South Dakota Archives: 114 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from South Dakota, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online SD newspaper archives: 114 titles to help you search your family history in the “Mount Rushmore State,” providing coverage from 1861 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online South Dakota newspaper archives!

Photo: the Black Hills, a low mountain range, is located in southwestern South Dakota
Photo: the Black Hills, a low mountain range, is located in southwestern South Dakota. Credit: blucolt; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from South Dakota in these newspapers. Our SD newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search South Dakota Newspaper Archives (1861 – 2002)

Search South Dakota Obituaries (1885 – Today)

Illustration: South Dakota state flag
Illustration: South Dakota state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the complete list of South Dakota newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The SD newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
AberdeenAmerican News01/01/2001 – CurrentObituaries
AberdeenFarm Forum05/27/2005 – CurrentObituaries
AberdeenAberdeen American07/07/1904 – 01/04/1917116Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAberdeen American06/07/1906 – 04/30/19255208Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAberdeen Daily News11/27/1886 – 03/31/200231782Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAberdeen Journal03/28/1921 – 12/30/1922547Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAberdeen Weekly News02/13/1885 – 03/30/19221810Newspaper Archives
AberdeenDakota Pioneer11/24/1881 – 06/14/1888142Newspaper Archives
AberdeenNorthwest Square Deal03/17/1920 – 03/25/1921314Newspaper Archives
AberdeenSun08/07/1891 – 08/03/189370Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAberdeen Democrat10/24/1902 – 04/09/1909325Newspaper Archives
AberdeenState Democrat08/19/1898 – 08/17/1900104Newspaper Archives
AberdeenAmerican News, The: Blogs07/17/2007 – 11/15/2017Obituaries
AberdeenStar01/18/1894 – 01/18/18941Newspaper Archives
ArtesianDiana Sentinel11/23/1883 – 08/01/188437Newspaper Archives
BangorBangor Rustler05/28/1885 – 05/28/18851Newspaper Archives
Belle FourcheButte County Post10/31/2008 – 11/08/2017Obituaries
BluntMedicine Valley Times08/11/1883 – 08/11/18831Newspaper Archives
BowdleBowdle Pioneer03/29/1888 – 03/29/18881Newspaper Archives
BrittonDakota Daylight04/24/1885 – 04/24/18851Newspaper Archives
BrookingsCollegian10/09/2002 – CurrentObituaries
CantonSioux Valley News02/17/1876 – 02/17/18761Newspaper Archives
CantonCanton advocate05/23/1877 – 04/05/1888426Newspaper Archives
CantonCanton daily leader10/31/1896 – 11/02/18962Newspaper Archives
CantonDaily Dakota farmers’ leader09/10/1890 – 09/13/18904Newspaper Archives
CantonDakota farmers’ advocate07/11/1890 – 08/15/18906Newspaper Archives
CantonDakota farmers’ leader08/29/1890 – 06/30/19161251Newspaper Archives
CantonLincoln County advocate04/26/1876 – 05/16/187749Newspaper Archives
DeadwoodBlack Hills Daily Pioneer01/15/1878 – 03/31/1882453Newspaper Archives
DeadwoodBlack Hills Daily Times11/23/1877 – 11/23/18771Newspaper Archives
DeadwoodBlack Hills Weekly Pioneer11/02/1878 – 11/02/18781Newspaper Archives
DeadwoodBlack Hills Weekly Times05/15/1880 – 05/15/18801Newspaper Archives
Elk PointDaily courier09/25/1890 – 09/26/18902Newspaper Archives
Elk PointUnion County Courier09/06/1876 – 09/06/18761Newspaper Archives
Elk PointUnion County Courier11/21/1877 – 03/20/19131443Newspaper Archives
EurekaEureka Post06/06/1912 – 06/06/19121Newspaper Archives
Forest CityForest City Press10/01/1903 – 06/26/1919667Newspaper Archives
Forest CityForest City Press06/05/1885 – 06/05/18851Newspaper Archives
Fort RandallIndependent01/18/1865 – 12/20/18655Newspaper Archives
FrankfortSpink County Spy02/16/1883 – 02/16/18831Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsHot Springs Star08/26/2008 – CurrentObituaries
Hot SpringsHot Springs star05/13/1887 – 02/19/1892243Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsHot Springs weekly star02/26/1892 – 11/09/19171188Newspaper Archives
HurleyTurner County herald05/10/1883 – 06/27/19181807Newspaper Archives
KadokaKadoka press New11/09/1923 – 05/23/192427Newspaper Archives
KadokaKadoka press and Kadoka reporter New01/06/1911 – 11/02/1923654Newspaper Archives
KimballKimball enterprise04/13/1883 – 08/10/188318Newspaper Archives
