Using Obituary Clues: Are You Related?

Opening the newspaper the other day, I read an obituary and thought: I don’t know him – but he is likely my relative.

An obitury for Robert Chase, Laconia Daily Sun newspaper article 23 August 2019
Source: Laconia Daily Sun (Laconia, New Hampshire) 23 August 2019, page 14

To find out, I went online and found other records for him and his parents. Checking my family tree and looking deeper in GenealogyBank, I was able to use census records, obituaries and newspaper articles, as well as other sources, to construct that part of our tree.

In minutes I was able to see how we are both related.

Photo: a family tree for Robert Chase
Source: FamilySearch

Genealogy Tip: With the power of online newspapers, census and other records today, it is possible to discover cousins you have never met.

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