Disney Movie ‘Coco’ Has Genealogy Tie-in

A recent article in the Deseret News explores the connection between genealogy and Disney’s hit movie Coco.

A screenshot of a YouTube video about the Disney movie "Coco"
Source: YouTube

Watch the YouTube clip “Miguel – Remember Me (Dúo)” (from “Coco”/Official Lyric Video) ft. Natalia Lafourcade by clicking on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iDxU9eNQ_0

According to the Deseret News:

Coco tells of a boy named Miguel Rivera who, despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, aspires to be a musician. Through a chain of events, he finds himself in the Land of the Dead, where he learns the true but theretofore lost identity of his great-great-grandfather and the real backstory behind the family’s ban on music. In the process, he is able to renew the kinship between his deceased and living relatives and heal the divide that has existed for generations.

“The featured song from the motion picture is titled ‘Remember Me.’ Elder Foster [the Church leader in charge of the LDS Church’s Family History Department] said that Natalia Lafourcade, whose voice is on the recording and who is featured in the official music video from the movie, will be a featured guest at RootsTech, the annual family history and technology conference sponsored in Salt Lake City by FamilySearch International. It is scheduled this year Feb. 28-March 3.

“She’ll also participate in our Hispanic event the evening of March 3, called Luz de las Naciones, Elder Foster said.”

Read the entire article from the Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah), 2 January 2018, here: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865694614/As-in-the-movie-Coco-family-history-connections-help-bring-healing.html

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