Southern California Genealogical Society’s Successful 2012 Jamboree

The Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) just completed another very successful Jamboree in Burbank, California, this month.

Over 1,700 genealogists jammed the genealogy classes, presentations and the exhibit hall for the past four days.

Our own in-house genealogist, Tom Kemp, spoke at three sessions during the SCGS Jamboree. His Friday Genealogy Jamboree talk (“Newspapers: Finding the Details about Your Family”) was so popular that a large crowd wanting to get into the two-room lecture hall had to be turned away. Seeing this large interest in Tom’s talk, the SCGS conference organizers then arranged for an additional session and he repeated the program on Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday he gave an early morning pep talk: “GenealogyBank Quick Tips.”

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4 thoughts on “Southern California Genealogical Society’s Successful 2012 Jamboree

  1. I thought Tom's presentation was the most helpful that I attended this year. I have subscribed to Genealogy Bank for a couple years; but had never really taken advantage of all it had to offer. Using Tom's tips yesterday, I was able to retrieve over 10 very interesting documents about my ancestors. Not the one's that broke through my 2 brick walls (unfortunately); but still very helpful and interesting documents….. Del Ritchhaart

  2. I go back and forth between here and GenealogyBank on facebook – but still can't find the link to download the presentation.

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