What is the difference between the individual and library versions of GenealogyBank?

Q: What is the difference between the individual and library versions of GenealogyBank?

Tom, On your blog of Apr 20, 2009, you mention that GenealogyBank has added Cincinnati newspapers. How long does it take for the records to be added to the library version of GenealogyBank – America’s GenealogyBank? I found several articles of interest by searching on the direct links in your blog, but the Cincinnati newspapers are not listed on the library version of GenealogyBank I normally use.

Thanks.Rebecca C.

A: Good question Rebecca. GenealogyBank (individual version) and America’s GenealogyBank (library version) are two separate online services.

GenealogyBank is available by membership directly to individuals.
America’s GenealogyBank is available by subscription only by libraries.

While they are similar – they are not the same service.
Titles added to GenealogyBank do not always go into AGB.

For example there are over 3,800 newspaper titles in GenealogyBank and approximately 2,200 in America’s GenealogyBank. Each library has the option to add-on additional content and expand their AGB coverage beyond the core set of newspapers.

See the complete newspaper title list on GenealogyBank here.

So – if you want to search the newspaper archives of the “complete” product you need to use the personal edition: GenealogyBank.com

4 Responses to "What is the difference between the individual and library versions of GenealogyBank?"
  1. So if I understand correctly, you’re saying that AGB will never have the same titles/content as regular GenealogyBank? It’s not just matter of a delay in the updates to AGB? If so, that’s disappointing … but good to know at least.

  2. Would it be possible for GenealogyBank to acquire all the editions of The Greenville (SC) News, The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN); The Jonesboro (AR) Sun and The Jackson (TN) Sun and place online in the Historical News archive?

    I know the current obit and some older obits from maybe 1990’s are here, but I would LOVE to see the oldest right up to current newspapers online. The south is SOOOOO under represented on this site.


  3. Hi,
    I understand that the difference between America’s GenealogyBank and GenealogyBank.com is the amount of content. As an example, you mentioned above that there are 3800 newspapers in GB vs. 2200 in AGB (as of five years ago). Do you have a short summary that shows a more complete list of the differences?

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