New Mexico Archives: 169 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from New Mexico, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online NM newspaper archives: 169 titles to help you search your family history in the “Land of Enchantment,” providing coverage from 1844 to Today. There are more than 2.2 million articles and records in our online New Mexico newspaper archives!

Photo: symbols of the southwestern states, a string of chili peppers and a bleached cow’s skull, found at a market near Santa Fe, New Mexico
Photo: symbols of the southwestern states, a string of chili peppers and a bleached cow’s skull, found at a market near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Credit: Andrew Dunn; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your ancestors from New Mexico in these newspapers. Our NM newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search New Mexico Newspaper Archives (1844 – 1973)

Search New Mexico Recent Obituaries (1994 – Current)

Illustration: New Mexico state flag
Illustration: New Mexico state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a complete list of online New Mexico newspapers in the historical archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The NM newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleDate Range * Collection
AlamogordoAlamogordo Daily News09/10/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbuquerqueVoz de Nuevo Mexico09/01/1894 – 09/01/1894Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueUnion de Albuquerque01/20/1893 – 01/20/1893Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueRevista12/05/1881 – 12/05/1881Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerquePueblo02/17/1900 – 02/17/1900Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueOpinion Publica07/02/1892 – 03/02/1907Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueNuevo Mundo05/01/1897 – 09/20/1900Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueNews01/23/1886 – 12/06/1886Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueMorning Journal11/09/1884 – 12/03/1886Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueIndustrial Advertiser12/23/1899 – 12/23/1899Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueIndito11/24/1900 – 04/04/1901Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueHormiga de Oro11/07/1903 – 11/07/1903Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueEstrella Mexicana10/04/1890 – 10/04/1890Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueEstrella Mejicana10/11/1890 – 10/11/1890Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueDefensor del Pueblo06/27/1891 – 05/28/1892Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueDaily Times06/14/1893 – 06/14/1893Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueCombate07/07/1892 – 07/07/1892Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueBandera Americana08/10/1901 – 05/13/1909Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Weekly Press01/20/1863 – 07/12/1864Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Tribune01/01/1997 – 02/14/2008Recent Obituaries
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Morning Democrat01/01/1886 – 12/31/1898Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Journal01/02/1906 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Journal01/06/1995 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Citizen02/10/1887 – 12/31/1900Newspaper Archives
BernalilloEspejo03/08/1879 – 03/08/1879Newspaper Archives
BernalilloAgricultor Moderno03/23/1916 – 03/23/1916Newspaper Archives
BlandBland Herald12/30/1898 – 06/06/1902Newspaper Archives
CarlsbadEddy County Citizen06/13/1893 – 06/27/1893Newspaper Archives
CarlsbadCarlsbad Current-Argus01/28/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ChlorideBlack Range12/29/1882 – 08/06/1897Newspaper Archives
ColumbusColumbus News07/09/1909 – 05/26/1911Newspaper Archives
DemingDeming Tribune12/25/1884 – 12/25/1884Newspaper Archives
DemingDeming Herald04/02/1901 – 03/10/1903Newspaper Archives
DemingDeming Headlight06/03/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
DemingDeming Headlight01/24/1891 – 02/18/1899Newspaper Archives
EddyEddy Argus06/30/1893 – 06/30/1893Newspaper Archives
ElizabethtownRailway Press and Telegraph12/07/1872 – 12/07/1872Newspaper Archives
ElizabethtownMining Bulletin01/04/1900 – 08/11/1900Newspaper Archives
EspanolaGrito del Norte08/24/1968 – 10/08/1972Newspaper Archives
EstanciaNuevas de la Estancia09/01/1905 – 09/01/1905Newspaper Archives
EstanciaEstancia News09/01/1905 – 07/05/1907Newspaper Archives
FarmingtonSan Juan Times06/28/1894 – 05/18/1900Newspaper Archives
