Genealogy Puzzle to Challenge & Entertain Genealogists Everywhere!

Introduction: In this article, Mary Harrell-Sesniak provides an anagram puzzle of words and terms that can be rearranged to show words and terms familiar to family historians. Mary is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background.

Last week, the GenealogyBank Blog posted my article featuring a number of puzzles that challenged people in earlier days (see: Puzzles That Challenged Our Ancestors). Since that article was well received, I’m following it up with today’s article – this one featuring a puzzle to challenge you! (Rest assured, the answers are provided at the end of this article.) See how many you can get right.

This puzzle consists of a series of anagrams. The Macmillan dictionary defines an anagram as:

A word or phrase that you can make from another word or phrase by putting the letters in a different order. For example, ‘mean’ is an anagram of ‘name.’

Illustration: a girl questioning

Genealogy Term Anagrams

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Each of these is an anagram that can be rearranged to reveal a genealogy term. Hope you have fun!

  1. glee agony
  2. fishy oily mart (2 words)
  3. pep answers
  4. her acres
  5. esquire
  6. eagle sin
  7. bet wise
  8. an escort
  9. tends dance
  10. boar pet
  11. senior agent
  12. nice in heart
  13. my encore
  14. versatile
  15. ripe edge
  16. man user
  17. us coins
  18. was nil
  19. continued atom
  20. bluer ship

Illustration: a boy questioning

So how did you do? Here are the answers to see how many of the 20 anagrams you got right.

Genealogy Term Anagrams: Answers

  1. genealogy
  2. family history
  3. newspapers
  4. research
  5. queries
  6. lineages
  7. website
  8. ancestor
  9. descendant
  10. probate
  11. generations
  12. inheritance
  13. ceremony
  14. relatives
  15. pedigree
  16. surname
  17. cousins
  18. inlaws
  19. documentation
  20. publisher

If you’re looking for a break today from family history research, search GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives for brain teasers and puzzles to give you a genealogy intermission.

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