Shelbyville, Tennessee, Newspaper ‘Tennessee Herald’ Online

Shelbyville, Tennessee, was laid out and settled in 1810. By 1817 it had a newspaper, the Tennessee Herald—and GenealogyBank has this historical title in its extensive online newspaper archives for your genealogy research.

Today Shelbyville is famous as “The Pencil City” and as “The Walking Horse Capital of the World”—but it was a much smaller place in early 19th century America. Shelbyville was also recently featured in Miranda Lambert’s country music video “Famous in a Small Town” which offers footage of historical landmarks and reminds us that everyone in our family has a story.

Shelbyville, Tennessee, city government seal
Image: Shelbyville City Government Seal. Credit: Windows Live Photo Gallery.

What was life like for our ancestors in Shelbyville, TN, from 1817 to 1820?

GenealogyBank search form for the Tennessee Herald newspaper
GenealogyBank search form for the Tennessee Herald newspaper

See what you can discover about your ancestors there and their lives by searching this old Shelbyville newspaper online. Search the Tennessee Herald archive now.

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