Best Family Tree Software & Websites to Share Your Genealogy

If a genealogist falls in the forest—does she make a sound? What are you doing to ensure that your decades of family history research are preserved and passed down so that others can build on your expertise? For centuries genealogists relied on family tree charts that were carefully prepared on paper, a time-consuming and... (Read More)

6 Tips to Get Started Researching Your Family History

Introduction: Sarah Brooks, from, is a Houston-based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to her at: In this guest blog post, Sarah provides some basic tips on doing your own genealogy. Researching your family history can be both fun and gratifying. For some genealogists, this research is simply... (Read More)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Brief Genealogy & Family Tree Download

Introduction: Scott Phillips is a genealogical historian and owner of Onward To Our Past® genealogy services. In this guest blog post—in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Scott searches old newspapers to find out more about Dr. King’s family history—and includes a free MLK family tree download. The year was 1968. If you lived... (Read More)