What is upcoming for Tennessee?

I was asked tonight: What Tennessee newspapers are being adding next on GenealogyBank?

I checked and here are the titles that have been approved and will be added in the months ahead.

Knoxville Gazette. Knoxville, TN. 1795 to 1818
Clarion and Tennessee Gazette. Nashville, TN. 1821 to 1874
Nashville Gazette. Nashville, TN. 1822 to 1826
Tennessee Gazette. Nashville, TN. 1800 to 1807

To see the complete list of Tennessee newspapers live right now on GenealogyBankCLICK HERE

What State(s) are you working on?

Let me know and I will post the forthcoming list for your State.

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5 thoughts on “What is upcoming for Tennessee?

  1. How ‘long’ are we from looking at the Mobile Alabama newspapers? A couple of months or 10-12 months.

  2. Hi Tom, I am already a member of genealogybank.com and would love to see the historical editions of the Courier Journal – Louisville, Kentucky and the Louisville Times. Ida

  3. Anonymous said…
    How ‘long’ are we from looking at the Mobile Alabama newspapers? A couple of months or 10-12 months.
    thank you.

    I checked – that title will begin going live on the site in June or July.


  4. would love to see WEST Tennessee newspapers, bootheel of Missouri; Southwestern Kentucky and thank you for posting the Jonesboro, Arkansas; would also love to see more ARknasas as well as Corinth, Mississippi area as well as more NOrthern Alabama.


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