New York Archives: 902 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from New York, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online NY newspaper archives: 902 titles to help you search your family history in the “Empire State,” providing coverage from 1730 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online New York newspaper archives!

Photo: New York City, New York
Photo: New York City, New York. Credit: Anthony Quintano; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your ancestors from New York in these newspapers. Our NY newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search New York Newspaper Archives (1730 – 1998)

Search New York Recent Obituaries (1986 – Today)

Illustration: New York state flag
Illustration: New York state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a partial list of New York newspapers in the online archives; to see the full list, click here. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The NY newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
AdamsSouth Jeff Journal08/27/2014 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbanyAlbany Argus01/26/1813 – 04/17/18553025Newspaper Archives
AlbanyKnickerbocker News03/12/1986 – 04/15/1988Recent Obituaries
AlbanyRough and Ready09/28/1848 – 09/28/18481Newspaper Archives
AlbanyTocsin of Liberty12/17/1841 – 12/17/18411Newspaper Archives
AlbanyTimes Union03/08/1986 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbanyTimes Union, The: Web Edition Articles01/22/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbanyAlbany Advertiser09/30/1815 – 03/22/1817153Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Centinel07/04/1797 – 12/31/1805763Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Chronicle09/19/1796 – 04/09/179857Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Daily Advertiser09/25/1815 – 03/24/1817242Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Evening Journal06/12/1834 – 12/30/187612240Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Gazette01/03/1788 – 03/23/18212061Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Journal, or, the Montgomery, Washington and Columbia Intelligencer02/02/1788 – 05/11/178937Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Register04/06/1789 – 11/25/18221573Newspaper Archives
AlbanyBalance01/04/1809 – 12/24/1811256Newspaper Archives
AlbanyDaily Albany Argus12/28/1825 – 12/29/18763307Newspaper Archives
AlbanyGeographical and Military Museum02/28/1814 – 06/06/181415Newspaper Archives
AlbanyGuardian11/21/1807 – 11/12/180853Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew-York Democrat10/07/1846 – 10/07/18461Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew-York Gazetteer, or, Northern Intelligencer07/15/1782 – 05/01/178448Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew-York Statesman05/16/1820 – 09/21/182169Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNorthern Star and Freeman’s Advocate02/03/1842 – 01/02/184311Newspaper Archives
AlbanyPlough Boy06/05/1819 – 01/05/1822135Newspaper Archives
AlbanyRepublican Crisis11/11/1806 – 12/27/1808114Newspaper Archives
AlbanyRough-hewer02/20/1840 – 12/24/184040Newspaper Archives
AlbanySigns of the Times10/13/1827 – 11/08/182853Newspaper Archives
AlbanySojourner-Herald04/01/1995 – 11/01/199827Newspaper Archives
AlbanyTemperance Recorder05/07/1833 – 11/05/18332Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Christian Register09/27/1828 – 05/09/182929Newspaper Archives
AlbanyFarmers’, Mechanics’ and Workingmen’s Advocate07/17/1830 – 06/07/183171Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew York Farmer11/27/1852 – 11/27/18521Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Religious Spectator11/02/1844 – 10/25/184552Newspaper Archives
AlbanyBusy Bee01/01/1854 – 01/01/18541Newspaper Archives
AlbanyVoice of Industry04/29/1854 – 04/29/18541Newspaper Archives
AlbanyChristian Herald and Messenger04/03/1851 – 04/03/18511Newspaper Archives
AlexanderFarmers’ and Mechanics’ Journal05/19/1838 – 05/19/18381Newspaper Archives
AltonaNorth Countryman08/05/2011 – 07/30/2015Recent Obituaries
