylvaniaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 21
Carson, Lawrence S.26 January 1867South Carolina8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 148
Carson, Thomas G.3 July 1871Illinois10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 156
Carswell, Robert L.5 August 1876GeorgiaMedical Department1910. page 48
Carter, Edward Champe7 July 1854VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 36
Carter, Jesse McI12 April 1863Missouri14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 173
Carter, William H.19 November 1851TennesseeGeneral Officer1910. page 6
Carter, William V.30 January 1883Arizona6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 139
Cartmell, Nathaniel M.15 June 1875Virginia10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 158
Casad, Adam F.9 February 1878IndianaOrdnance Department1910. page 93
Case, David B.15 May 1855PennsylvaniaSubsistence Department1910. page 31
Case, Frank L.10 December 1866Ohio4th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 128
Case, Rolland W.26 May 1882MichiganOrdnance Department1910. page 94
Casey, Thomas L.19 February 1857New YorkCorps of Engineers1910. page 75
Casper, Joseph17 January 1880New JerseyMedical Department1910. page 65
Cass, Lewis W.3 November 1871Tennessee12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 167
Casteel, Delphey T. E.17 September 1863Maryland6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 137
Castle, Charles W.21 August 1872MinnesotaPay Department1910. page 73
Castleman, James P.11 February 1877Kentucky10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 159
Castner, Joseph C.18 November 1869New JerseyQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 24
Cathro, Thomas E.1 September 1879Indiana13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 172
Cavanaugh, James B.6 June 1869IllinoisCorps of Engineers1910. page 79
Cavenaugh, Harry La T.8 January 1872Utah10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 157
Chaffee, Adna R., jr23 September 1884Kansas15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 181
Chamberlain, John L.20 January 1858New YorkInspector General’s Department1910. page 14
Chamberlain, Weston P.4 June 1871MaineMedical Department1910. page 40
Chamberlin, Harry B.1 November 1862VermontQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Chandler, Charles de F.24 December 1878OhioSignal Corps1910. page 97
Chandler, Clark P.30 March 1886Minnesota11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 164
Chapin, Frank K.29 January 1884New York9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 154
Chapman, Carleton G.4 June 1886Georgia7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 145
Chapman, Leslie A. I.27 July 1873Wisconsin2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 119
Chase, Alpha M.5 April 1873IllinoisMedical Department1910. page 60
Chase, Chauncey L.22 March 1874IllinoisMedical Department1910. page 63
Chase, Edward R.19 August 1872MaineChaplains1910. page 105
Chase, George F.29 July 1848IllinoisInspector General’s Department1910. page 14
Cheatham, B. Frank20 May 1867TennesseeQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 22
Cheever, Benjamin H.7 June 1850Washington, D.C.3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 123
Cheney, Robert M.29 September 1884Georgia4th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 130
Cheney, Sherwood A.24 August 1873ConnecticutCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Chenoweth, John F.24 November 1869IndianaChaplains1910. page 104
Chittenden, Hiram M.25 October 1858New YorkCorps of Engineers1910. page 77
Chitty, William D.31 May 1871Missouri4th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 128
Chouinard, Horace A.31 December 1872WisconsinChaplains1910. page 105
Christian, John B.30 August 1870Missouri9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 151
Christie, Arthur C.29 December 1879PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 52
Christy, William C.25 November 1885Arizona5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 135
Churchill, Marlborough11 August 1878Massachusetts3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 190
Church, James R.11 October 1866IllinoisMedical Department1910. page 41
Clark, Charles H.29 April 1851MassachusettsOrdnance Department1910. page 88
Clark, Elmer W.29 March 1869PennsylvaniaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 25
Clark, Henry B.15 April 1874WisconsinQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 26
Clark, John A.9 May 1873New JerseyMedical Department1910. page 48
Clark, William F.10 March 1865IndianaPay Department1910. page 73
Clarke, Joseph T.24 October 1862Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 38
Clarke, Walter L.10 March 1863IllinoisSignal Corps1910. page 96
Clayton, Bertram T.19 October 1862AlabamaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Clayton, George R.9 July 1871IowaMedical Department1910. page 60
Clayton, Jere B.19 April 1872PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 40
Clayton, Powell, Jr.30 July 1871Arkansas11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 162
Clem, John L.13 August 1851OhioQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 19
Clemens, Joseph9 December 1862EnglandChaplains1910. page 103
Clifton, Alfred T.26 May 1875Washington, D.C.Signal Corps1910. page 97
Clopton, William H.13 December 1878Missouri13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 171
Coburn, Henry C., Jr.5 August 1879Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 53
Cocke, John8 September 1875New Jersey15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 180
Coffey, Albion M.6 October 1874MissouriMedical Department1910. page 61
Coffin, Jacob M.10 June 1878PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 48
Cohen, Hyman M.25 December 1874New YorkMedical Department1910. page 67
Coiner, Richard T.26 December 1882IowaCorps of Engineers1910. page 87
Cole, Blase21 November 1880New JerseyMedical Department1910. page 68
Cole, Casper W.3 May 1871Maine9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 153
Cole, Henry G.6 May 1869GeorgiaSubsistence Department1910. page 31
Cole, James A.4 November 1861New York6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 136

Here is how I found that annual register. First, on the GenealogyBank home page, select “Government Publications” under the “Collections” tab.

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's home page showing the ability to search on Government Publications
Source: GenealogyBank

Then, on the Government Publications search page, type “official army register for 1910” in the keywords box and hit the search button.

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's search page for the Government Publications collection
Source: GenealogyBank

This brings up the complete Official Army Register for 1910.

Note: the exact title of the Army Registers varied over the years, but the phrase “army register” is the key.

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