Irish American Passenger Lists in Old Newspapers

I love it that the Irish Nation newspaper routinely published lists of all arriving passengers from Ireland. These lists gave the names of the passengers, where they were from in Ireland, and where their destination was in the United States.

This is an excellent resource to find what often can be a very difficult piece of Irish genealogy information: where in the Old Country your Irish immigrants came from.

In this example the newspaper published the lists of passengers from 11 ships that arrived that week.

Arrivals from Ireland, Irish Nation newspaper article 29 April 1882
Irish Nation (New York, New York), 29 April 1882, page 7

There is no other source for this information. These are the only passenger lists that include the names, home towns and destinations for arriving immigrants.

It is an essential tool for Irish American genealogists.

5 thoughts on “Irish American Passenger Lists in Old Newspapers

  1. Am interested in finding my ancestors entry to US in early 1800’s thru 1850. Would like to know address of this site to find ships information and the names of those who traveled on them. Thanks.

  2. How do I access this information regarding the passenger lists? How early is the first one?

  3. Look for all passenger lists here:

    You can also look for the passenger lists that appeared in just the “Irish American” newspapers here:

    You can also drill down further and search only the passenger lists that were printed in specific newspapers.

    If you know about when your ancestor came to the US – try limiting your search to a specific range of years – for example 1882 – 1890 – to better target your search result hits.

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