South Carolina Archives: 115 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from South Carolina, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online SC newspaper archives: 115 titles to help you search your family history in the “Palmetto State,” providing coverage from 1735 to Today. There are more than 45 million articles and records in our online South Carolina newspaper archives!

Photo: Lake Wylie, South Carolina
Photo: Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Credit: Wikiwikicat; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your ancestors from South Carolina in these newspapers. Our SC newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search South Carolina Newspaper Archives (1735 – 1996)

Search South Carolina Recent Obituaries (1987 – Current)

Illustration: South Carolina state flag
Illustration: South Carolina state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a complete list of South Carolina newspapers in the online historical archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The SC newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleDate Range * Collection
AikenAiken Standard08/27/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AndersonAnderson Independent-Mail01/14/1998 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BeaufortBeaufort Gazette01/10/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BeaufortBeaufort Today01/25/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BeaufortFree South01/10/1863 – 04/16/1864Newspaper Archives
BeltonBelton & Honea Path News-Chronicle03/28/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BlufftonBluffton Today07/01/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CamdenCamden Gazette04/04/1816 – 02/07/1822Newspaper Archives
CamdenCamden Journal04/04/1840 – 04/27/1842Newspaper Archives
CamdenSouthern Chronicle03/14/1822 – 08/13/1825Newspaper Archives
CharlestonAfro-American Citizen01/17/1900 – 01/17/1900Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCarolina Gazette01/02/1800 – 12/31/1828Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCarolina Weekly Messenger08/11/1807 – 11/07/1809Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Advocate05/11/1867 – 05/11/1867Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Courier01/10/1803 – 04/25/1872Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Courier07/14/1859 – 03/19/1866Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Daily News01/01/1873 – 04/05/1873Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Evening Gazette07/11/1785 – 10/18/1786Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Mercury03/20/1822 – 07/11/1868Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Mercury07/02/1860 – 12/31/1866Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Mercury06/04/1831 – 11/14/1868Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Morning Post01/18/1786 – 10/17/1787Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston News and Courier10/06/1924 – 08/31/1979Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Spectator and Ladies Literary Portfolio08/09/1806 – 12/05/1806Newspaper Archives
CharlestonChronicle of Liberty, or the Republican Intelligencer03/25/1783 – 03/25/1783Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCity Gazette11/06/1787 – 04/13/1833Newspaper Archives
CharlestonColumbian Herald11/23/1784 – 12/17/1796Newspaper Archives
CharlestonDaily Evening Gazette: and Charleston Tea-Table Companion01/10/1795 – 02/18/1795Newspaper Archives
CharlestonEcho du Sud, Moniteur Francais06/22/1801 – 07/15/1801Newspaper Archives
CharlestonEvening Courier07/31/1798 – 11/16/1798Newspaper Archives
CharlestonEvening Post10/01/1894 – 12/30/1977Newspaper Archives
CharlestonFree Press04/05/1868 – 04/11/1868Newspaper Archives
CharlestonInvestigator08/22/1812 – 02/09/1814Newspaper Archives
CharlestonMissionary Record07/05/1873 – 07/05/1873Newspaper Archives
CharlestonOracle01/01/1807 – 12/08/1807Newspaper Archives
CharlestonPost and Courier12/06/1994 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CharlestonPost and Courier10/01/1991 – 02/29/1996Newspaper Archives
CharlestonRoyal Gazette02/09/1782 – 02/09/1782Newspaper Archives
CharlestonRoyal South Carolina Gazette06/08/1780 – 07/16/1782Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth Carolina Leader10/07/1865 – 05/12/1866Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina and American General Gazette03/11/1768 – 10/01/1778Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina Gazette01/11/1735 – 12/29/1737Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina Gazette and General Advertiser03/15/1783 – 07/26/1785Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina State-Gazette01/01/1794 – 09/20/1802Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina Weekly Advertiser02/19/1783 – 04/23/1783Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouth-Carolina Weekly Gazette02/15/1783 – 01/14/1786Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouthern Evangelical Intelligencer03/27/1819 – 12/29/1821Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouthern Patriot01/02/1819 – 12/30/1848Newspaper Archives
CharlestonSouthern Presbyterian10/29/1859 – 10/29/1859Newspaper Archives
CharlestonState Gazette of South-Carolina03/28/1785 – 12/31/1793Newspaper Archives
