New York Archives: 586 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

New York is one of the nation’s original 13 states, and is now the 27th largest state in the U.S. – and the 4th most populous, thanks primarily to the New York City Metropolitan Area. Founded by the Dutch in 1625 as New Amsterdam, New York City has grown to become arguably the cultural and financial center of the world.

photo of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor
Photo: the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Credit: William Warby; Wikimedia Commons.

If you are researching your family roots in New York, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online NY newspaper archives: 586 titles to help you search your family history in “The Empire State,” providing news coverage, family stories and vital statistics from 1733 to Today. There are currently more than 31 million newspaper articles and records in our online New York archives!

Dig deep into our archives and search for obituaries and other news articles about your New York ancestors in these recent and historical NY newspapers online. Our New York newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

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Here is a partial list of online New York newspapers in the archives (there are too many links to fit into one Blog posting; we cannot present a complete list). Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The NY newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleDate Range*Collection
AlbanyAlbany Evening Journal6/12/1834 – 12/30/1876Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Argus1/26/1813 – 4/17/1855Newspaper Archives
AlbanyDaily Albany Argus1/6/1826 – 12/29/1876Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Register4/6/1789 – 11/25/1822Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Centinel7/4/1797 – 12/31/1805Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Gazette1/3/1788 – 3/23/1821Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Daily Advertiser9/25/1815 – 3/24/1817Newspaper Archives
AlbanyBalance1/4/1809 – 12/24/1811Newspaper Archives
AlbanyRepublican Crisis11/11/1806 – 12/27/1808Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew-York Statesman5/16/1820 – 9/21/1821Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Chronicle9/19/1796 – 4/9/1798Newspaper Archives
AlbanySigns of the Times10/13/1827 – 11/8/1828Newspaper Archives
AlbanyPlough Boy6/5/1819 – 12/30/1820Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNew-York Gazetteer, or, Northern Intelligencer7/15/1782 – 5/1/1784Newspaper Archives
AlbanySojourner-Herald4/1/1995 – 11/1/1998Newspaper Archives
AlbanyGuardian11/21/1807 – 11/12/1808Newspaper Archives
AlbanyAlbany Journal, or, the Montgomery, Washington and Columbia Intelligencer2/2/1788 – 5/11/1789Newspaper Archives
AlbanyGeographical and Military Museum2/28/1814 – 6/6/1814Newspaper Archives
AlbanyNorthern Star and Freeman’s Advocate2/3/1842 – 1/2/1843Newspaper Archives
AlbanyTemperance Recorder5/7/1833 – 11/5/1833Newspaper Archives
AlbanyTimes Union3/8/1986 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbanyKnickerbocker News3/12/1986 – 4/15/1988Recent Obituaries
AuburnAuburn Daily Bulletin2/16/1870 – 12/30/1876Newspaper Archives
AuburnAuburn Journal and Advertiser5/31/1837 – 12/30/1846Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Chief1/4/1849 – 7/15/1856Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Tocsin6/2/1813 – 7/6/1814Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Republican3/31/1819 – 1/16/1833Newspaper Archives
AuburnCayuga Patriot11/21/1827 – 4/2/1834Newspaper Archives
AuburnCitizen7/9/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Ballston SpaIndependent American9/27/1808 – 5/6/1818Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaBallston Spa Gazette10/17/1821 – 10/4/1825Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Advertiser11/12/1804 – 3/10/1812Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Patriot8/19/1812 – 12/28/1813Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Journal2/1/1814 – 6/11/1817Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Courier12/6/1815 – 10/15/1817Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaPeople’s Watch-Tower5/13/1818 – 4/5/1820Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Farmer1/17/1821 – 2/7/1821Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaSaratoga Register, or, Farmer’s Journal9/5/1798 – 11/21/1798Newspaper Archives
