Finding Military Records for Veterans Day – Part 1

When it comes to military records in GenealogyBank, we often think of the obituaries and articles that appeared in America’s newspapers over the past three centuries.

Montage: Army Registers from GenealogyBank
Source: GenealogyBank

I have written many times about the millions of newspaper articles reporting stories of our military ancestors that have served, from the Colonial wars down to the present.

But wait, there’s more.

Photo: Army Register from GenealogyBank
Source: GenealogyBank, U.S. Army Register, 1958

GenealogyBank includes the series of Army Registers, Navy Registers, etc., that were published annually from the mid-1800s to modern times.

Each annual Register gives detailed information about the officers who served the nation – with important core facts about their lives: information like their date and place of birth; dates of service; rank advancement; duty stations; and similar information.

I have taken the Official Army Register for 1910 as an example and extracted the basic information for 2,000 of the officers that were serving that year as a Veterans Day tribute to them – and as a reminder to family historians to dig into all of the sources contained in GenealogyBank.

Here is a partial list of those officers – more to come.

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceServiceRegister Page
Abbot, Frederic V.4 March 1858MassachusettsCorps of Engineers1910. page 75
Abbott, James E.16 August 1872MarylandSignal Corps1910. page 99
Acher, Albert H.6 June 1885PennsylvaniaCorps of Engineers1910. page 87
Adair, George F.14 April 1878TexasMedical Department1910. page 60
Adair, Henry R.13 April 1882Oregon10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 159
Adams, Edward M.22 October 1877MichiganCorps of Engineers1910. page 81
Adams, Lewis M.22 May 1882PennsylvaniaCorps of Engineers1910. page 84
Adams, Paul A.24 August 1875MassachusettsMedical Department1910. page 69
Adams, Sterling P.24 January 1866Alabama14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 174
Addis, Emmett28 February 1879Connecticut10th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 159
Ainsworth, Fred C.11 September 1852VermontAdjutant General’s Department1910. page 10
Aleshire, James B.31 October 1856OhioQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 19
Aleshire, Olan C.25 June 1878Illinois12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 168
Alexander, Roger G.1 August 1883MissouriCorps of Engineers1910. page 86
Allen, Charles M.29 December 1880OhioOrdnance Department1910. page 92
Allen, Henry T.13 April 1859Kentucky8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 146
Allen, James13 February 1849IndianaSignal Corps1910. page 95
Allen, John H.20 October 1873TennesseeMedical Department1910. page 44
Allen, William H.10 June 1885Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 66
Allison, James N.4 September 1848KentuckySubsistence Department1910. page 29
Altstaetter, Fred’k W.11 December 1875OhioCorps of Engineers1910. page 80
Alvord, Benjamin15 May 1860WashingtonAdjutant General’s Department1910. page 11
Ames, Thales L.19 September 1869WisconsinOrdnance Department1910. page 91
Amory, Charles B., Jr.5 March 1882Louisiana9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 154
Amos, Frank P.19 June 1875Wisconsin11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 162
Anderson, Alvord Van P.10 April 1872New York6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 137
Anderson, Edward31 May 1864VirginiaSubsistence Department1910. page 32
Anderson, Edward D.22 January 1868TennesseePay Department1910. page 73
Anderson, Everett A.27 September 1867KentuckyMedical Department1910. page 61
Anderson, George S.30 September 1849New Jersey9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 151
Anderson, William D. A.6 January 1881VirginiaCorps of Engineers1910. page 84
Anderson, William T.20 August 1859TexasChaplains1910. page 102
Andrews, Frank M.3 February 1884Tennessee8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 150
Andrews, George26 August 1850Rhode IslandAdjutant General’s Department1910. page 10
Andrews, Henry M.13 November 1850New York1st Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 182
Andrews, Lincoln C.21 November 1867Minnesota15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 179
Andrus, Edwin P.17 November 1851New York2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 118
Appel, Aaron H.3 April 1856PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 35
Appel, Daniel M.28 October 1854PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 34
Archer, William M., Jr.6 August 1878VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 63
Ardery, Edward D.12 July 1884NevadaCorps of Engineers1910. page 86
Armstrong, Eugene V.18 December 1882Pennsylvania13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 172
Armstrong, Frank S.18 November 1868Indiana9th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 151
Arnold, Daniel W.11 September 1848OhioQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Arnold, Frederick T.9 October 1871IowaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 26