CharlestonStates Rights and Free Trade Evening Post10/31/1831 – 02/09/1832Newspaper Archives
CharlestonStrength of the People06/24/1809 – 09/06/1810Newspaper Archives
CharlestonTelegraphe: and Charleston Daily Advertiser03/16/1795 – 03/20/1795Newspaper Archives
CharlestonTimes10/08/1800 – 05/25/1820Newspaper Archives
CherawCheraw Chronicle08/23/2006 – 12/22/2015Recent Obituaries
ChesterChester News & Reporter11/24/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ClemsonTiger04/14/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColumbiaCarolina Panorama01/07/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColumbiaColumbia Gazette01/14/1794 – 12/09/1794Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaColumbia Star10/08/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColumbiaLighthouse and Informer01/21/1950 – 01/21/1950Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaPeople’s Recorder01/13/1900 – 01/27/1900Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaSouth Carolina Gazette07/10/1792 – 09/03/1793Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaSouth Carolina State Gazette08/30/1799 – 06/20/1829Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaSouthern Indicator02/12/1921 – 02/03/1923Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaSouthern Presbyterian09/28/1876 – 09/28/1876Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaState02/18/1891 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaState12/15/1987 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColumbiaTelescope12/19/1815 – 07/08/1817Newspaper Archives
ConwayHorry Independent04/05/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EasleyEasley Progress03/04/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EasleyPowdersville Post04/30/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EdgefieldAnti-Monarchist, and South-Carolina Advertiser09/09/1811 – 11/02/1811Newspaper Archives
EdgefieldEdgefield Advertiser02/27/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FlorenceMorning News11/01/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Fort MillFort Mill Times08/11/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GaffneyGaffney Ledger10/29/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeorgetownGeorgetown Gazette05/08/1798 – 09/21/1816Newspaper Archives
GeorgetownGeorgetown Gazette10/18/1825 – 10/13/1826Newspaper Archives
GeorgetownGeorgetown Planet05/31/1873 – 05/31/1873Newspaper Archives
GeorgetownGeorgetown Times08/08/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeorgetownSouth-Carolina Independent Gazette05/21/1791 – 09/15/1792Newspaper Archives
GeorgetownWinyaw Intelligencer11/15/1817 – 06/27/1833Newspaper Archives
GreenwoodIndex-Journal07/01/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GreerGreer Citizen11/24/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HardeevilleHardeeville Today03/19/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HartsvilleMessenger04/20/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HemingwayWeekly Observer11/01/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Hilton HeadIsland Packet10/16/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Lake CityNews & Post11/05/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Lake WylieLake Wylie Pilot07/21/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LancasterCarolina Gateway02/16/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LancasterLancaster News11/29/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Mt. PleasantMoultrie News02/10/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MullinsMarion Star & Mullins Enterprise11/02/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Murrells InletWaccamaw Times05/30/2014 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Myrtle BeachSun News05/01/1996 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
NewberryNewberry Observer01/02/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
OrangeburgTimes and Democrat05/30/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PagelandPageland Progressive-Journal01/18/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Pawleys IslandCoastal Observer11/11/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PendletonMiller’s Weekly Messenger03/20/1807 – 04/02/1841Newspaper Archives
PickensPickens Sentinel08/13/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Port RoyalNew South03/15/1862 – 06/09/1866Newspaper Archives
Port RoyalPalmetto Herald03/03/1864 – 12/29/1864Newspaper Archives
RidgelandJasper County Sun Times02/04/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Rock HillHerald05/01/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SenecaJournal12/22/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SpartanburgHerald-Journal01/04/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
St. GeorgeEagle-Record12/25/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
UnionUnion Daily Times01/02/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WalterboroDispatch02/14/2007 – 11/10/2010Recent Obituaries
WilliamstonJournal10/31/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WinnsboroHerald Independent04/25/2008 – 02/05/2016Recent Obituaries
YorkEnquirer-Herald08/12/2010 – 12/17/2015Recent Obituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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