AmherstAmherst Bee10/05/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AmityvilleAmityville Record10/07/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ArmonkArmonk Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AuburnCitizen07/09/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AuburnAuburn Daily Bulletin02/16/1870 – 12/30/18762117Newspaper Archives
AuburnAuburn Journal and Advertiser05/31/1837 – 12/30/1846486Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Chief01/04/1849 – 07/15/1856362Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Patriot11/21/1827 – 04/02/183412Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Republican03/31/1819 – 01/16/183330Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Tocsin06/02/1813 – 07/06/181423Newspaper Archives
AuburnCoon Killer09/06/1844 – 09/06/18441Newspaper Archives
AuburnGospel Messenger01/20/1827 – 04/27/1833294Newspaper Archives
AuburnNorthern Christian Advocate12/20/1848 – 09/21/186454Newspaper Archives
AuburnWest Onondaga County Journal04/11/2012 – 04/26/2017Recent Obituaries
BabylonBabylon Beacon10/08/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BaldwinsvilleBaldwinsville Messenger08/05/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Ballston SpaAmerican Examiner06/06/1856 – 06/06/18561Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaBallston Spa Gazette10/17/1821 – 10/04/1825206Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaIndependent American09/27/1808 – 05/06/1818446Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaPeople’s Watch-Tower05/13/1818 – 04/05/18206Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaRural Visiter, and Saratoga Advertiser05/05/1812 – 06/23/18122Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Advertiser11/12/1804 – 03/10/1812103Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Courier12/06/1815 – 10/15/181711Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Journal02/01/1814 – 06/11/181731Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Patriot08/19/1812 – 12/28/181326Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Register, or, Farmer’s Journal09/05/1798 – 11/21/17982Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Farmer01/17/1821 – 02/07/18213Newspaper Archives
BataviaBatavian04/25/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BataviaDaily News03/24/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BataviaRepublican Advocate11/16/1811 – 11/23/182792Newspaper Archives
BataviaBatavia Times, and Farmers and Mechanics’ Journal11/19/1840 – 11/19/18401Newspaper Archives
BathSteuben Courier Advocate11/09/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BathSteuben Farmers’ Advocate02/12/1840 – 08/25/18765Newspaper Archives
BathFarmer’s Gazette07/22/1817 – 07/22/18171Newspaper Archives
BedfordBedford Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BellmoreBellmore Herald Life12/03/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BethlehemBethlehem Spotlight08/05/2011 – 12/16/2015Recent Obituaries
BinghamtonBinghamton University Pipe Dream11/01/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BinghamtonBroome County Patriot11/10/1812 – 05/18/181328Newspaper Archives
BinghamtonPolitical Olio05/25/1813 – 04/05/18147Newspaper Archives
Briarcliff ManorBriarcliff Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Brighton, PittsfordBrighton-Pittsford Post10/28/2009 – 02/09/2017Recent Obituaries
Brighton, Pittsford, FairportBrighton-Pittsford-Fairport-East Rochester-Henrietta Post11/23/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrockportBrockport Free Press, and Farmer’s and Mechanick’s Advocate04/13/1831 – 01/11/18323Newspaper Archives
Brockport, SpencerportBrockport-Spencerport Post07/13/2000 – 06/05/2008Recent Obituaries
BronxRiverdale Press11/04/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BronxvilleBronxville Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BronxvilleTown Report08/25/2006 – 01/10/2013Recent Obituaries
BrooklynBay News & Brooklyn Graphic05/02/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynBay Ridge Courier08/11/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynBrooklyn Courier05/02/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynBrooklynEagle.com11/26/2003 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynCanarsie Courier12/21/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynGreenpoint Star & Weekly Northside News11/17/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynHaitian Times01/25/2007 – 03/02/2013Recent Obituaries