Arnold, Percy W.22 May 1874New York7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 142
Arnold, Samuel B.6 August 1867New York1st Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 114
Artaud, Frank E.25 January 1869New YorkMedical Department1910. page 56
Arthur, William H.1 April 1856PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 35
Ashburn, James K.11 September 1877OhioMedical Department1910. page 60
Ashburn, Percy M.28 July 1872OhioMedical Department1910. page 41
Ashford, Bailey K.18 September 1873Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 40
Ashford, Mahlon24 March 1881Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 53
Atkisson, Earl J.12 August 1886NebraskaCorps of Engineers1910. page 86
Austin, Fred T.28 December 1866Vermont3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 189
Austin, Thomas C.29 July 1880South CarolinaMedical Department1910. page 65
Austin, William A.6 December 1870Ohio4th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 129
Averill, Nathan K.23 October 1872Michigan7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 142
Axton, John T.28 July 1870UtahChaplains1910. page 104
Aydelotte, John T.28 August 1884MarylandMedical Department1910. page 66
Babbitt, Edwin B.26 July 1862New YorkOrdnance Department1910. page 89
Babcock, Walter C.16 August 1870Massachusetts13th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 170
Bach, Christian A.3 December 1870Minnesota7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 143
Bader, Albert J.24 September 1859New YorkChaplains1910. page 103
Baer, Joseph A.29 April 1878Pennsylvania6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 137
Bailey, Edward23 September 1862IndianaMedical Department1910. page 58
Bailey, George F.24 July 1871Massachusetts2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 120
Bailey, George G.14 March 1861New YorkQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 22
Bain, Jarvis J.2 May 1880IndianaCorps of Engineers1910. page 85
Baird, George H.23 November 1876Kansas11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 163
Baird, Henry W.13 August 1881Maryland5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 135
Baker, Charles L.16 February 1872West VirginiaMedical Department1910. page 58
Baker, Charles T.27 October 1870South CarolinaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Baker, David22 August 1871IllinoisMedical Department1910. page 41
Baker, Frank29 October 1849MassachusettsOrdnance Department1910. page 88
Baker, Frank C.9 November 1877Washington, D.C.Medical Department1910. page 43
Baker, Jesse M.1 March 1856PennsylvaniaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 23
Baker, Scott1 December 1881Indiana2nd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 187
Ball, Louis R.14 January 1875Ohio6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 137
Ballard, James C.17 January 1866MississippiMedical Department1910. page 63
Bamberger, Raymond S.29 October 1877Kentucky2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 121
Bane, Thurman H.12 June 1884California14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 177
Banister, John M.17 August 1854AlabamaMedical Department1910. page 35
Banister, William B.14 October 1861AlabamaMedical Department1910. page 37
Banta, William P.17 November 1873KentuckyMedical Department1910. page 49
Barber, Alvin B.19 May 1883OregonCorps of Engineers1910. page 85
Barber, John R.26 February 1878OregonMedical Department1910. page 52
Barden, William J.9 September 1870ConnecticutCorps of Engineers1910. page 79
Barnard, Joseph H.11 January 1877Illinois5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 134
Barnes, Joseph F.15 September 1878Washington, D.C.2nd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 186
Barney, Charles N.19 August 1872OhioMedical Department1910. page 44
Barney, Frederick M.13 April 1863New YorkMedical Department1910. page 57
Barney, James P.1 April 1875Ohio8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 148
Barnhardt, George C.28 December 1868North Carolina15th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 178
Barnum, Malvern-Hill3 September 1863New York8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 146
Barriger, William S.9 December 1875Nebraska8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 149
Barroll, Morris K.31 December 1865MarylandPay Department1910. page 71
Barry, John A.27 January 1880Tennessee2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 121
Barry, Thomas H.13 October 1855New YorkGeneral Officer1910. page 6
Bartlett, Cosam J.4 May 1874CaliforniaMedical Department1910. page 46
Bartlett, William K.28 March 1878New YorkMedical Department1910. page 52
Barton, Frank A.23 July 1869Washington, D.C.3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 123
Barton, Robert M.14 July 1877Tennessee5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 134
Bastlon, Joseph E.27 March 1883MassachusettsMedical Department1910. page 63
Bateman, Cephas C.16 May 1857MichiganChaplains1910. page 102