Ballston SpaRural Visiter, and Saratoga Advertiser5/5/1812 – 6/23/1812Newspaper Archives
BataviaRepublican Advocate11/16/1811 – 11/23/1827Newspaper Archives
BataviaBatavian4/25/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BataviaDaily News3/24/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BinghamtonBroome County Patriot11/10/1812 – 5/18/1813Newspaper Archives
BinghamtonPolitical Olio5/25/1813 – 4/5/1814Newspaper Archives
BinghamtonBinghamton University Pipe Dream11/1/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynLong-Island Star6/8/1809 – 12/27/1820Newspaper Archives
BrooklynEspana Libre11/3/1939 – 12/25/1942Newspaper Archives
BrooklynCurioso4/7/1934 – 6/1/1935Newspaper Archives
BrooklynBrooklyn Minerva, and Long-Island Advertiser10/21/1807 – 12/9/1807Newspaper Archives
BrooklynGuaimaro9/26/1895 – 1/2/1896Newspaper Archives
BrooklynLong Island Weekly Intelligencer7/3/1806 – 1/1/1807Newspaper Archives
BrooklynCaribe9/8/1923 – 10/6/1923Newspaper Archives
BrooklynColonia Latina1/8/1938 – 1/8/1938Newspaper Archives
BrooklynCanarsie Courier12/21/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynBrooklynEagle.com11/26/2003 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynGreenpoint Star & Weekly Northside News11/17/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynHaitian Times1/25/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BrooklynOur Time Press9/13/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BuffaloNiagara Journal7/4/1815 – 7/6/1819Newspaper Archives
BuffaloBuffalo News1/1/1989 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
IthacaIthaca Journal7/16/1823 – 12/28/1831Newspaper Archives
IthacaAmerican Journal8/20/1817 – 7/16/1823Newspaper Archives
IthacaIthaca Herald8/31/1836 – 10/4/1837Newspaper Archives
IthacaRepublican Chronicle9/6/1820 – 12/25/1822Newspaper Archives
IthacaIthaca Gazette and Religious Intelligencer6/5/1817 – 6/5/1817Newspaper Archives
IthacaSeneca Republican10/21/1815 – 10/21/1815Newspaper Archives
KingstonRondout Freeman7/19/1845 – 9/18/1847Newspaper Archives
KingstonPlebeian8/3/1803 – 12/27/1805Newspaper Archives
KingstonRising Sun12/14/1793 – 1/13/1798Newspaper Archives
KingstonUlster Gazette7/24/1802 – 5/30/1821Newspaper Archives
KingstonFarmer’s Register10/6/1792 – 9/14/1793Newspaper Archives
Long IslandHerald Community Newspapers8/17/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Long IslandNewsday1/1/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Long IslandQueens Gazette5/9/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkEvening Post11/16/1801 – 12/30/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkCommercial Advertiser10/2/1797 – 12/30/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Tribune1/1/1856 – 12/30/1899Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Herald10/15/1844 – 12/31/1898Newspaper Archives
New YorkMercantile Advertiser11/10/1798 – 12/30/1820Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Gazette2/16/1759 – 10/31/1821Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew Yorker Volkszeitung1/6/1889 – 10/12/1932Newspaper Archives
New YorkDaily Advertiser3/16/1785 – 6/1/1809Newspaper Archives
New YorkSpectator10/4/1797 – 9/29/1851Newspaper Archives
New YorkColumbian11/1/1809 – 6/30/1821Newspaper Archives
New YorkNational Advocate12/15/1812 – 1/31/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmerican Citizen3/10/1800 – 11/19/1810Newspaper Archives
New YorkDaily People7/1/1900 – 2/22/1914Newspaper Archives
New YorkCourrier des Etats-Unis12/1/1849 – 3/31/1891Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Daily Advertiser4/9/1817 – 7/27/1836Newspaper Archives
New YorkWall Street Daily News5/1/1879 – 11/16/1907Newspaper Archives
New YorkPrensa7/19/1919 – 12/31/1929Newspaper Archives
New YorkIrish American Weekly8/12/1849 – 7/4/1914Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Daily Gazette12/29/1788 – 4/25/1795Newspaper Archives
New YorkPublic Advertiser1/5/1807 – 2/22/1813Newspaper Archives
New YorkMorning Chronicle10/1/1802 – 6/15/1807Newspaper Archives
