Genealogy Podcast 1: Newspapers Are A Critical Genealogy Resource

Learn why newspapers are a critical resource to complete your family tree in this GenealogyBank podcast episode. Listen as our seasoned in-house genealogist Tom Kemp explains how to search for and find genealogical information in old newspapers. Learn how you can trace back your family tree using genealogy records found in historical newspapers.  .. (Read More)

Genealogy Podcast 3: Genealogy Research with Newspapers

Learn how to use historical newspapers for genealogy research in this special genealogy podcast for genealogists, family historians and hobbyists by GenealogyBank. Find out how to uncover genealogy records in newspapers ranging from birth records to obituaries as expert genealogist Tom Kemp leads us through the discovery process.  .. (Read More)

Genealogy Podcast 2: Genealogy Research with Obituaries

Discover how to search obituaries to find genealogical clues that will help you trace your family tree in this genealogy podcast by GenealogyBank. Listen as our expert genealogist Tom Kemp explains what types of information to search for in obituary and death notices to uncover your ancestral roots and explore your family history.  .. (Read More)