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GenealogyBank is growing: we now have over 30 Baltimore, Maryland, newspapers online.

One of the original 13 colonies, Maryland has a long, rich history full of interesting facts and stories about our American ancestors. Since Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland, there are many local newspapers from the “Charm City.” These local city papers give you extensive coverage to research your Baltimore ancestry from the American Colonial period up to the present day.

Here is the complete list of GenealogyBank’s Baltimore newspapers.

CityTitleDate RangeCollection
BaltimoreSun5/17/1837 – 12/31/1922Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore American1/1/1903 – 12/31/1922Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Patriot12/28/1812 – 12/31/1834Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreFederal Gazette1/1/1796 – 11/8/1823Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreFederal Republican7/4/1808 – 6/20/1812Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser1/2/1826 – 1/27/1838Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreAmerican and Commercial Daily Advertiser1/31/1801 – 12/30/1820Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreFederal Intelligencer10/30/1794 – 12/30/1795Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreMaryland Journal8/20/1773 – 1/16/1797Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreRepublican1/1/1802 – 1/14/1804Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Daily Intelligencer10/28/1793 – 10/29/1794Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreNorth American1/11/1808 – 12/31/1808Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreMechanic’s Gazette; and Merchants Daily Advertiser3/14/1815 – 9/13/1815Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Evening Post7/13/1792 – 9/30/1793Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Price-Current2/14/1803 – 12/30/1820Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Bulletin4/20/1872 – 9/23/1876Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreAmerican5/18/1799 – 3/1/1802Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreDunlap’s Maryland Gazette5/2/1775 – 1/5/1779Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreDemocratic Republican3/17/1802 – 8/13/1802Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreAmerican Farmer4/2/1819 – 12/29/1820Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreAfro-American4/29/1893 – 3/26/1898Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreEdward’s Baltimore Daily Advertiser10/29/1793 – 11/15/1794Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreCommonwealth7/24/1915 – 9/4/1915Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreRace Standard1/2/1897 – 1/16/1897Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreAmerican Citizen4/19/1879 – 4/19/1879Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreRecorder, or, Summary of Foreign, Domestic, and Literary Intelligence6/16/1810 – 6/16/1810Historical Newspapers
BaltimorePalladium of Freedom8/8/1787 – 8/8/1787Historical Newspapers
BaltimoreBaltimore Guide3/25/2009 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
BaltimoreBaltimore Messenger2/13/2001 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
BaltimoreSun10/1/1990 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
BaltimoreCity Paper1/14/2004 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries

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