RootsTech Presentation Download: Newspapers for Genealogists

Wow—over 4,000 genealogists attended this year’s RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City last week. This must-attend conference was a nonstop opportunity to learn about the latest genealogy technology and to talk shop with like-minded genealogists from around the country. I have been attending genealogy conferences for nearly 50 years and RootsTech 2012 was the best ever. Plan now to attend the next RootsTech conference, on March 21-23, 2013!

GenealogyBank was there in force, with seven reps from our Team on-site to meet our members and explore their ideas, “wow” finds, and suggestions for GenealogyBank as we move into 2012.

At the RootsTech 2012 conference, I gave a presentation on searching newspapers for your family history that was well attended and very well received. If you were unable to attend my presentation at the conference in person, you can download a free copy of the PowerPoint slides I used, entitled “Newspapers for Genealogists: Document Every Day of Your Ancestors’ Lives” by clicking the Facebook “Like” button below:

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Newspapers for Genealogists: Document Every Day of Your Ancestors’ Lives | GenealogyBank 2012 RootsTech Presentation
Newspapers for Genealogists: Document Every Day of Your Ancestors’ Lives | GenealogyBank 2012 RootsTech Presentation

Download the RootsTech presentation and read through this effective overview of GenealogyBank, with plenty of search tips and strategies for using the terrific genealogical resources provided by our historical newspaper archives.


16 thoughts on “RootsTech Presentation Download: Newspapers for Genealogists

    1. Hi Janice. Thank you for alerting us to the issues you are experiencing when you attempt to download our PowerPoint presentation from the RootsTech 2012 conference.

      Click on the Facebook "Like" button in the blue region directly under the text "Click Like to Download Our Newspapers for Genealogists PPT from RootsTech!" within the content of blog post.

      Here is an image of where the "Like" button you should click on to download the PPT appears on the page for your reference:

      If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be served a pop-up window prompting you to login. You will need to login to Facebook for your download to begin. If you are already logged in to Facebook then your download should begin immediately.

      Also, note that if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser you may receive a warning message highlighted in yellow at the top of your browser window that indicates IE has blocked the download for your security. In the event that you receive this message you will need to allow the download.

      Please let us know if you experience anymore issues downloading the presentation and we will be glad to provide further support via email.

      1. RootsTech announced that feeutron of its popular sessions will be broadcasted live and complimentary over the Internet. Sandra’s presentation Genealogists Go Mobile is one of these live presentations. Congratulations! Can’t wait to watch you. Interested viewers can watch the live presentations at Details on how to watch are pending and will be posted to the RootsTech website.

  1. I had facebook open, clicked on the link and have received no download. Interesting, perhaps having to do with Mozilla?

  2. I'm running 10.1. I do have to tell you that when I closed my previous link after clicking on the like, and went back to it, the Like Button was no longer available to me, which I thought was interesting. I even tried opening Adobe to see if that would facilitate any action. Nothing. So, like Janice said below…I am not that dumb, but I am missing something.

  3. Yes, it did and thank you ever so much. Please let me add here that I love GenealogyBank and old newspapers. Thank you for this presentation and all of the newspapers.

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