New YorkFrank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper12/15/1855 – 12/23/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkDaily Graphic3/4/1873 – 2/28/1877Newspaper Archives
New YorkDiary2/15/1792 – 12/30/1797Newspaper Archives
New YorkJewish Daily News1/2/1916 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Herald1/2/1802 – 11/15/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkJewish Messenger1/2/1857 – 12/26/1902Newspaper Archives
New YorkCourier1/16/1815 – 4/8/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkTruth7/6/1880 – 1/7/1884Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmerican3/3/1819 – 12/31/1834Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Journal10/16/1766 – 6/12/1811Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Packet11/13/1783 – 1/26/1792Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Gazette, and Weekly Mercury2/1/1768 – 11/10/1783Newspaper Archives
New YorkIrish World1/11/1890 – 4/8/1905Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmerican Minerva12/9/1793 – 4/30/1796Newspaper Archives
New YorkRepublican Watch-Tower3/19/1800 – 11/16/1810Newspaper Archives
New YorkJewish Morning Journal1/2/1910 – 12/31/1915Newspaper Archives
New YorkMinerva5/2/1796 – 9/30/1797Newspaper Archives
New YorkArgus5/11/1795 – 12/31/1796Newspaper Archives
New YorkGreenleaf’s New York Journal1/1/1794 – 3/8/1800Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Mercury8/31/1752 – 1/25/1768Newspaper Archives
New YorkVorwarts11/19/1892 – 12/30/1922Newspaper Archives
New YorkWeekly Museum9/20/1788 – 4/26/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkStatesman8/20/1812 – 12/31/1825Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York American1/3/1898 – 12/31/1898Newspaper Archives
New YorkSunday Mercury1/2/1870 – 12/28/1879Newspaper Archives
New YorkRoyal Gazette12/13/1777 – 11/19/1783Newspaper Archives
New YorkSocialist Call3/23/1935 – 3/21/1962Newspaper Archives
New YorkPomeroy’s Democrat1/6/1869 – 12/25/1875Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Gazette, or Weekly Post-Boy1/19/1747 – 12/31/1770Newspaper Archives
New YorkPeople’s Friend8/25/1806 – 8/3/1807Newspaper Archives
New YorkIndependent Journal11/17/1783 – 12/24/1788Newspaper Archives
New YorkWeekly Herald8/1/1840 – 12/26/1857Newspaper Archives
New YorkArbeiter Zeitung11/28/1874 – 11/15/1902Newspaper Archives
New YorkWorker4/28/1901 – 12/19/1908Newspaper Archives
New YorkPeople4/5/1891 – 3/30/1901Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Ledger4/19/1856 – 2/22/1868Newspaper Archives
New YorkProgresso Italo-Americano9/21/1884 – 12/27/1889Newspaper Archives
New YorkEco D’Italia1/1/1890 – 12/31/1896Newspaper Archives
New YorkNovedades1/5/1888 – 12/21/1918Newspaper Archives
New YorkOracle and Daily Advertiser1/1/1808 – 9/10/1808Newspaper Archives
New YorkNueva Democracia1/1/1920 – 10/1/1948Newspaper Archives
New YorkCristoforo Colombo1/6/1891 – 9/7/1893Newspaper Archives
New YorkGrafico10/21/1916 – 12/5/1953Newspaper Archives
New YorkHerald6/4/1794 – 9/30/1797Newspaper Archives
New YorkEmancipator5/18/1833 – 2/11/1842Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Evangelist6/16/1870 – 7/26/1877Newspaper Archives
New YorkChronicle Express11/25/1802 – 5/17/1804Newspaper Archives
New YorkSozialist1/3/1885 – 11/12/1892Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Price-Current1/2/1797 – 12/31/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkMercury9/28/1831 – 11/4/1847Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Weekly Journal1/7/1733 – 12/3/1750Newspaper Archives
New YorkShamrock12/15/1810 – 8/16/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkTime Piece3/13/1797 – 8/30/1798Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Evening Post12/17/1744 – 12/18/1752Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Age11/2/1889 – 11/19/1892Newspaper Archives
New YorkWeekly Visitor And Ladies’ Museum11/1/1817 – 10/25/1823Newspaper Archives
New YorkPuerto Rico en Marcha2/20/1943 – 4/21/1969Newspaper Archives
New YorkFiaccola9/5/1912 – 2/10/1921Newspaper Archives
New YorkRivington’s New York Gazetteer4/22/1773 – 11/23/1775Newspaper Archives
New YorkGaelic American10/7/1905 – 9/28/1907Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Morning Post6/2/1783 – 6/12/1792Newspaper Archives
