West Virginia Archives: 93 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from West Virginia, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online WV newspaper archives: 93 titles to help you search your family history in the “Mountain State,” providing coverage from 1791 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online West Virginia newspaper archives!

Photo: the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia
Photo: the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia. Credit: Shawn Ullerup; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from West Virginia in these newspapers. Our WV newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search West Virginia Newspaper Archives (1791 – 1941)

Search West Virginia Obituaries (1999 – Today)

Illustration: West Virginia state flag
Illustration: West Virginia state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the complete list of West Virginia newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The WV newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
BeckleyRegister-Herald08/28/2007 – CurrentObituaries
Berkeley SpringsMorgan Messenger11/19/2003 – CurrentObituaries
BluefieldBluefield Daily Telegraph10/31/2006 – CurrentObituaries
BluefieldBluefield evening leader04/08/1906 – 12/31/19101208Newspaper Archives
CeredoCeredo Crescent10/24/1857 – 10/20/186012Newspaper Archives
CeredoCeredo Crescent10/24/1857 – 10/20/186014Newspaper Archives
Charles TownFarmers’ Repository04/01/1808 – 11/15/1826661Newspaper Archives
Charles TownSpirit of Jefferson01/31/1845 – 09/12/1876424Newspaper Archives
Charles TownVirginia Free Press07/08/1829 – 08/12/187691Newspaper Archives
Charles TownSpirit of Jefferson09/27/1844 – 12/25/19001892Newspaper Archives
Charles TownVirginia free press07/19/1832 – 09/09/18962041Newspaper Archives
Charles TownVirginia free press & farmers” repository01/06/1830 – 07/12/1832131Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Daily Mail10/14/2003 – 07/17/2015Obituaries
CharlestonCharleston Gazette01/02/2002 – 07/19/2015Obituaries
CharlestonCharleston Gazette-Mail07/20/2015 – CurrentObituaries
CharlestonState Journal01/03/2010 – CurrentObituaries
CharlestonAdvocate06/09/1904 – 06/09/19041Newspaper Archives
CharlestonKanawha Valley star03/02/1858 – 03/19/18612Newspaper Archives
CharlestonLabor argus05/24/1906 – 12/28/1911264Newspaper Archives
CharlestonWest Virginia journal10/26/1864 – 06/02/1869125Newspaper Archives
CharlestonAdvocate02/07/1907 – 11/14/1912280Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston advocate07/01/1894 – 01/01/18952Newspaper Archives
CharlestonTemperance star11/30/1874 – 11/30/18741Newspaper Archives
CharlestonGuerilla09/29/1862 – 10/03/18622Newspaper Archives
ClarksburgClarksburg telegram01/20/1893 – 12/26/1912880Newspaper Archives
ClarksburgCooper’s Clarksburg register11/12/1851 – 11/19/1858356Newspaper Archives
ClarksburgSunday telegram11/29/1914 – 12/31/1916110Newspaper Archives
ClarksburgDaily telegram12/11/1902 – 12/30/19163591Newspaper Archives
CountyWest Virginia Record10/29/2018 – CurrentObituaries
FairmontTimes West Virginian03/09/2007 – CurrentObituaries
FairmontBaptist Recorder07/20/1848 – 07/20/18481Newspaper Archives
FairmontFairmont West Virginian04/19/1904 – 12/30/19223171Newspaper Archives
FarimontWest Virginian12/09/1914 – 12/30/19222337Newspaper Archives
Gauley BridgeKnapsack09/03/1863 – 11/05/18636Newspaper Archives
GilbertGilbert Times11/12/2008 – 08/23/2016Obituaries
GrantsvilleCalhoun chronicle01/15/1884 – 12/27/19231221Newspaper Archives
HuntingtonHerald-Dispatch01/01/1999 – CurrentObituaries
HuntingtonSocialist and labor star05/31/1912 – 01/01/191582Newspaper Archives
KeyserMineral Daily News-Tribune04/05/2009 – CurrentObituaries
KeystoneMcDowell times05/09/1913 – 11/28/1941534Newspaper Archives
KingwoodWest Virginia argus10/27/1877 – 12/28/19161719Newspaper Archives
