Documenting Mayflower Descendants for the 400th Anniversary (1620-2020)

I found another Mayflower descendant this week: Merton Chesleigh Lane (1893-1975), formerly of Tacoma, Washington. He wasn’t in the large online family tree sites – but he is now.

An article about Mayflower descendant Merton Chesleigh Lane, Seattle Daily Times newspaper article 19 November 1961
Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, Washington), 19 November 1961, page S-3

I spotted him because he was interviewed in the Seattle Daily Times when he was “recently elected governor of the state (Mayflower) society.”

The article noted that he was the “tenth (generation) from John Alden and Thomas Rogers and ninth from William Bradford, William Brewster, Edward Doty, George Soule, Richard Warren, Edward Winslow and William White.”

Great – that makes us related via almost all of these Mayflower passengers. With that information I added him to my online family trees and began the process of reconfirming and documenting his multiple lineages back to the Mayflower.

Are you doing your part?

Pay it forward and take the time to search for Mayflower descendants in GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives and document your discoveries in your online family tree sites. My goal is to document as many Mayflower descendants as possible in preparation for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower in 1620.

I want to make it easy for all genealogists to discover their Mayflower roots – and GenealogyBank is helping me do just that.

Tell us what Mayflower lines you have documented using GenealogyBank.

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9 thoughts on “Documenting Mayflower Descendants for the 400th Anniversary (1620-2020)

  1. I am descended from Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins through his daughter, Constance, who married Nicholas Snow.

    Gayle Thorpe Baar
    Scranton, PA

    1. Hi Cousin Gayle,
      I am also a direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins through Constance and Nicholas Snow. I have my certificate from the Mayflower Descendants Society in Plymouth, MA confirming it.

      Ginny Kraus
      Brockton, MA

      1. So am I! My sister recently found this out while researching our family genealogy! Funny thing is, I read as a kid and still have the book “Constance” that was written about Constance Hopkins life on board the ship and and those first years in Plymouth, who would have know she was an ancestor!!

    1. Matthew- Start with the most recent ancestor that you can document and work back. Find sources that prove your connection with marriage, birth, death, probate records, estate records and similar documents. There are books available and you can check with your library on the subject as well as going to their website for the Mayflower association

  2. Matthew

    I found my Mayflower Descendants by going to my local Mayflower Descendants Library (I am fortunate to live about 40 miles from Plymouth, MA) and gave them about 6 or 7 husband and wife combinations which I thought might be possible descendants. They put the names into their database and I got hits to Mayflower passengers on all 7 couples. I am direct descendants to 15 Mayflower Passengers. 10 on my father’s side and 5 on my mother’s side. If you do not live near a Mayflower Descendants Society Library you can get a subscription to New England Historical & Genealogical Society in Boston, MA. They have just formed a partnership with the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants and are putting Mayflower records online on their website Check it out… Good Luck !!

    Ginny Kraus

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