New YorkColumbian Gazetteer8/22/1793 – 11/13/1794Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Morning Herald2/1/1830 – 9/11/1830Newspaper Archives
New YorkPatron of Industry6/28/1820 – 6/27/1821Newspaper Archives
New YorkEcos de Nueva York2/26/1950 – 1/6/1957Newspaper Archives
New YorkHodges’ Journal of Finance and Bank Note Reporter1/1/1861 – 1/15/1863Newspaper Archives
New YorkIrish Nation11/26/1881 – 10/6/1883Newspaper Archives
New YorkLog Cabin5/2/1840 – 11/20/1841Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Globe1/6/1883 – 11/8/1884Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Freeman1/2/1886 – 10/8/1887Newspaper Archives
New YorkIberica1/21/1953 – 12/15/1964Newspaper Archives
New YorkFur Worker10/17/1916 – 4/1/1931Newspaper Archives
New YorkGazette of the United States4/15/1789 – 10/13/1790Newspaper Archives
New YorkFreedom’s Journal3/16/1827 – 3/28/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkWar6/18/1812 – 9/6/1814Newspaper Archives
New YorkDoctrina de Marti7/25/1896 – 5/6/1898Newspaper Archives
New YorkSociale Republik4/24/1858 – 5/26/1860Newspaper Archives
New YorkArtes y Letras10/21/1933 – 10/21/1939Newspaper Archives
New YorkIrish Citizen10/19/1867 – 10/10/1868Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Spy11/18/1806 – 11/11/1807Newspaper Archives
New YorkWestern Star, And, Harp of Erin5/16/1812 – 5/1/1813Newspaper Archives
New YorkRegister of the Times6/3/1796 – 6/27/1798Newspaper Archives
New YorkUniversalist Union11/4/1837 – 11/3/1838Newspaper Archives
New YorkOlio1/27/1813 – 2/5/1814Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmerican Sentinel1/2/1890 – 1/29/1891Newspaper Archives
New YorkGazette Francaise1/3/1798 – 10/4/1799Newspaper Archives
New YorkNueva Voz7/29/1962 – 9/1/1965Newspaper Archives
New YorkColored American3/4/1837 – 4/19/1838Newspaper Archives
New YorkWeekly Inspector8/30/1806 – 8/22/1807Newspaper Archives
New YorkMilitary Monitor, and American Register6/18/1812 – 11/6/1813Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Chronicle5/22/1769 – 1/4/1770Newspaper Archives
New YorkIndependent Gazette12/13/1783 – 3/11/1784Newspaper Archives
New YorkConstitutional Gazette8/9/1775 – 8/28/1776Newspaper Archives
New YorkPrisoner of Hope5/3/1800 – 8/23/1800Newspaper Archives
New YorkRoyal American Gazette4/10/1777 – 8/7/1783Newspaper Archives
New YorkLiberacion5/3/1946 – 4/9/1949Newspaper Archives
New YorkExile1/4/1817 – 10/18/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkObserver2/19/1809 – 4/21/1811Newspaper Archives
New YorkOgnisko7/14/1887 – 6/22/1889Newspaper Archives
New YorkLadies’ Weekly Museum, or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction5/3/1817 – 10/25/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Weekly Chronicle4/30/1795 – 10/1/1795Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Semi-Weekly Express12/10/1836 – 2/27/1852Newspaper Archives
New YorkFlash10/31/1841 – 12/10/1842Newspaper Archives
New YorkTrue Sun5/24/1847 – 2/25/1848Newspaper Archives
New YorkRivington’s New-York Gazette, and Universal Advertiser11/22/1783 – 12/31/1783Newspaper Archives
New YorkRedactor1/22/1831 – 12/31/1831Newspaper Archives
New YorkPuerto Rico y Nueva York11/21/1954 – 5/21/1955Newspaper Archives
New YorkWashington Republican, or, True American7/29/1809 – 1/13/1810Newspaper Archives
New YorkMott and Hurtin’s New-York Weekly Chronicle1/1/1795 – 4/16/1795Newspaper Archives
New YorkNational Advocate for the Country12/20/1825 – 6/12/1827Newspaper Archives
New YorkEco Antillano10/11/1941 – 5/9/1942Newspaper Archives
New YorkRivington’s New-York Loyal Gazette10/18/1777 – 12/6/1777Newspaper Archives
New YorkImpartial Gazetteer, and Saturday Evening’s Post5/17/1788 – 9/13/1788Newspaper Archives
New YorkVoz4/1/1960 – 10/1/1962Newspaper Archives
New YorkIndependent Reflector11/30/1752 – 11/22/1753Newspaper Archives
New YorkPolitical Bulletin and Miscellaneous Repository12/22/1810 – 3/30/1811Newspaper Archives
New YorkCine Variedades7/21/1953 – 4/21/1954Newspaper Archives
New YorkEco de Cuba6/22/1855 – 2/1/1856Newspaper Archives
New YorkPasatiempo3/21/1951 – 5/21/1951Newspaper Archives
New YorkCuba Libre7/27/1895 – 9/12/1895Newspaper Archives
New YorkTemple of Reason11/8/1800 – 2/7/1801Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmericana12/21/1947 – 6/1/1948Newspaper Archives
