Montana Archives: 150 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Montana, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online MT newspaper archives: 150 titles to help you search your family history in the “Big Sky Country,” providing coverage from 1864 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online Montana newspaper archives!

Photo: Lower Saint Mary Lake, looking into the Saint Mary Valley in Glacier National Park, Montana. Credit: Acroterion; Wikimedia Commons.
Photo: Lower Saint Mary Lake, looking into the Saint Mary Valley in Glacier National Park, Montana. Credit: Acroterion; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from Montana in these newspapers. Our MT newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search Montana Newspaper Archives (1864 – 1963)

Search Montana Obituaries (1996 – Today)

Illustration: Montana state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Illustration: Montana state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the complete list of Montana newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The MT newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
AnacondaAnaconda Standard01/02/1898 – 12/31/19228902Newspaper Archives
AnacondaAnaconda Weekly Review05/10/1884 – 05/10/18841Newspaper Archives
AnacondaAnaconda Standard09/04/1889 – 12/31/18993664Newspaper Archives
BelgradeBelgrade News06/01/2004 – CurrentObituaries
BeltBelt Valley times10/13/1921 – 12/30/1926273Newspaper Archives
Big ArmBig Arm graphic01/03/1912 – 09/15/1915189Newspaper Archives
Big ForkWest Shore News03/24/2009 – 02/13/2013Obituaries
Big TimberBig Timber Pioneer01/05/2023 – CurrentObituaries
BigforkBigfork Eagle07/16/2004 – CurrentObituaries
BillingsBillings Gazette10/02/2009 – CurrentObituaries
BillingsBillings Outpost07/07/2010 – 01/25/2016Obituaries
BillingsLast Best News03/05/2014 – 07/06/2017Obituaries
BillingsBillings gazette01/03/1899 – 12/31/19091048Newspaper Archives
BillingsBillings herald06/01/1882 – 05/02/1885153Newspaper Archives
BillingsDaily gazette07/01/1894 – 07/01/18941Newspaper Archives
BillingsMagic City Magazine07/21/2017 – 07/21/2017Obituaries
BozemanBozeman Daily Chronicle06/04/1996 – CurrentObituaries
BozemanAvant courier09/13/1871 – 12/25/1879410Newspaper Archives
BozemanBozeman weekly chronicle02/07/1883 – 12/26/1888270Newspaper Archives
BozemanBozeman Daily Chronicle: Blogs05/21/2017 – 09/15/2017Obituaries
BozemanBozeman Avant Courier07/07/1876 – 02/02/18822Newspaper Archives
BozemanBozeman Times09/21/1876 – 09/21/18761Newspaper Archives
BozemanNew Issue01/02/1891 – 01/02/18911Newspaper Archives
BozemanBozeman courier01/05/1921 – 12/30/1927349Newspaper Archives
BroadusBroadus independent04/10/1919 – 05/08/19195Newspaper Archives
BroadusPowder River County examiner and the Broadus independent05/31/1919 – 11/17/1922175Newspaper Archives
BrowningGlacier Reporter02/12/1999 – CurrentObituaries
BrowningBrowning chief01/03/1941 – 08/14/1953654Newspaper Archives
BrowningGlacier County chief04/06/1934 – 12/27/1940298Newspaper Archives
BrowningBrowning review06/23/1922 – 02/27/1925118Newspaper Archives
BrowningGlacier reporter08/21/1953 – 12/26/1963538Newspaper Archives
ButteButte Miner11/08/1881 – 12/19/18972Newspaper Archives
ButteButte Weekly Miner06/15/1876 – 05/23/1901285Newspaper Archives
ButteButte Weekly05/10/2017 – 06/20/2018Obituaries
ButteButte daily miner01/01/1882 – 01/01/18894Newspaper Archives
ButteButte inter mountain01/02/1899 – 12/31/19031500Newspaper Archives
ButteButte semi-weekly miner06/10/1879 – 12/28/1889923Newspaper Archives
ButteNew age05/30/1902 – 02/07/190332Newspaper Archives
ButteMontana Standard01/05/2000 – CurrentObituaries
ButteButte daily bulletin01/16/1919 – 12/31/1920535Newspaper Archives
ButteButte daily post01/01/1917 – 12/31/1917312Newspaper Archives
