Green-Wood Cemetery – Brooklyn, NY – Honors Civil War Vets

Newspapers are producing more than newsprint – they are adding video news clips.
Here is an example from the New York Times – “Green-Wood Remembers Civil War Dead”

Click here and watch in depth report about Green-Wood Cemetery’s effort to document the graves of Civil War veterans.

It’s must viewing!

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2 thoughts on “Green-Wood Cemetery – Brooklyn, NY – Honors Civil War Vets

  1. Thanks for the link to this article. Too bad the New York Times uses very small white print on a black background. It’s almost impossible for us old codgers to read.

    Thanks also for the new additions to the Historic Newspapers file. You are continuing to make the best archive of old newspapers even better!

  2. This is an amazing project.

    My ancestor lost his leg in the Civil War; it was amputated in the field. He was an artist of the Hudson River School. His paintings now sell in the $400-$1000 range but when he died in 1915, there was no money to put a headstone.

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