Oklahoma Archives: 105 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Oklahoma, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online OK newspaper archives: 105 titles to help you search your family history in the “Sooner State,” providing coverage from 1810 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online Oklahoma newspaper archives!

Photo: Grave Creek in McIntosh County, Oklahoma
Photo: Grave Creek in McIntosh County, Oklahoma. Credit: Thomas & Dianne Jones; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from Oklahoma in these newspapers. Our OK newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search Oklahoma Newspaper Archives (1810 – 1960)

Search Oklahoma Obituaries (1981 – Today)

Illustration: Oklahoma state flag
Illustration: Oklahoma state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a complete list of Oklahoma newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The OK newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
AdaAda Evening News10/29/2007 – CurrentObituaries
AltusAltus Times08/01/2003 – CurrentObituaries
AlvaAlva Review-Courier09/05/2000 – CurrentObituaries
AnadarkoAnadarko daily democrat11/20/1908 – 01/09/1914451Newspaper Archives
AnadarkoAnadarko daily democrat09/30/1901 – 12/09/1904364Newspaper Archives
AnadarkoAnadarko morning democrat07/17/1911 – 10/08/19124Newspaper Archives
AnadarkoDaily democrat09/11/1905 – 11/19/1908241Newspaper Archives
AnadarkoDaily democrat01/27/1914 – 08/31/191458Newspaper Archives
AntlersAntlers American10/14/2010 – CurrentObituaries
ArdmoreDaily Ardmoreite03/23/1997 – CurrentObituaries
ArdmoreDaily Ardmoreite10/29/1893 – 12/31/19228630Newspaper Archives
AtokaBranding iron02/23/1884 – 03/15/18843Newspaper Archives
AtokaVindicator09/20/1876 – 09/20/18761Newspaper Archives
BartlesvilleBartlesville Examiner-Enterprise06/29/2004 – CurrentObituaries
BeaverBeaver herald02/07/1895 – 12/28/19221368Newspaper Archives
BethanyBethany Tribune12/07/2012 – CurrentObituaries
BlackwellBlackwell Journal-Tribune07/03/2013 – 09/18/2018Obituaries
Broken ArrowBroken Arrow Ledger03/15/2006 – 12/08/2018Obituaries
Bryan CountyBryan County News11/07/2019 – CurrentObituaries
CaddoCaddo Free Press11/01/1878 – 11/01/18781Newspaper Archives
CaddoOklahoma Star08/21/1874 – 07/27/18762Newspaper Archives
ChickashaExpress Star03/31/2006 – CurrentObituaries
ChickashaChickasha daily express09/01/1900 – 12/30/19226212Newspaper Archives
ClaremoreClaremore Daily Progress07/03/2007 – CurrentObituaries
CowetaCoweta American03/13/2006 – 09/13/2016Obituaries
DarlingtonCheyenne transporter08/25/1880 – 08/12/1886132Newspaper Archives
DoaksvilleChoctaw Intelligencer04/02/1851 – 04/02/18511Newspaper Archives
DuncanDuncan Banner04/26/2006 – CurrentObituaries
DurantDurant Daily Democrat12/15/2003 – CurrentObituaries
DurantDurant weekly news08/12/1904 – 12/29/1922466Newspaper Archives
EdmondEdmond Sun10/24/2005 – 04/30/2020Obituaries
ElginFarmers’ champion11/14/1912 – 12/28/1921268Newspaper Archives
EnidEnid News and Eagle08/01/2008 – CurrentObituaries
EufaulaIndian Journal01/16/1878 – 07/06/18952Newspaper Archives
FairlandAmerican10/04/2012 – CurrentObituaries
Fort WashitaChickasaw Intelligencer04/21/1855 – 04/21/18551Newspaper Archives
FrederickFrederick Press-Leader12/03/2006 – CurrentObituaries
Ft. GibsonFt. Gibson Times01/05/2010 – 07/11/2011Obituaries
GroveGrove Sun02/25/2008 – CurrentObituaries
GuthrieLangston City Herald04/30/1892 – 07/30/189214Newspaper Archives
GuthrieGuthrie News Leader01/10/2014 – CurrentObituaries
GuthrieGuthrie daily leader09/03/1893 – 12/30/19228546Newspaper Archives
GuymonGuymon Daily Herald05/30/2008 – CurrentObituaries
HobartHobart Daily Republican01/04/1907 – 06/30/19203656Newspaper Archives
HobartHobart Democrat01/10/1908 – 07/01/19095Newspaper Archives
HobartHobart Weekly Chief07/02/1908 – 12/31/190821Newspaper Archives