ButteDaily Inter Mountain04/09/1887 – 07/21/188738Newspaper Archives
Columbia FallsHungry Horse News07/13/2004 – CurrentObituaries
ColumbusStillwater County News01/19/2023 – CurrentObituaries
CulbertsonSearchlight01/01/1909 – 12/27/1912200Newspaper Archives
Cut BankCut Bank Pioneer Press02/12/1999 – CurrentObituaries
Cut BankCut Bank pioneer press12/16/1910 – 04/27/1917172Newspaper Archives
Deer LodgeNew Northwest04/11/1874 – 09/29/187613Newspaper Archives
Deer LodgeNew North-west07/09/1869 – 04/30/18971372Newspaper Archives
DillonDillon tribune02/19/1881 – 12/09/1887341Newspaper Archives
DillonDillon Tribune02/15/2023 – CurrentObituaries
DupuyerDupuyer acantha09/15/1894 – 12/26/1901373Newspaper Archives
EkalakaEkalaka eagle04/02/1909 – 12/29/1916369Newspaper Archives
ForsythRosebud County news02/28/1901 – 03/15/1906264Newspaper Archives
ForsythForsyth Independent Press02/02/2023 – CurrentObituaries
Fort BentonRiver Press12/17/1884 – 09/26/188842Newspaper Archives
Fort BentonBenton Record02/01/1875 – 05/10/1884355Newspaper Archives
Fort BentonRiver Press10/27/1880 – 12/30/19141036Newspaper Archives
Fort BentonBenton Record05/19/1876 – 05/19/18761Newspaper Archives
GlasgowGlasgow courier01/01/1915 – 12/27/1945622Newspaper Archives
GlendiveYellowstone monitor01/02/1908 – 12/30/1915410Newspaper Archives
GlendiveGlendive Ranger-Review01/29/2023 – CurrentObituaries
Great FallsMontana Herold06/29/1893 – 07/11/1901361Newspaper Archives
Great FallsPrairie Star01/29/2001 – CurrentObituaries
Great FallsGreat Falls daily tribune05/14/1885 – 12/31/19221548Newspaper Archives
Great FallsGreat Falls leader06/16/1888 – 10/13/188818Newspaper Archives
Great FallsGreat Falls leader10/21/1888 – 12/31/1889344Newspaper Archives
Great FallsGreat Falls tribune05/18/1887 – 12/25/1896673Newspaper Archives
Great FallsMontana leader09/14/1918 – 10/05/19184Newspaper Archives
Great FallsMontana nonpartisan10/19/1918 – 12/20/191946Newspaper Archives
Great FallsMontana oil and mining journal03/28/1931 – 12/28/1946818Newspaper Archives
Great FallsMontana oil journal01/03/1931 – 03/21/193112Newspaper Archives
HamiltonRavalli Republic05/23/2000 – CurrentObituaries
HamiltonWestern news01/03/1900 – 12/30/1910592Newspaper Archives
HardinBig Horn County News02/14/2023 – CurrentObituaries
HardinHardin tribune-herald01/05/1934 – 12/26/19631557Newspaper Archives
HarlowtonHarlowton news02/05/1909 – 01/09/1914245Newspaper Archives
HavreHavre herald07/06/1904 – 10/07/1908219Newspaper Archives
HelenaIndependent Record10/11/2009 – CurrentObituaries
HelenaDaily Rocky Mountain Gazette01/03/1871 – 10/25/1873457Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Daily Herald01/02/1872 – 12/31/18891795Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Independent09/30/1876 – 12/31/19001091Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Weekly Herald11/15/1866 – 12/27/1888788Newspaper Archives
HelenaMontana Herold05/04/1893 – 06/22/18936Newspaper Archives
HelenaMontana Radiator01/27/1866 – 10/13/186611Newspaper Archives
HelenaColored citizen09/03/1894 – 11/05/189410Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Independent01/01/1889 – 12/31/18942114Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Weekly Herald10/27/1870 – 12/26/1889937Newspaper Archives
HelenaMontana news04/27/1904 – 01/04/1912294Newspaper Archives
HelenaMontana plaindealer03/16/1906 – 09/08/1911123Newspaper Archives
HelenaSuffrage daily news09/24/1914 – 11/02/19144Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Journal09/08/1888 – 01/01/1890238Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Weekly Independent08/31/1876 – 08/31/18761Newspaper Archives
HelenaVirginia Tri-weekly Post11/26/1867 – 02/11/18682Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsCamas Hot Springs exchange06/30/1938 – 12/17/19591116Newspaper Archives
