Utah Archives: 83 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Utah, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online UT newspaper archives: 83 titles to help you search your family history in the “Beehive State,” providing coverage from 1851 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online Utah newspaper archives!

Photo: sunset at Delicate Arch (Arches National Park, Utah). Credit: Palacemusic; Wikimedia Commons.
Photo: sunset at Delicate Arch (Arches National Park, Utah). Credit: Palacemusic; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from Utah in these newspapers. Our UT newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search Utah Newspaper Archives (1851 – 1945)

Search Utah Obituaries (1988 – Today)

Illustration: Utah state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Illustration: Utah state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the complete list of Utah newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The UT newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
American ForkAmerican Fork citizen01/03/1914 – 12/30/1922284Newspaper Archives
American ForkCitizen08/11/1906 – 08/31/191219Newspaper Archives
BeaverBeaver Enterprise08/31/1876 – 08/31/18761Newspaper Archives
BountifulDavis County Clipper03/09/2006 – 12/04/2020Obituaries
Castle DaleEmery County Progress11/27/2001 – CurrentObituaries
Cedar CityIron County news12/06/1890 – 03/14/189110Newspaper Archives
Cedar CityIron County record01/09/1903 – 12/29/1922803Newspaper Archives
CoalvilleCoalville times07/20/1894 – 09/06/1912816Newspaper Archives
FillmoreDeseret News05/05/1858 – 09/01/185818Newspaper Archives
GarlandGarland globe02/10/1906 – 02/04/1911256Newspaper Archives
GarlandGarland City globe10/25/1917 – 09/06/191921Newspaper Archives
LehiLehi banner06/12/1891 – 12/26/1914737Newspaper Archives
LehiLehi sun12/29/1915 – 12/28/1922126Newspaper Archives
LoganHerald Journal03/01/1999 – CurrentObituaries
LoganLogan Republican09/10/1902 – 12/31/19212313Newspaper Archives
MantiHome Sentinel09/07/1886 – 11/05/188610Newspaper Archives
MercurMercur miner01/06/1904 – 02/12/190836Newspaper Archives
OgdenHilltop Times: Hill Air Force Base10/18/2007 – 04/18/2019Obituaries
OgdenStandard-Examiner05/22/2001 – CurrentObituaries
OgdenOgden Junction03/12/1870 – 08/19/187658Newspaper Archives
OgdenEvening standard01/02/1909 – 12/31/19224112Newspaper Archives
OgdenMorning examiner01/03/1909 – 12/04/191058Newspaper Archives
OgdenDaily Ogden Junction05/14/1874 – 07/07/188057Newspaper Archives
OgdenOgden Freeman09/01/1876 – 04/19/18782Newspaper Archives
OgdenStandard-Examiner: Blogs05/22/2010 – 08/26/2013Obituaries
Park CityPark Record09/10/2003 – CurrentObituaries
PriceSun Advocate08/02/2001 – CurrentObituaries
PriceEastern Utah advocate08/01/1912 – 05/28/1915141Newspaper Archives
PriceSun06/04/1915 – 01/07/1921248Newspaper Archives
PriceETV News02/18/2011 – CurrentObituaries
ProvoDaily Herald02/27/2001 – CurrentObituaries
ProvoDaily Herald08/31/1898 – 02/23/1909142Newspaper Archives
ProvoDeseret farmer07/11/1908 – 07/17/190946Newspaper Archives
ProvoEvening dispatch01/02/1894 – 12/10/1895564Newspaper Archives
ProvoUtah Enquirer11/10/1885 – 05/21/18862Newspaper Archives
RichfieldRichfield Reaper08/18/2005 – CurrentObituaries
RooseveltUintah Basin Standard07/24/2006 – CurrentObituaries
Saint GeorgeSt George union01/01/1881 – 06/01/188211Newspaper Archives
Saint GeorgeUnion12/12/1882 – 05/19/1898133Newspaper Archives
Saint GeorgeUnion06/14/1878 – 11/02/187810Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityDeseret News01/30/1988 – CurrentObituaries
Salt Lake CityIntermountain Catholic10/05/2007 – CurrentObituaries
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Weekly06/11/2007 – CurrentObituaries
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Tribune09/26/1990 – CurrentObituaries
Salt Lake CityBikuben10/02/1879 – 09/24/1885257Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityBroad Ax08/31/1895 – 06/06/1899197Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityDeseret Evening News07/06/1868 – 09/19/19216698Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityDeseret News01/11/1851 – 12/29/1886587Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityInter-Mountain Advocate12/14/1894 – 04/30/1897120Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityKirk Anderson’s Valley Tan12/03/1858 – 01/25/186023Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityMountaineer10/29/1859 – 10/29/18591Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Beobachter04/06/1930 – 04/06/19301Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Daily Telegraph01/12/1866 – 07/03/1868757Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Herald09/24/1872 – 12/25/188773Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Telegram01/30/1902 – 12/31/19226738Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Tribune01/15/1870 – 12/28/1893824Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Tribune02/08/1874 – 04/05/19143826Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySemi-Weekly Telegraph12/19/1864 – 10/04/1866148Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake herald01/01/1880 – 08/13/19099939Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityGoodwin’s weekly :05/17/1902 – 06/07/1919894Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityInter-mountain farmer12/02/1902 – 01/08/19036Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityInter-mountain farmer and ranchman02/11/1902 – 11/25/190240Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityIntermountain Catholic10/07/1899 – 12/31/1910491Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityMountaineer08/27/1859 – 07/20/1861104Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake evening Democrat03/02/1885 – 05/18/1887559Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake herald-Republican08/14/1909 – 12/31/1910468Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityTruth01/07/1905 – 11/07/1908205Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityDeseret Semi-weekly News06/07/1870 – 09/30/18762Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityKorrespondenten11/18/1891 – 11/09/189252Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Daily Reporter06/18/1868 – 06/18/18681Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Daily Review11/24/1871 – 12/09/18714Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Semi-weekly Herald10/28/1876 – 10/28/18761Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Weekly Herald06/08/1882 – 07/06/18822Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityUtah Evening Mail06/16/1876 – 06/16/18761Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityUtah Skandinav07/29/1876 – 07/29/18761Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityUtah Weekly Miner07/24/1876 – 07/24/18761Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityWoman’s Exponent08/01/1877 – 09/01/18842Newspaper Archives
Salt Lake CityFOX – 13 KSTU01/19/2012 – CurrentObituaries
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Weekly: Blogs07/13/2010 – 03/29/2020Obituaries
Spanish ForkSpanish Fork press07/12/1895 – 12/29/1910297Newspaper Archives
TopazTopaz Times09/17/1942 – 08/31/1945422Newspaper Archives
TremontonLeader07/17/2019 – CurrentObituaries
VernalVernal Express05/19/2010 – CurrentObituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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Note on the header image: Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah. Credit: Jkinsocal; Wikimedia Commons.

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