LewisburgGreenbrier era01/14/1854 – 08/19/185417Newspaper Archives
LewisburgGreenbrier independent05/22/1860 – 12/29/1922387Newspaper Archives
LewisburgGreenbrier weekly era09/16/1854 – 05/25/18617Newspaper Archives
LoganLogan Banner07/08/2007 – CurrentObituaries
MadisonCoal Valley News11/17/2006 – CurrentObituaries
MartinsburgPioneer Press09/06/1890 – 01/16/18922Newspaper Archives
MartinsburgPotomak Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser09/03/1792 – 04/02/180058Newspaper Archives
MartinsburgAmerican union07/04/1861 – 07/11/18615Newspaper Archives
MartinsburgPioneer Press01/07/1911 – 09/22/1917323Newspaper Archives
MartinsburgAmerican union06/30/1855 – 03/25/1859192Newspaper Archives
MontgomeryMontgomery Herald09/07/2005 – CurrentObituaries
MorgantownMountain Messenger, and Baptist Recorder08/04/1852 – 08/04/18521Newspaper Archives
MorgantownMorgantown monitor02/14/1863 – 02/13/186431Newspaper Archives
MorgantownMonongalia mirror01/03/1852 – 06/23/1855159Newspaper Archives
MoundsvilleMoundsville Reporter08/11/1876 – 08/11/18761Newspaper Archives
Oak HillFayette Tribune08/31/2005 – CurrentObituaries
PhilippiOld flag04/07/1869 – 12/02/18692Newspaper Archives
PinevilleIndependent Herald11/12/2008 – CurrentObituaries
Point PleasantPoint Pleasant Register09/28/2005 – CurrentObituaries
Point PleasantPoint Pleasant register04/07/1909 – 12/28/191087Newspaper Archives
PrincetonPrinceton Times10/31/2006 – CurrentObituaries
PruntytownFamily visitor01/20/1860 – 05/18/18609Newspaper Archives
RavenswoodJackson Star News03/03/2011 – CurrentObituaries
RipleyJackson Herald03/05/2007 – CurrentObituaries
RomneySouth Branch intelligencer06/24/1837 – 12/24/18961441Newspaper Archives
ShepherdstownPotowmac Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser12/27/1791 – 12/27/17911Newspaper Archives
ShepherdstownShepherdstown register12/04/1849 – 12/21/19223341Newspaper Archives
SistersvilleSistersville daily oil review08/06/1902 – 04/29/1905825Newspaper Archives
SistersvilleWest Virginia daily oil review07/15/1898 – 08/05/190253Newspaper Archives
SistersvilleSistersville daily review05/01/1905 – 06/30/190550Newspaper Archives
SistersvilleSistersville oil review01/12/1898 – 12/28/189845Newspaper Archives
ThomasLa sentinella del West Virginia02/18/1911 – 05/11/191253Newspaper Archives
VolcanoVolcano lubricator10/26/1871 – 03/19/187427Newspaper Archives
VolcanoWest Virginia walking beam08/13/1879 – 12/04/18804Newspaper Archives
WayneWayne County News02/22/2017 – CurrentObituaries
WestonDemocrat12/01/1868 – 12/28/1874307Newspaper Archives
WestonWeston Democrat01/04/1875 – 12/25/1880304Newspaper Archives
WheelingIntelligencer01/02/1871 – 12/30/18761071Newspaper Archives
WheelingPlain Truth07/14/1828 – 07/22/18282Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling Register07/01/1874 – 12/31/18977831Newspaper Archives
WheelingDaily intelligencer08/24/1852 – 09/26/192218126Newspaper Archives
WheelingWeekly register03/06/1862 – 01/27/19092027Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling daily register09/08/1863 – 06/29/18784492Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling Register11/07/1878 – 08/31/18975790Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling Sunday register08/13/1882 – 08/29/1897735Newspaper Archives
WheelingArbeiter-Freund01/22/1876 – 01/22/18761Newspaper Archives
WheelingSunday Leader09/10/1876 – 09/10/18761Newspaper Archives
WheelingWeekly Register09/15/1876 – 09/15/18761Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling Evening Standard10/27/1876 – 10/27/18761Newspaper Archives
WheelingWheeling Weekly Standard08/31/1876 – 08/31/18761Newspaper Archives
WilliamsonWilliamson Daily News01/10/2007 – CurrentObituaries
WinfieldPutnam Herald09/24/2007 – CurrentObituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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