BrooklynKings Courier09/30/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynMill-Marine Courier05/02/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynOur Time Press09/13/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynBrooklyn Colonia Latina01/08/1938 – 01/08/19381Newspaper Archives
BrooklynBrooklyn Minerva, and Long-Island Advertiser10/21/1807 – 12/09/180714Newspaper Archives
BrooklynCaribe09/08/1923 – 10/06/19232Newspaper Archives
BrooklynCurioso04/07/1934 – 06/01/193537Newspaper Archives
BrooklynEspana Libre11/03/1939 – 12/25/1942165Newspaper Archives
BrooklynGuaimaro09/26/1895 – 01/02/189615Newspaper Archives
BrooklynLong Island Weekly Intelligencer07/03/1806 – 01/01/18077Newspaper Archives
BrooklynLong-Island Star06/08/1809 – 12/27/1820256Newspaper Archives
BuffaloBuffalo Campaign Republic10/01/1856 – 10/01/18561Newspaper Archives
BuffaloBuffalo News01/01/1989 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BuffaloCampaign Courier10/22/1856 – 10/22/18561Newspaper Archives
BuffaloNiagara Journal07/04/1815 – 07/06/181935Newspaper Archives
BuffaloAmerican Celt, and Catholic Citizen08/14/1852 – 05/28/18532Newspaper Archives
BuffaloCatholic Union04/22/1875 – 04/13/187651Newspaper Archives
BuffaloBuffalo Christian Advocate01/03/1856 – 09/28/187658Newspaper Archives
BuffaloTaglicher Buffalo Volksfreund10/23/1876 – 10/23/18761Newspaper Archives
BuffaloWochentlicher Buffalo Volksfreund09/01/1876 – 09/01/18761Newspaper Archives
BuffaloBuffalo News, The: Web Edition Articles07/21/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CanandaiguaDaily Messenger08/26/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CanandaiguaOntario Messenger11/25/1806 – 10/20/1818198Newspaper Archives
CanandaiguaOntario Repository10/31/1809 – 08/27/182728Newspaper Archives
CanandaiguaWestern Repository11/01/1803 – 12/08/180716Newspaper Archives
CantonSt. Lawrence Plaindealer01/16/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CarthageCarthage Republican Tribune04/28/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CatskillDaily Mail01/03/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CatskillAmerican Eagle08/03/1808 – 05/08/1811102Newspaper Archives
CatskillCatskill Packet08/06/1792 – 12/26/1795177Newspaper Archives
CatskillCatskill Recorder07/02/1804 – 04/18/1833155Newspaper Archives
CatskillGreene County Republican11/15/1826 – 12/24/182884Newspaper Archives
CatskillWestern Constellation11/09/1801 – 10/31/180347Newspaper Archives
CazenoviaCazenovia Republican08/05/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CazenoviaPilot08/10/1808 – 08/07/1823474Newspaper Archives
CazenoviaUnion Herald05/11/1838 – 04/11/1840100Newspaper Archives
Central SquareCitizen Outlet04/15/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ChappaquaChappaqua Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CheektowagaCheektowaga Bee04/01/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Cherry ValleyCherry-Valley Gazette10/08/1818 – 07/12/1825158Newspaper Archives
Cherry ValleyOtsego Republican Press08/14/1812 – 08/06/181345Newspaper Archives
Cicero, North SyracuseEagle Star-Review08/05/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ClarenceClarence Bee04/07/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Clifton Park, HalfmoonYour Clifton Park & Halfmoon12/16/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CohoesCohoes Democrat09/30/1876 – 09/30/18761Newspaper Archives
ColonieColonie Spotlight08/05/2011 – 08/05/2015Recent Obituaries
CooperstownCooperstown Crier03/04/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CooperstownCooperstown Federalist06/03/1809 – 02/02/1815178Newspaper Archives
CooperstownFreeman’s Journal11/30/1818 – 12/25/182068Newspaper Archives
CooperstownImpartial Observer10/22/1808 – 05/27/180932Newspaper Archives
CooperstownOtsego Herald04/03/1795 – 01/29/18211289Newspaper Archives
CooperstownWatch-Tower05/18/1814 – 11/28/1831635Newspaper Archives
CorningLeader10/07/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CortlandtCortlandt Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Croton-on-HudsonCroton Daily Voice06/06/2011 – 11/13/2012Recent Obituaries
