What Family History Tools Do You Want to See in the Future?

#RootsTech 2018 was a time to see the cutting-edge new tools in family history and to think about what the future might hold.

Photo: crystal ball
Photo: crystal ball. Source: Forbes.

If you were asked: “What new family history tools would you like to see become standard in the next 10 years?” how would you reply?

Would you want to see DNA testing go global, common, and incorporated into online family tree services like Ancestry or FamilySearch?

Would you want to see Facebook, Linked-In or Instagram automatically synced with online family tree sites so that all of those postings – complete with names; birth, marriage and death dates; relationships; and millions of family photos – are streamed live into online family trees in real time?

Would you want to see an easy button where you could plug in any two people and see how you’re both related? See how you’re related to your neighbor, a popular author, your governor? The possibilities are endless.

Tell us what family history online tools you’d like to see in the next 10 years.

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