Genealogy Research with Legal Notices in Newspapers

Newspapers have long been the way that official notices of court actions, legal matters and other announcements have been communicated to the public, and researching these legal notices can help you learn more about your ancestors and fill in details on your family tree.

This blog post highlights some of the past articles we’ve published on the GenealogyBank Blog about researching legal notices in newspapers. Just click on the title of any article that interests you to read the full blog post.

divorce notices, Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper article 22 May 1914
Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 22 May 1914, page 16
screenshot of a GenealogyBank search results page showing sample “Legal/Probate/Court” records
GenealogyBank search results page showing sample “Legal/Probate/Court” records
name change notice for Max Kaplansky, Daily People newspaper article 25 September 1901
Daily People (New York, New York), 25 September 1901, page 1

How to Find Your Ancestor’s Divorce Records in the Newspaper

divorce notices, St. Louis Republic newspaper article 25 June 1889
St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, Missouri), 25 June 1889, page 12
land sale notice by Artemas Bryant, Barre Gazette newspaper article 13 February 1857
Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts), 13 February 1857, page 3
article about Latin terms, Springfield Union newspaper article 5 May 1977
Springfield Union (Springfield, Massachusetts), 5 May 1977, page 19

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