Some Fun Epitaphs for Genealogists

Introduction: In this blog article, Mary Harrell-Sesniak has some fun suggesting epitaphs that genealogists might consider for their own tombstone. Mary is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background.

Epitaphs are odd curiosities, but they are also among the most memorable treasures.

Perhaps you need ideas for your family historian’s grave – or if you’re a genealogist, think about leaving special messages for your descendants. Here are some novel ideas.

An illustration of a tombstone

  • At rest with those I loved and remembered always!
  • At the setting of the sun and in the morning remember me. Lest anyone forget, read the book – the family history book!
  • Did you know that genealogy is a very grave matter?
  • For surname Coffin: Here’s a Coffin in a coffin!
  • For surname King or Queen: Progenitor of little Kings & Queens!
  • For surname Smith: To figure out my surname, fill in the blank: Black_____, Brown_____, Copper_____, Lock_____, Silver_____, and Tins_____!
  • For the resourceful genealogist: Etch the family tree and your photo onto the tombstone.
  • For the resourceful genealogist: Name the family progenitors on your monument.
  • For the resourceful genealogist: Sketch the family crest onto the tombstone.
  • Here lies your family historian. “Tag” – you’re now it!
  • Here lieth one of the most generous people on earth – the person who compiled our family history for free!
  • I think that I will never read a poem as lovely as genealogy!
  • I told you genealogy was all relatives!
  • I wanted to live forever, but since I now lie here, please make my memories eternal.
  • If I hadn’t spent it as the family historian, I might have left you a Delorean!
  • If I’ve taught you anything, it’s spelled G-E-N-E-A-L-O-G-Y!
  • If you want to know more about me, read the family history.
  • If you’ve forgotten the family dirt, head to the library to find my genealogy.
  • My legacy is my genealogy – it’s your job to pay it forward!
  • My life was not just the dash between these dates!
  • My mission on earth is fulfilled. Now it’s up to you to carry on the family history.
  • Remember: genealogy is a game of hide and seek. To find us, you may need to dig deep.
  • The grandest parent is always the grandparent!
  • This proves that genealogy is a very “deep” subject.
  • Those who throw away my family tree are sure to have a haunting memory.
  • To know him/her was to hear about the family history!
  • You will always be with us – in our hearts – in our memories – in our genealogy!

If you’ve thought of some fun epitaphs for genealogists, please leave me a comment.

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