FarmingtonDaily Times02/16/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GallupGallup Independent01/02/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GallupGallup Gleaner05/01/1889 – 04/25/1896Newspaper Archives
GrantsCibola County Beacon06/20/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HillsboroSierra County Advocate09/25/1886 – 11/26/1897Newspaper Archives
KingstonKingston Weekly Shaft04/16/1887 – 07/15/1893Newspaper Archives
KingstonKingston Clipper03/08/1884 – 03/08/1884Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesVerdad09/16/1890 – 04/09/1898Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesTiempo11/09/1882 – 07/08/1911Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesThirty-Four04/16/1879 – 11/03/1880Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesPromotor Escolar09/12/1891 – 02/16/1892Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesObservador Fronterizo09/11/1888 – 10/30/1888Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesNewmans Semi-Weekly04/02/1881 – 04/20/1881Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesMesilla Valley Democrat09/02/1886 – 12/02/1890Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesMesilla Valley Bulletin02/02/1934 – 10/21/1938Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesLas Cruces Sun-News02/15/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Las CrucesLas Cruces Progress02/22/1902 – 01/01/1904Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesLas Cruces Daily Times05/08/1889 – 05/10/1889Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesLas Cruces Daily News03/05/1889 – 11/23/1889Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesLabrador09/08/1896 – 06/14/1912Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesIndependent Democrat02/03/1892 – 11/29/1899Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesGaceta Popular10/24/1919 – 12/01/1919Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesFronterizo04/29/1875 – 04/29/1875Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesFlor del Valle02/03/1894 – 10/11/1894Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesEstrella02/01/1911 – 05/18/1935Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesEmpresa09/26/1896 – 06/12/1897Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesEco del Valle11/18/1905 – 05/06/1916Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesEco del Rio Grande02/12/1876 – 03/02/1882Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesDona Ana County Republican03/11/1897 – 02/15/1902Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesDemocrata06/02/1894 – 11/24/1894Newspaper Archives
Las CrucesBorderer07/24/1872 – 01/10/1874Newspaper Archives
Las VegasVoz del Pueblo06/04/1892 – 12/13/1904Newspaper Archives
Las VegasSol de Mayo05/01/1891 – 07/24/1891Newspaper Archives
Las VegasRevista Catolica01/08/1888 – 02/10/1895Newspaper Archives
Las VegasPolitical Comet11/04/1882 – 11/04/1882Newspaper Archives
Las VegasNew Mexico Herald06/25/1879 – 07/30/1879Newspaper Archives
Las VegasMisionero Bautista: Organo Oficial de la Convencion Bautista Hispano-Americana de Nuevo Mexico12/21/1943 – 08/21/1951Newspaper Archives
Las VegasLas Vegas Weekly Optic10/23/1880 – 10/30/1880Newspaper Archives
Las VegasLas Vegas Record01/29/1901 – 04/12/1902Newspaper Archives
Las VegasLas Vegas Optic11/07/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Las VegasLas Vegas Daily Optic03/08/1884 – 10/31/1900Newspaper Archives
Las VegasLas Vegas Daily Gazette07/27/1880 – 01/31/1886Newspaper Archives
Las VegasHispano Americano04/21/1892 – 10/15/1892Newspaper Archives
Las VegasGrito del Norte10/29/1972 – 07/01/1973Newspaper Archives
Las VegasDaily Examiner08/30/1895 – 08/30/1895Newspaper Archives
Las VegasClarin Mexicano10/30/1890 – 10/30/1890Newspaper Archives
Las VegasChronicle10/19/1886 – 10/19/1886Newspaper Archives
Las VegasCampaign Bulletin08/25/1880 – 08/27/1880Newspaper Archives
Las VegasCachiporra10/19/1888 – 10/19/1888Newspaper Archives
Las VegasBoletin de Anuncios01/19/1878 – 01/19/1878Newspaper Archives
LincolnLincoln Independent10/25/1889 – 04/29/1892Newspaper Archives
LordsburgWestern Liberal06/23/1893 – 04/12/1901Newspaper Archives
Los AlamosLos Alamos Monitor09/27/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MagdalenaMagdalena News02/28/1918 – 03/10/1918Newspaper Archives
MagdalenaMagdalena Mountain Mail04/05/1888 – 04/05/1888Newspaper Archives
MaldonadoEstrella01/30/1897 – 01/30/1897Newspaper Archives
MaxwellMaxwell Mail01/07/1915 – 12/30/1915Newspaper Archives
MesillaMesilla Times05/25/1861 – 05/25/1861Newspaper Archives
MesillaMesilla News02/01/1879 – 02/09/1884Newspaper Archives