Bateman, Harold H.30 September 1887California1st Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 184
Bayley, Edmund W.2 December 1875MassachusettsMedical Department1910. page 62
Bayly, Rozier C.18 August 1881ItalyMedical Department1910. page 55
Beach, Francis H.4 April 1864New York7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 141
Beach, Lansing H.18 June 1860IowaCorps of Engineers1910. page 76
Beach, William D.18 June 1856New York11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 161
Beavers, George W., Jr.31 December 1884New York2nd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 122
Beck, Paul W.1 December 1876TexasSignal Corps1910. page 98
Beck, Robert McC., Jr.9 May 1879Maryland12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 167
Beery, Harry R.29 June 1882OhioMedical Department1910. page 67
Beeuwkes, Henry29 August 1881New JerseyMedical Department1910. page 66
Bejamin, Julian A.21 January 1877Washington, D.C.3rd Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 124
Bell, George, Jr.23 January 1859MarylandInspector General’s Department1910. page 15
Bell, J. Franklin9 January 1856KentuckyGeneral Officer1910. page 5
Bell, James F.9 November 1876PennsylvaniaCorps of Engineers1910. page 83
Bell, Leonard P.30 April 1871IndianaMedical Department1910. page 59
Bell, Ola W.13 May 1871Michigan14th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 174
Bell, Samuel H.15 November 1849North CarolinaChaplains1910. page 102
Bell, Verne R.15 December 1877Michigan1st Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 117
Bell, William H., Jr.3 October 1874Washington11th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 163
Bellinger, John B.15 April 1862South CarolinaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 20
Benét, J. Walker16 July 1857KentuckyOrdnance Department1910. page 89
Benson, Harry C.8 December 1857Ohio5th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 132
Berkeley, Hugh D.13 July 1871VirginiaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 25
Bernard, Thomas P.25 December 1880Nevada7th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 144
Berry, Lucien G.29 November 1863New York3rd Regiment of Field Artillery1910. page 189
Bertsch, William H.5 January 1869MichiganQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 24
Bessell, William W.25 January 1864EnglandSignal Corps1910. page 99
Besson, Frank S.12 May 1886PennsylvaniaCorps of Engineers1910. page 87
Bethel, Walter A.25 November 1866OhioJudge Advocate General’s Department1910. page 18
Bethel, Walter A.25 November 1866OhioMilitary Academy1910. page 108
Betta, Charles A.7 June 1873MichiganMedical Department1910. page 64
Bevans, James L.29 April 1869WisconsinMedical Department1910. page 46
Bickham, Abraham S.28 August 1860OhioQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 22
Biddle, David H.3 September 1867New Jersey6th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 138
Biddle, John2 February 1859MichiganCorps of Engineers1910. page 76
Biegler, George W.31 May 1868Indiana12th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 167
Bierbower, Henry C.10 May 1874PennsylvaniaMedical Department1910. page 62
Bigelow, Mortimer O.5 November 1870Michigan8th Regiment of Cavalry1910. page 147
Billingslea, Charles C.16 March 1878MarylandMedical Corps.1910. page 47
Bingham, Ernest G.17 July 1876AlabamaMedical Department1910. page 50
Bingham, Gonzalez S.10 October 1857FloridaQuartermaster’s Department1910. page 20
Birmingham, Henry P.15 March 1854New YorkMedical Department1910. page 36
Birnie, Rogers5 April 1851MarylandOrdnance Department1910. page 88


Here is how I found that annual register. First, on the GenealogyBank home page, select “Government Publications” under the “Collections” tab.

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's home page showing the various collections available
Source: GenealogyBank

Then, on the Government Publications search page, type “official army register for 1910” in the keywords box and hit the search button.

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's Government Publications search page showing a search for "Army Register, 1910"
Source: GenealogyBank

This brings up the complete Official Army Register for 1910.

Note: the exact title of the Army Registers varied over the years, but the phrase “army register” is the key.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying and debunking one of the most common myths in genealogy–The Ellis Island Name Change! I found your comment about name changes occurring at the request of the immigrant also interesting. I once knew a gentleman, long since deceased, who emigrated from Hungary during the Revolution in 1956. He knew his surname would be hard for Americans to pronounce, and he wanted a “fresh start”. When he asked the immigration official to suggest a new surname, the reply was, “Just pick a name at random.” And so, he became George RANDOM. He had no family, and, alas, probably no one will ever search for him.

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