KrebsOklahoma miner04/11/1912 – 02/09/1922141Newspaper Archives
LangstonLangston City Herald11/14/1891 – 03/30/189342Newspaper Archives
LangstonLangston City Herald11/17/1892 – 05/07/189865Newspaper Archives
LawtonLawton Constitution10/01/2006 – CurrentObituaries
McAlesterMcAlester News-Capital & Democrat12/04/2007 – CurrentObituaries
MiamiMiami News-Record12/03/1999 – CurrentObituaries
MiamiMiami District Daily News08/19/1917 – 01/31/19231627Newspaper Archives
MiamiMiami Record-Herald07/28/1899 – 10/09/1903161Newspaper Archives
MiamiMiami Weekly Herald09/23/1899 – 11/20/1903116Newspaper Archives
Midwest CityMidwest City Sun07/10/2008 – 10/19/2009Obituaries
MooreAmerican01/03/2007 – CurrentObituaries
MuskogeeMuskogee Daily Phoenix and Times-Democrat02/18/2004 – CurrentObituaries
MuskogeeMuskogee cimeter06/02/1904 – 08/27/1920298Newspaper Archives
NormanNorman Transcript09/19/2007 – CurrentObituaries
NowataNowata Star10/03/2012 – CurrentObituaries
Oklahoma CityOklahoman11/02/1981 – CurrentObituaries
Oklahoma CityOklahoman, The: Web Edition Articles12/14/2013 – CurrentObituaries
Oklahoma CityDaily Oklahoman01/25/1898 – 12/31/19131849Newspaper Archives
Oklahoma CityGuide10/06/1898 – 08/01/1903171Newspaper Archives
Oklahoma CityJournal Record10/12/2001 – CurrentObituaries
Oklahoma CityOklahoma City times12/03/1914 – 03/09/19201587Newspaper Archives
Oklahoma CityJournal Record Legislative Report09/22/2003 – CurrentObituaries
Oklahoma CityNBC – 4 KFOR01/02/2019 – CurrentObituaries
OwassoOwasso Reporter03/01/2006 – CurrentObituaries
Pauls ValleyPauls Valley Daily Democrat09/08/2007 – CurrentObituaries
PawhuskaPawhuska Journal-Capital07/01/2004 – CurrentObituaries
PawhuskaIndian Herald04/01/1876 – 04/01/18761Newspaper Archives
PerryPerry Daily Journal12/04/2012 – CurrentObituaries
PerryNoble County Sentinel10/03/1901 – 09/01/190496Newspaper Archives
PerryPerry Republican01/01/1914 – 12/28/1922466Newspaper Archives
PoteauPoteau Daily News & Sun07/29/2009 – CurrentObituaries
PryorDaily Times12/26/2007 – 04/21/2017Obituaries
Sacred HeartIndian advocate01/01/1893 – 03/01/1910133Newspaper Archives
Sand SpringsSand Springs Leader03/18/2006 – CurrentObituaries
ShawneeShawnee News-Star10/08/2009 – CurrentObituaries
SkiatookSkiatook Journal03/13/2006 – CurrentObituaries
StillwaterStillwater News Press09/11/2007 – CurrentObituaries
TahlequahTahlequah Daily Press12/29/2005 – CurrentObituaries
TahlequahCherokee Advocate01/23/1845 – 07/03/1897950Newspaper Archives
TulsaNative American Times10/27/2009 – 07/29/2016Obituaries
TulsaTulsa World01/01/1989 – CurrentObituaries
TulsaTulsa World11/27/1810 – 12/31/196016567Newspaper Archives
TulsaTulsa Business & Legal News07/05/2006 – 04/14/2017Obituaries
TulsaMorning Tulsa daily world12/21/1905 – 12/31/19224308Newspaper Archives
TulsaTulsa star04/11/1913 – 01/29/1921207Newspaper Archives
TuttleTuttle Times03/29/2006 – 01/27/2010Obituaries
VinitaVinita Daily Journal11/10/2012 – CurrentObituaries
VinitaDaily chieftain10/03/1898 – 12/15/19021287Newspaper Archives
VinitaDaily Indian chieftain09/23/1891 – 10/06/18926Newspaper Archives
VinitaIndian chieftain09/29/1882 – 12/18/19021037Newspaper Archives
VinitaVinita daily chieftain12/16/1902 – 01/31/19132326Newspaper Archives
VinitaVinita weekly chieftain12/25/1902 – 03/19/1908266Newspaper Archives
VinitaWeekly chieftain03/26/1908 – 12/27/1912244Newspaper Archives
VinitaGrand Laker05/23/2013 – CurrentObituaries
WagonerWagoner Tribune03/16/2006 – 09/13/2016Obituaries
WagonerWagoner County American-Tribune09/18/2016 – CurrentObituaries
WaurikaWaurika News Democrat02/11/2010 – 01/23/2015Obituaries
WeatherfordWeatherford Daily News11/27/2012 – CurrentObituaries
WoodwardWoodward News04/26/2010 – CurrentObituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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