MesillaDefensor del Pueblo03/07/1891 – 03/28/1891Newspaper Archives
MoraMosquito12/03/1891 – 06/30/1892Newspaper Archives
MoraMora Echo09/16/1890 – 09/16/1890Newspaper Archives
MoraGaceta de Mora08/28/1890 – 08/28/1890Newspaper Archives
MoraCronica de Mora06/13/1889 – 11/02/1889Newspaper Archives
MountainairIndependiente01/26/1918 – 12/25/1920Newspaper Archives
RatonWeekly News05/06/1904 – 06/24/1904Newspaper Archives
RatonUnion02/26/1898 – 09/10/1898Newspaper Archives
RatonRelampago05/21/1904 – 08/06/1904Newspaper Archives
RatonRaton Reporter07/12/1893 – 07/12/1893Newspaper Archives
RatonRaton Range06/22/1893 – 08/29/1895Newspaper Archives
RatonAmigo del Pueblo01/08/1896 – 01/08/1896Newspaper Archives
RinconRincon Weekly08/29/1895 – 05/11/1897Newspaper Archives
RoswellRoswell Record07/14/1893 – 07/14/1893Newspaper Archives
RoswellRoswell Daily Record01/03/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
RuidosoRuidoso News12/01/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
San AcacioComercio07/11/1907 – 07/11/1907Newspaper Archives
San MarcialSan Marcial Reporter04/14/1888 – 03/08/1890Newspaper Archives
San MarcialSan Marcial Bee04/29/1893 – 03/29/1902Newspaper Archives
San MarcialLibertad04/15/1896 – 04/15/1896Newspaper Archives
Santa FeVoz del Pueblo04/27/1889 – 06/15/1889Newspaper Archives
Santa FeVerdad09/12/1844 – 09/12/1844Newspaper Archives
Santa FeSanta Fe Weekly Sun06/17/1893 – 06/17/1893Newspaper Archives
Santa FeSanta Fe Weekly New Mexican and Livestock Journal04/25/1863 – 08/30/1906Newspaper Archives
Santa FeSanta Fe Weekly Express07/02/1887 – 07/03/1887Newspaper Archives
Santa FeSanta Fe New Mexican09/12/1994 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Santa FeSanta Fe Daily New Mexican12/09/1869 – 06/27/1905Newspaper Archives
Santa FeRegistro de Nuevo Mexico05/02/1916 – 05/02/1916Newspaper Archives
Santa FeNuevo Mexicano08/16/1890 – 05/09/1908Newspaper Archives
Santa FeNorthwestern New Mexican06/10/1893 – 06/17/1893Newspaper Archives
Santa FeNew Mexican Mining News12/21/1881 – 12/21/1881Newspaper Archives
Santa FeGuia de Santa Fe10/02/1886 – 10/16/1886Newspaper Archives
Santa FeGauntlet06/25/1894 – 06/25/1894Newspaper Archives
Santa FeGato05/23/1894 – 08/24/1894Newspaper Archives
Santa FeClarin Mejicano08/10/1873 – 08/10/1873Newspaper Archives
Santa FeCapitol09/14/1901 – 09/14/1901Newspaper Archives
Santa FeCachiporrota10/08/1890 – 10/28/1890Newspaper Archives
Santa FeBoletin Popular04/01/1886 – 05/30/1895Newspaper Archives
Santa RosaSanta Rosa Sun10/31/1919 – 05/28/1920Newspaper Archives
Silver CitySouthwest Sentinel10/19/1886 – 05/19/1896Newspaper Archives
Silver CitySilver City Sun-News03/02/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Silver CitySilver City Independent08/03/1897 – 11/05/1901Newspaper Archives
Silver CitySilver City Enterprise09/17/1886 – 08/23/1895Newspaper Archives
Silver CitySilver City Daily Press & Independent04/19/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Silver CityNew Southwest and Grant County Herald01/07/1882 – 01/07/1882Newspaper Archives
Silver CityMining Chronicle03/03/1881 – 03/03/1881Newspaper Archives
Silver CityHerald04/01/1876 – 04/01/1876Newspaper Archives
Silver CityGrant County Herald06/15/1878 – 06/15/1878Newspaper Archives
Silver CityEagle08/28/1895 – 08/28/1895Newspaper Archives
SocorroSocorro Bullion04/24/1886 – 09/11/1886Newspaper Archives
SocorroRepublicano03/16/1901 – 03/16/1901Newspaper Archives
SocorroProgreso05/17/1887 – 08/09/1887Newspaper Archives
SocorroIndustrial Advertiser06/10/1893 – 08/24/1895Newspaper Archives
SocorroHispano Americano11/17/1891 – 01/09/1892Newspaper Archives
SocorroGolondrina02/12/1898 – 02/12/1898Newspaper Archives
SocorroEstrella de Nuevo Mexico08/07/1896 – 03/26/1897Newspaper Archives
SocorroDefensor del Pueblo03/30/1906 – 04/09/1943Newspaper Archives
SocorroCombate01/03/1898 – 01/15/1898Newspaper Archives
SocorroBullion03/01/1884 – 03/01/1884Newspaper Archives
SpringerSentinel02/08/1901 – 12/27/1901Newspaper Archives
SpringerEstandarte de Springer06/27/1889 – 06/15/1893Newspaper Archives
SpringerColfax County Stockman07/08/1893 – 12/27/1913Newspaper Archives
TaosTaos News02/15/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
TaosRevista de Taos02/20/1904 – 02/20/1904Newspaper Archives
Wagon MoundCombate12/06/1902 – 11/02/1918Newspaper Archives
White OaksWhite Oaks Eagle08/22/1895 – 08/22/1895Newspaper Archives
White OaksNew Mexico Interpreter11/15/1889 – 11/15/1889Newspaper Archives
White OaksLincoln County Leader06/24/1893 – 06/24/1893Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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