KimballKimball graphic08/17/1883 – 08/04/1905914Newspaper Archives
LeadDaily Tribune02/03/1887 – 09/18/18892Newspaper Archives
LemmonLemmon herald01/12/1912 – 04/04/1917254Newspaper Archives
LemmonState-line herald04/03/1908 – 01/05/1912172Newspaper Archives
LoyaltonLoyalton Journal04/02/1886 – 04/02/18861Newspaper Archives
MadisonMadison Daily Leader07/20/2012 – CurrentObituaries
MadisonMadison daily leader04/07/1890 – 09/30/19229675Newspaper Archives
MadisonLake County Leader03/04/1881 – 03/19/18812Newspaper Archives
MilbankHerald-advance04/11/1890 – 05/10/19221654Newspaper Archives
MilbankAdvance03/21/1890 – 04/04/18903Newspaper Archives
MillerHand County press New01/04/1882 – 11/02/1893612Newspaper Archives
MillerPioneer press New11/09/1893 – 12/21/18937Newspaper Archives
MinerMiner Sentinel08/11/1882 – 11/09/188364Newspaper Archives
MitchellMitchell capital11/27/1885 – 06/20/19181655Newspaper Archives
NewellNewell reclamation news07/29/1915 – 08/02/191725Newspaper Archives
OnidaSully County watchman07/07/1883 – 07/13/1894447Newspaper Archives
PhilipBad River news11/15/1906 – 06/27/1912287Newspaper Archives
PhilipPhilip weekly review06/14/1907 – 07/18/1912259Newspaper Archives
PhilipPhilip weekly review04/25/1918 – 03/25/192046Newspaper Archives
PhilipPhilip weekly review and Bad River news07/25/1912 – 04/18/1918295Newspaper Archives
PhilipPioneer10/25/1917 – 06/26/191938Newspaper Archives
PhilipPioneer-review07/01/1920 – 12/28/1922129Newspaper Archives
PierreCapital Journal12/11/2007 – CurrentObituaries
PierrePierre weekly free press01/02/1890 – 06/27/1918927Newspaper Archives
PierrePierre Daily Capital08/20/1890 – 03/31/1891188Newspaper Archives
Pine RidgeOglala light12/01/1907 – 04/15/192025Newspaper Archives
Rapid CityNative Sun News01/07/2015 – CurrentObituaries
Rapid CityRapid City Journal05/02/2000 – CurrentObituaries
Rapid CityBlack Hills union08/02/1889 – 02/12/1904524Newspaper Archives
Rapid CityBlack Hills union and western stock review02/26/1904 – 06/30/1911359Newspaper Archives
RoscoeRoscoe Magnet07/24/1885 – 07/24/18851Newspaper Archives
ScotlandCitizen-Republican10/08/1903 – 06/30/1921912Newspaper Archives
Sioux FallsDeutscher Herold06/27/1918 – 06/27/19181Newspaper Archives
Sioux FallsSioux Falls Real Estate Bulletin05/01/1886 – 05/01/18861Newspaper Archives
Sioux FallsTri-State Neighbor10/04/2015 – CurrentObituaries
Sioux FallsDeutscher Herold01/23/1896 – 06/27/19181142Newspaper Archives
Sioux FallsSioux Falls Independent09/21/1876 – 09/08/18772Newspaper Archives
Sioux FallsSioux Falls Pantagraph08/30/1876 – 08/30/18761Newspaper Archives
SissetonSisseton weekly standard12/23/1904 – 11/04/1921750Newspaper Archives
SpearfishBlack Hills Pioneer12/20/1999 – CurrentObituaries
SpringfieldSpringfield Times08/03/1876 – 08/03/18761Newspaper Archives
SturgisKBHB – 810 AM10/26/2010 – CurrentObituaries
SturgisMeade County Times-Tribune11/05/2008 – 11/08/2017Obituaries
SturgisSturgis advertiser09/21/1887 – 06/04/1896121Newspaper Archives
Swan LakeSwan Lake Era07/27/1876 – 07/27/18761Newspaper Archives
Timber LakeDewey County advocate10/14/1910 – 09/05/19135Newspaper Archives
VermillionDakota Republican04/05/1862 – 10/14/1875305Newspaper Archives
VermillionClay County Register08/14/1874 – 08/14/18741Newspaper Archives
WagnerCharles Mix new era05/05/1905 – 02/24/1911279Newspaper Archives
WagnerNew era-leader03/10/1911 – 01/26/191245Newspaper Archives
WagnerWagner leader02/02/1912 – 03/29/19129Newspaper Archives
WagnerWagner post04/05/1912 – 06/28/191213Newspaper Archives
WatertownWatertown Public Opinion08/31/1999 – CurrentObituaries
WatertownSaturday news02/14/1908 – 06/26/1919565Newspaper Archives
Wessington SpringsWessington Springs herald03/24/1883 – 12/18/1891446Newspaper Archives
WinfredPublic Ledger10/17/1885 – 10/17/18851Newspaper Archives
YanktonDakota Freie Presse06/10/1876 – 02/24/19202Newspaper Archives
YanktonDakota Weekly Union06/21/1864 – 08/23/186410Newspaper Archives
YanktonYankton Press08/10/1870 – 11/12/1873169Newspaper Archives
YanktonYankton Press and Dakotan06/06/1861 – 01/15/18911234Newspaper Archives
YanktonDaily press and Dakotaian04/26/1875 – 04/25/18894157Newspaper Archives
YanktonDakota Advertiser08/11/1871 – 08/25/18712Newspaper Archives
YanktonDakota Herald07/29/1876 – 07/29/18761Newspaper Archives
YanktonDakota Outlook02/01/1884 – 02/01/18841Newspaper Archives
YanktonYankton Daily Press and Dakotan12/15/1875 – 04/25/1891302Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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