InvernessInverness news09/07/1918 – 09/07/19181Newspaper Archives
Judith GapJudith Gap journal12/11/1908 – 12/26/1913263Newspaper Archives
KalispellDaily Inter Lake09/23/2004 – CurrentObituaries
KalispellKalispell bee03/01/1901 – 08/31/1901153Newspaper Archives
KalispellKalispell bee06/15/1900 – 12/29/1903345Newspaper Archives
LaurelLaurel outlook01/05/1944 – 12/27/1950363Newspaper Archives
LaurelLaurel Outlook04/26/2018 – CurrentObituaries
LewistownFergus County argus08/05/1886 – 12/28/19061114Newspaper Archives
LewistownFergus County Democrat08/23/1904 – 12/28/1916631Newspaper Archives
LewistownLewistown News-Argus01/25/2023 – CurrentObituaries
LibbyWestern News08/06/2004 – CurrentObituaries
LibbyLibby herald08/17/1911 – 08/29/1913101Newspaper Archives
LivingstonLivingston enterprise11/01/1884 – 01/01/1900425Newspaper Archives
LivingstonLivingston Enterprise01/11/2023 – CurrentObituaries
MaidenMineral argus08/16/1883 – 07/29/1886146Newspaper Archives
MaltaEnterprise01/22/1908 – 12/28/1916457Newspaper Archives
Miles CityDaily Yellowstone journal10/18/1882 – 01/17/18932982Newspaper Archives
Miles CityYellowstone journal01/18/1893 – 12/31/1894598Newspaper Archives
Miles CityMiles City Star01/17/2023 – CurrentObituaries
MissoulaMissoulian10/02/2009 – CurrentObituaries
MissoulaNewWest09/12/2006 – 03/20/2010Obituaries
MissoulaDaily Missoulian01/01/1909 – 04/30/19182581Newspaper Archives
MissoulaMissoula Independent12/17/1998 – 06/21/2018Obituaries
MissoulaMissoula Gazette12/19/1890 – 12/19/18901Newspaper Archives
MissoulaWeekly Missoulian07/19/1876 – 07/19/18761Newspaper Archives Magazine04/30/2021 – 04/30/2021Obituaries
NeihartNeihart herald05/29/1891 – 01/12/1901490Newspaper Archives
PhilipsburgPhilipsburg mail04/28/1887 – 12/27/1901598Newspaper Archives
PlainsClark Fork Valley Press01/08/2008 – CurrentObituaries
PlainsMineral Independent08/17/2010 – CurrentObituaries
PlentywoodProducers news04/26/1918 – 03/05/1937890Newspaper Archives
PolsonLake County Leader & Advertiser12/03/2008 – CurrentObituaries
PoplarPoplar standard01/07/1943 – 12/27/1963984Newspaper Archives
Red LodgeRed Lodge picket12/21/1889 – 12/26/1902489Newspaper Archives
Red LodgeCarbon County chronicle03/28/1924 – 10/29/192432Newspaper Archives
Red LodgeCarbon County News05/17/2018 – CurrentObituaries
RonanRonan pioneer02/03/1911 – 12/29/19381311Newspaper Archives
RoundupRoundup record04/03/1908 – 12/26/1913299Newspaper Archives
ShelbyShelby Promoter02/12/1999 – CurrentObituaries
SidneySidney Herald01/12/2001 – CurrentObituaries
SidneySidney herald01/06/1955 – 12/25/1963467Newspaper Archives
StanfordJudith Basin Press01/05/2023 – CurrentObituaries
StevensvilleRavalli Republican08/22/1894 – 12/28/1898224Newspaper Archives
Sun RiverSun River sun02/14/1884 – 04/30/188563Newspaper Archives
TerryTerry Tribune01/25/2023 – CurrentObituaries
ValierValierian02/12/1999 – CurrentObituaries
Virginia CityMadisonian01/05/1895 – 12/26/189699Newspaper Archives
Virginia CityMontana post08/27/1864 – 06/11/1869243Newspaper Archives
West YellowstoneWest Yellowstone News11/29/2000 – 09/02/2016Obituaries
White Sulphur SpringsRocky Mountain Husbandman11/25/1875 – 12/25/1884424Newspaper Archives
White Sulphur SpringsRocky Mountain Husbandman01/29/1880 – 08/10/189966Newspaper Archives
WhitefishWhitefish Pilot07/13/2004 – CurrentObituaries
WhitefishWhitefish pilot01/03/1908 – 12/26/1912256Newspaper Archives
WibauxWibaux pioneer01/17/1907 – 12/25/1914398Newspaper Archives
Wolf PointHerald-news01/01/1942 – 12/29/1955727Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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Note on the header image: the Montana State Capitol, Helena, Montana. Credit: Parkerdr; Wikimedia Commons.

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