Christina Applegate Finds Family with GenealogyBank on WDYTYA

Genealogists are relying on newspaper archives more and more to document the stories of their ancestors and trace their family trees. In last night’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? American actress Christina Applegate used an old article found in GenealogyBank’s Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser (Trenton, New Jersey), 26 August 1934, to learn more about her family history. Notice the family resemblance with her grandmother and great-aunt: Lavina and Delilah Shaw.

collage of a photo of American actress Christina Applegate and a newspaper clipping of her ancestors
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Dig into GenealogyBank’s newspaper archives and see what you can find out about your ancestry now!

Disclaimer: GenealogyBank is not affiliated with TLC TV Network or the Who Do You Think You Are? television program.

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2 thoughts on “Christina Applegate Finds Family with GenealogyBank on WDYTYA

  1. Hello, I thought you’d be interested in this finding that came about from the show. I started my account last night while looking for the newspaper article, and I found it! So exciting. Found the article with the whole picture! This is my facebook post of what happened last night and what we saw on the show:
    My cousin posted the following on her facebook page- Christina Applegate comes to Trenton to find information about her grandmother. She goes to the Trenton Library and looks at The Times newspaper from August 26, 1934 and she sees a picture of her grandmother. On that same page my mom noticed there was a picture of her brothers and sister. How weird is that? We now have to research to find out why their picture was in the paper that day.
    Here is how this picture relates to me- The picture here is my Dad who passed away in 2003 and my Aunt who passed away in 2002. Their other 2 brothers are in the picture but can’t be seen on the shot on TV. My Mom and my Aunt (who wasn’t born yet to be in the picture with her siblings) have a copy of the picture. I think it is amazing my Aunt was able to recognize the picture! Just thought I’d share this cool story.

  2. That’s terrific Nancy. Glad that GenealogyBank’s deep newspaper archives was there for you too.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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