DansvilleGenesee Country Express05/14/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
DelmarSpotlightNews.com08/08/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Delmar, GuilderlandGuilderland Spotlight08/05/2011 – 11/11/2015Recent Obituaries
DeRuyterProtestant Sentinel02/21/1837 – 03/14/18373Newspaper Archives
Dobbs FerryDobbs Ferry Daily Voice06/06/2011 – 06/14/2012Recent Obituaries
East AuroraEast Aurora Bee04/08/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
East HamptonIndependent11/22/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
East MeadowEast Meadow Herald09/17/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
East RochesterEast Rochester Post07/13/2000 – 09/26/2007Recent Obituaries
EastchesterEastchester Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ElizabethtownDenpubs.com02/10/2007 – 07/30/2015Recent Obituaries
ElizabethtownSun08/12/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ElizabethtownValley News08/05/2011 – 07/30/2015Recent Obituaries
ElmontFranklin Square-Elmont Herald11/19/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ElmontThree Village Times11/21/1997 – 06/15/2012Recent Obituaries
Fairport, East RochesterFairport-East Rochester Post10/04/2007 – 10/20/2016Recent Obituaries
FarmingdaleFarmingdale Observer11/21/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FayettevilleFayetteville Luminary, and Reformed Methodist Intelligencer10/03/1839 – 10/03/18391Newspaper Archives
Fayetteville, Manlius, MinoaEagle Bulletin08/05/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Floral ParkFloral Park Dispatch01/18/2007 – 08/17/2016Recent Obituaries
Forest Hills, Rego ParkForest Hills-Rego Park Times08/03/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ForestvilleChautauqua Farmer06/06/1874 – 08/19/18762Newspaper Archives
Freeport, BaldwinLeader12/11/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Fresh MeadowsQueens Tribune07/14/2006 – 11/22/2018Recent Obituaries
Fresh MeadowsSoutheast Queens Press08/08/2006 – 10/11/2007Recent Obituaries
Garden CityBaldwin Herald01/28/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Garden CityGarden City Life11/13/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Garden CityNassau Herald09/04/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Garden CityEco05/01/1930 – 05/15/193227Newspaper Archives
Gates, Chili, GreeceGates-Chili-Greece Post08/29/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeneseoLivingston County News04/29/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeneseoLivingston County News: Web Edition Articles07/01/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GenevaGeneva Gazette06/27/1810 – 02/17/1819214Newspaper Archives
GenevaGeneva Palladium01/10/1816 – 04/30/182838Newspaper Archives
Glen CoveGlen Cove Record Pilot12/04/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Glen CoveGold Coast Gazette09/09/2010 – 03/22/2012Recent Obituaries
Glen CoveGlen Cove Herald Gazette07/26/2018 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GlendaleGlendale Register08/03/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Glens FallsPost-Star10/17/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GoshenChronicle06/02/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GoshenGoshen Repository03/21/1797 – 12/25/179837Newspaper Archives
GoshenOrange County Gazette05/20/1806 – 05/02/181589Newspaper Archives
GoshenOrange County Patriot; or, The Spirit of Seventy-Six01/01/1811 – 12/31/1821461Newspaper Archives
GoshenOrange Farmer02/12/1820 – 07/07/182326Newspaper Archives
Grand IslandIsland Dispatch09/02/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Great NeckGreat Neck Record12/11/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GreeceGreece Post07/13/2000 – 09/08/2016Recent Obituaries
GreenburghGreenburgh Daily Voice06/06/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HamiltonMid-York Weekly03/24/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HamiltonPolk-er, and Young Hickory Advocate06/13/1844 – 06/13/18441Newspaper Archives
HamiltonMadison Farmer11/05/1828 – 05/06/18295Newspaper Archives
HarlemPeople’s Community News05/10/1970 – 05/10/19701Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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