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With Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th fresh in our memory, genealogists often think about their Revolutionary War ancestors.

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Remember that GenealogyBank has a strong collection of historical newspapers and records from the 1700s and 1800s. Discover your early American ancestry in millions of records from the Revolutionary period.

Let’s honor the lives of each one of our Revolutionary War ancestors.

Between now and the end of the year we will be posting articles and obituaries about Revolutionary War soldiers. The American Revolutionary War started 238 years ago.

Write in and tell us about your Revolutionary War ancestor. Let’s recognize and remember 238 Revolutionary War soldiers in the days ahead. Let’s all do our part in making sure the memories of these brave Revolutionary War heroes are not lost.

Please post your genealogy research finds here in the blog’s comments section.

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  1. Solomon ‘Governor’ Tice; Revolutionary War soldier and early Ludlow Township, Washington Co., Ohio settler. Solomon was born in 1750 probably in New York and died in 1863.
    Records show that Tice, who also lived in New York before settling in a cabin in Ludlow township, was issued one rifle and one cartridge box in 1770 and assigned to Janson’s Regiment New York Militia.*
    Solomon Tice was the son of Martin and Mary Tice. Married Ann Collier. Children:, James 1775-1851; John 1780; Solomon Jr. 1783-1864; Jacob; David; Martin; Mary; Sarah b 1798 Married Jacob Newlin a soldier of 1812. She was the first white child born in Ludlow twp.
    No records have been found on his rank or battles he may have fought in, but following the war Tice settled in Washington County, where he was a blacksmith, farmer, trader and father of six, until his death in 1883 at age 88.

    Solomon ‘Governor’ Tice is the GGGG Grandfather of B. Louise (Gill) Uphold of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

    *The Marietta Times by Kate York, July 4, 2008

  2. Robert Schofield

    Robert Schofield was born 22 Dec 1837, in Carlton, Orleans County, New York. He married 25 Nov. 1867 In Kilmore City, Columbia County, Wisconsin, Josephine Lophelia Holly. Josephine Holly was born 11 Feb. 1841 in Warsaw, Wyoming County, Wisconsin (daughter of Alanson Holly and Lucretia Eliza Wakefield) died 06 apr 1928, Long beach, Los Angeles, California, buried Spring Grove Cemetery. Kilborn City, WI. Robert died 22 May 1918, in Dell Prairie, Adams, WI. He is also buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.

    Robert was raised as a Farmer and had a common school education. When he left home he went to Kilborn City, WI., then to Chillicothe and Trenton, MD., and then to Kansas. He then returned to his former home in New York State, and then to Brattleboro, Vt.

    Robert was there when the Civil War became a fact, and he enlisted at Brattleboro in July 1861 the ist Vermont Cavalry. He was mustered as a private, soon after he was made an Orderly Sergeant, and before leaving the State, was promoted to First Lieutenant. In the fall of 1861, his regiment went to Washington, DC, and received orders to join the Troops in the Shandoah Valley.

    Robert Schofield was in an engagement Mary 11,1862, at Winchester, and again on the 23rd, fighting at Strasbury. He was in the engagement at Upperville, where his regiment held back Stonewall Jackson’s infantry, where Colonel Schofield lost his horse which was shot from under him.

    Colonel Schofield was wounded July 12 1863, at Hagerstown, MD. At Gettysburg he was ranking Captain and led the charge that cavalry made on the left, and for which he was promoted to Major. The action is which he won his honors at Gettysbury is well known, being an attack upon a Texas regiment sheltered behind a stone wall. His loss of men was fearful, but the charge was a success and gained an important point. He was in Command under Pope The regiment was with the army of the Potomac at the battle of Gettysburg. He lost his left eye, and was seriously wounded at Hagerstown, Md., when captured and sent to Libby Prison for 9 months, he was transferred to rebel prison of Macon, Charleston and Columbia.

    Robert Schofield married 25 November 1867 Josephine Lophellia Holly at Kilbourn, Wisconsin. The had 5 children, Grace, Marguertte, Halli, Paul and Robert.

    During many years as manager/owner of Schofield Cottages, in his day one of the most popular resort hotels at the Dells, his acquaintance extending to many remote sections of the union and always in the same degree of admiring esteem….

    He and Josephine would “winter” in Long Beach, California

    Robert is the Grandparent of Elizabeth Miriam (HART) Patterson

  3. I’m a member. How is it that there was no area to place our relatives name for the Rev.War search
    English or American it is nice to know the history

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