Irish Trivia Quiz – Test Your Ireland IQ

16 thoughts on “Irish Trivia Quiz – Test Your Ireland IQ

  1. My grandmothers great grandparents both came from Ireland. I have been to visit Ireland and want to go back to find some of the relatives if possible.

  2. I got close–only missed two questions. I’ve also been to Ireland and would love to go back. It was very hard to come home. Just wasn’t enough time to take it all in.

    1. You have to go back to Ireland time after time and then , even tho’ you think you have visited every nook and cranny ,you’ll find there is always something you’ve missed. The greatest pleasure for us when visiting Ireland is the wonderful people. You are always made one of them, regardless of the spelling of your name or religion.I’m glad my ancestors came from Erin so I always feel at home.

  3. An interesting quiz, but it seemed to be aimed specifically at Irish-Americans, rather than to all members of the Irish diaspora. They may represent the largest single group, but those of us in the U.K., Australia, Canada, etc… like to feel included as well.

    1. I, a Canadian, didn’t feel like an outsider at all. In fact, I scored 70 %. I should have done better as I pride myself on being quite a knowledgeable Irish historian. I so love the country of my ancestors.

  4. Fun quiz. My only wrong answer was naming MA. as the first state to have a St. Patrick’s Day parade. I have very strong Irish roots on both sides of my parent’s families. All 4 of my Dad’s grandparents wete Irish immigrants. My Mother’s great-grandparents were also Irish immigrants. The furthest back I’ve been able to go is the late 1700’s to find parents of Patrick Levins in County Louth. Record-keeping seems to be pretty slim pickings any earlier than the 1800’s. Suggestions?

  5. All four of my Irish Great-grandparents went from Ireland to England (Newcastle area), where they spent 20-40 years before they emigrated to the US. I’d love any help on how to pinpoint their Irish counties by using British records. I’ve done all the British censuses, etc.

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