Pennsylvania historical newspapers in pipeline

GenealogyBank is pleased to give you a sneak peek at the Pennsylvania historical newspapers in the pipeline for the months ahead.

(Photo courtesy: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, DC – LC-USW33- 000139-ZE [P&P].

This list includes new titles as well as expanded coverage for existing titles.

Erie, PA. Erie Observer. 1833 to 1835
Harrisburg, PA. Oracle of Dauphin. 1821 to 1824
Harrisburg, PA. Patriot News. 1857 to 1922
Lancaster, PA. Intelligencer & Weekly Advertiser. 1818 to 1820
Montrose, PA. Susquehanna Centinel. 1816 to 1819
Philadelphia, PA. Democratic Press. 1808 to 1818
Philadelphia, PA. Pennsylvania Journal. 1741 to 1793
Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Inquirer. 1829 to 1859
Philadelphia, PA. Sunday Mercury. 1864 to 1865
Pittsburgh, PA. Commonwealth. 1811 to 1812
Pittsburgh, PA. Tree of Liberty. 1801 to 1809
Reading, PA. Readinger Adler. 1821 to 1876
Washington, PA. Reporter. 1821 to 1876
Washington, PA. Washington Examiner. 1817 to 1876
Wilkes-Barre, PA. The Gleaner. 1815 to 1818

Thousands more newspapers are also being considered for addition to GenealogyBank.

We continue to evaluate and add more titles that are not on this list and as soon as I know which titles are going live or have been added to the “Upcoming Titles” list – I will post the list to our blog.

This way you will know which titles are being added to GenealogyBank.

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of Pennsylvania newspapers that are already live online right now at GenealogyBank.

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7 thoughts on “Pennsylvania historical newspapers in pipeline

  1. I’m delighted to see the two Washington,Pa. ones. That alone will get me to subscribe.

    But I’m still waiting for more Pittsburgh papers – Post-Gazette or Press. It seems odd that so many Philadelphia papers are available, but almost nothing from Pittsburgh.


  2. I’m looking forward to the expansion of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Would it be possible to add the newspapers of Camden, New Jersey. for example the Courier-Post and/or its forerunners?

  3. Please consider adding the Quarryville Sun from Southern Lancaster county, PA. It started in about 1890, but the microfilm doesn’t start until about 1892.

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