New YorkCacara Jicara10/9/1897 – 12/13/1897Newspaper Archives
New YorkEpoca de Nueva York12/2/1919 – 12/26/1919Newspaper Archives
New YorkEstrella de Cuba4/16/1870 – 6/29/1870Newspaper Archives
New YorkMulato3/11/1854 – 6/17/1854Newspaper Archives
New YorkAmerica Continental4/1/1956 – 4/1/1956Newspaper Archives
New YorkVida Hispana6/25/1953 – 9/25/1954Newspaper Archives
New YorkCorrector3/28/1804 – 4/26/1804Newspaper Archives
New YorkMensaje8/25/1957 – 3/25/1958Newspaper Archives
New YorkIndependent New-York Gazette11/22/1783 – 12/6/1783Newspaper Archives
New YorkSpirit of ’763/7/1809 – 4/27/1809Newspaper Archives
New YorkIndependiente10/1/1898 – 12/31/1898Newspaper Archives
New YorkM’Dowall’s Journal10/1/1833 – 10/1/1833Newspaper Archives
New YorkSemanario Hispano3/9/1946 – 5/25/1946Newspaper Archives
New YorkLuz9/25/1921 – 11/20/1921Newspaper Archives
New YorkRights of All5/29/1829 – 10/9/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkEcos de Mundo8/6/1960 – 8/13/1960Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlba de Nueva York3/20/1954 – 3/20/1954Newspaper Archives
New YorkCivil Liberties Reporter9/11/1950 – 4/1/1952Newspaper Archives
New YorkCopway’s American Indian8/23/1851 – 9/6/1851Newspaper Archives
New YorkSemanario12/10/1955 – 12/10/1955Newspaper Archives
New YorkHarlem Daily9/23/1965 – 10/12/1965Newspaper Archives
New YorkRivington’s New-York Gazette10/4/1777 – 10/11/1777Newspaper Archives
New YorkMundo Latino5/15/1948 – 5/15/1948Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew York Evening Post for the Country6/12/1829 – 6/12/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkNosotros11/21/1953 – 11/21/1953Newspaper Archives
New YorkNueva York al Dia3/24/1945 – 3/24/1945Newspaper Archives
New YorkFreiheit12/26/1903 – 12/26/1903Newspaper Archives
New YorkPapagayo2/15/1855 – 4/16/1855Newspaper Archives
New YorkYouth’s News Paper9/30/1797 – 11/4/1797Newspaper Archives
New YorkArtistas Hispanos6/21/1948 – 6/21/1948Newspaper Archives
New YorkCronica1/13/1950 – 1/14/1950Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew-York Statesman10/31/1825 – 11/10/1826Newspaper Archives
New YorkObservateur Impartial, et Messager de L’union2/6/1808 – 2/6/1808Newspaper Archives
New YorkExito1/21/1954 – 1/21/1954Newspaper Archives
New YorkBoricua6/23/1948 – 6/23/1948Newspaper Archives
New YorkCrisol5/28/1949 – 5/28/1949Newspaper Archives
New YorkAteneo4/21/1934 – 4/21/1934Newspaper Archives
New YorkPIP8/1/1953 – 8/1/1953Newspaper Archives
New YorkAhora6/12/1950 – 6/19/1950Newspaper Archives
New YorkLiberator9/6/1896 – 9/6/1896Newspaper Archives
New YorkPatria3/14/1892 – 6/25/1895Newspaper Archives
New YorkCosas12/3/1931 – 12/3/1931Newspaper Archives
New YorkUnited States’ Shipping List11/22/1811 – 11/20/1812Newspaper Archives
New YorkMachate Criollo2/27/1927 – 2/27/1927Newspaper Archives
New YorkFrente Hispano6/26/1937 – 6/26/1937Newspaper Archives
New YorkAki Nueva York3/26/1955 – 3/26/1955Newspaper Archives
New YorkCascabeles5/1/1934 – 5/1/1934Newspaper Archives
New YorkRemembrancer6/1/1805 – 6/1/1805Newspaper Archives
New YorkEbenezer3/1/1945 – 6/1/1945Newspaper Archives
New YorkForlorn Hope3/24/1800 – 3/24/1800Newspaper Archives
New YorkBlack Republican and Office-Holder’s Journal8/10/1865 – 8/10/1865Newspaper Archives
New YorkRepublicas Hispanas Unidas12/18/1943 – 12/18/1943Newspaper Archives
New YorkKan-de-la6/3/1949 – 6/3/1949Newspaper Archives
New YorkSoberania4/21/1958 – 4/21/1958Newspaper Archives
New YorkCubano4/26/1890 – 4/26/1890Newspaper Archives
New YorkIllustracion3/1/1945 – 3/1/1945Newspaper Archives
New YorkPorcupine’s Gazette1/13/1800 – 1/13/1800Newspaper Archives
New YorkMetro – New York11/20/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkDowntown Express5/26/2003 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkNew York Observer1/12/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkGay City News7/24/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkNews India-Times11/10/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkVillager11/18/2003 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkNew York Sun6/4/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkFilipino Reporter3/8/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkWest Side Spirit5/17/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkOur Town Downtown3/21/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkChelsea Now10/6/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkOur Town3/12/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkForward5/18/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkCity Hall7/14/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkDesi Talk11/24/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkNew York Post11/22/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkIrish Voice2/15/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkNew York Daily News1/4/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PlattsburghPlattsburgh Republican4/12/1811 – 6/22/1861Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghAmerican Monitor8/4/1809 – 11/10/1810Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghPolitical Observatory4/12/1811 – 8/24/1811Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghNorthern Herald1/11/1812 – 8/26/1814Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghClinton Advertiser11/17/1810 – 1/12/1811Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghPlattsburgh Herald1/20/1815 – 7/21/1815Newspaper Archives
PlattsburghPress-Republican1/28/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PlattsburghBurgh8/5/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PoughkeepsiePoughkeepsie Journal7/14/1789 – 12/13/1845Newspaper Archives
PoughkeepsiePolitical Barometer6/8/1802 – 8/21/1811Newspaper Archives
PoughkeepsieIndependence2/8/1832 – 1/29/1834Newspaper Archives
PoughkeepsieDutchess Observer7/24/1816 – 4/26/1826Newspaper Archives
PoughkeepsieCountry Journal12/15/1785 – 7/7/1789Newspaper Archives
PoughkeepsieUlster Republican1/6/1836 – 11/18/1836Newspaper Archives
SchenectadyCabinet7/24/1810 – 6/1/1858Newspaper Archives
SchenectadyMohawk Mercury2/9/1795 – 3/13/1798Newspaper Archives
SchenectadyWestern Budget7/25/1807 – 5/8/1810Newspaper Archives
SchenectadyDaily Gazette8/16/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SchenectadySchenectady County Spotlight8/5/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracuseNorthern Christian Advocate1/9/1879 – 12/23/1909Newspaper Archives
SyracuseEagle8/5/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracusePost-Standard1/1/1996 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracusePost-Standard, The: Web Edition Articles10/21/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracuseEagle News Online7/24/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracuseSyracuse Herald-Journal12/8/1986 – 8/30/2001Recent Obituaries
SyracusePost-Standard, The: Blogs2/18/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SyracuseSyracuse Herald American12/7/1986 – 9/23/2001Recent Obituaries
TroyTimes7/25/1863 – 3/31/1903Newspaper Archives
TroyFarmers’ Register1/25/1803 – 12/25/1820Newspaper Archives
TroyTroy Gazette9/15/1802 – 3/17/1812Newspaper Archives
TroyAmerican Spy6/17/1791 – 2/27/1798Newspaper Archives
TroyTroy Post9/1/1812 – 3/18/1823Newspaper Archives
TroyRecord4/1/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
UticaColumbian Gazette1/7/1805 – 1/30/1821Newspaper Archives
UticaPatriot2/28/1803 – 12/26/1820Newspaper Archives
UticaPatrol1/5/1815 – 1/1/1816Newspaper Archives
UticaWhitestown Gazette and Cato’s Patrol9/3/1798 – 2/21/1803Newspaper Archives
UticaUtica Club8/25/1814 – 5/15/1815Newspaper Archives
UticaObserver-Dispatch12/21/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WatertownWatertown Daily Times1/5/1870 – 12/30/1922Newspaper Archives
WatertownNew-York Daily Reformer4/22/1861 – 12/31/1869Newspaper Archives
WatertownNew York Reformer9/5/1850 – 4/18/1861Newspaper Archives
WatertownWatertown Daily Times1/20/1988 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersEastchester Rising10/31/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersYonkers Rising11/14/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersWestchester Rising1/16/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersNorth Castle Rising1/23/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersSound View Rising1/16/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
YonkersYonkers Tribune3/8/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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