Revolutionary War Veterans – Part 3

Estimates are that 92,000 American and French troops fought 314,000 British troops, Hessian mercenaries and loyalists during the American Revolutionary War. Of that number 25,000 Americans died in the war and an estimated 25,000 more were wounded.

Their stories were told in America’s newspapers – especially in the veterans’ obituaries, such as this one.

An obituary for Thomas Blackburn, People’s Friend newspaper article 27 July 1807
People’s Friend (New York, New York), 27 July 1807, page 3

Here are just some of their stories that you can find in GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives. We’ve included the name of the newspaper and the exact page where you can find an article about that veteran.

Bentalou, Paul (-1826)
Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser (Baltimore, Maryland), 11 December 1826, page 2
Republican Star (Easton, Maryland), 19 December 1826, page 3

Blackburn, Thomas (1743-1807)
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia
People’s Friend (New York, New York), 27 July 1807, page 3

Blackshear, David (1763-1837)
Georgia, North Carolina
Charleston Courier (Charleston, South Carolina), 22 July 1837, page 2

Blackwell, Joseph (1751-1826)
Albany Argus (Albany, New York), 10 November 1826, page 2

Blair, Robert (1762-1841)
New York
Hudson River Chronicle (Ossining, New York), 30 March 1841, page 2

Bloom, Abraham (about 1729-1829)
New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Battles fought in: Germantown
Washington Whig (Bridgeton, New Jersey), 10 January 1829, page 3

Bowie, Robert (1754-1818)
Baltimore Patriot (Baltimore, Maryland), 12 January 1818, page 2
Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 15 January 1818, page 3

Boyer, Lewis (1759-1843)
Ohio, Pennsylvania
Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana), 19 October 1843, page 2

Bradley, Gilead (1756-1851)
Battles fought in: Trenton
Albany Evening Journal (Albany, New York), 20 November 1851, page 2
Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts), 24 November 1851, page 2

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