Two more newspapers added to GenealogyBank

GenealogyBank adds more newspapers. Gainesville, FloridaGainesville Sun, The (Gainesville, FL) Obituaries: 03/19/1995 – Current Death Notices: 02/18/1995 – 08/31/2008 Newport, VermontNewport Daily Express, The (Newport, VT) Obituaries: 07/24/2008 – Current Death Notices: 07/25/2008 – Current.. (Read More)

I can’t find my ancestor – what am I doing wrong?

For most searches on GenealogyBank it is easy to find your ancestor. You type in their name and in an instant you spot them in the search results list. So – what do you do when your ancestor’s name doesn’t come right up in the search hits?Just like any other genealogical resource you need... (Read More)

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