Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 7 Million Records in December!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our online collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available anywhere.

Here are some details about our most recent additions (we actually added new content to thousands of titles, but the following is a representative sample):
A total of 149 titles from 24 states
Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are obituaries only and are new to our archive
Those marked with a plus sign (+) are historical newspapers new to our archive
We’ve shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research

If a recent addition to our archive interests you, simply click on that newspaper’s title: it is an active link leading to that paper’s search form.

There is also an option available on the historical newspapers’ search form that gives you the ability to search only the new content added in the past month, two months, or three months.

State City Title Start Date End Date
AR Little Rock Arkansas State Press. 1941 to 1955
CA San Diego
Evening Tribune. 1928 to 1936
CA San Diego
San Diego Union. 1925 to 1934
CT Darien Daily New Canaan*. 2010 to Current
CT New Haven
Columbian Register. 1859 to 1876
CT New Haven
Connecticut Herald. 1834 to 1834
CT Norwalk
Daily Norwalk*. 2010 to Current
CT Stamford
Daily Stamford*. 2010 to Current
CT Weston
Daily Weston*. 2010 to Current
CT Westport
Daily Westport*. 2010 to Current
CT Wilton
Daily Wilton*. 2010 to Current
FL Tampa
Tampa Tribune. 1933 to 1936
GA Augusta
Augusta Chronicle. 1884 to 1917
GA Marietta
Marietta Journal. 1985 to 1988
GA Peachtree Cr.
Weekly*. 2004 to Current
IL Arlington Ht.
Arlington Heights Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Buffalo Gr.
Buffalo Grove Journal*. 2010 to Current
IL Chicago
Broad Axe. 1917 to 1917
IL Chicago
Chicago Citizen*. 2008 to Current
IL Chicago
Hyde Park Herald*. 2011 to Current
IL Des Plaines
Des Plaines Journal*. 2010 to Current
IL Des Plaines
Mount Prospect Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Des Plaines
Rosemont Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Elk Grove V.
Elk Grove Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Evanston
Daily Northwestern. 1910 to 1950
IL Evanston
Northwestern. 1881 to 1910
IL Evanston
Tripod. 1871 to 1880
IL Evanston
Vidette. 1878 to 1880
IL Glenview
Glenview Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Niles
Niles Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Palatine
Palatine Journal*. 2010 to Current
IL Park Ridge
Park Ridge Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Prospect Ht.
Prospect Heights Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Rockford
Morning Star. 1934 to 1934
IL Rolling Ms.
Rolling Meadows Journal*. 2011 to Current
IL Wheeling
Wheeling Journal*. 2011 to Current
IN Beech Grove
Southside Times*. 2008 to Current
LA Baton Rouge
Advocate. 192 to 5 1955
LA Baton Rouge
Daily Advocate. 1887 to 1903
LA Baton Rouge
Daily State. 1908 to 1910
LA Baton Rouge
State Times Advocate. 1909 to 1916
LA Baton Rouge
Weekly Advocate. 1899 to 1901
LA New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane.
1821 to 1822
MA Auburn
Daily Auburn*. 2010 to Current
MA Boston
Boston Courier. 1854 to 1854
MA Boston
Boston Herald. 1899 to 1904
MA Grafton
Daily Grafton*. 2009 to Current
MA Holden
Daily Holden*. 2010 to Current
MA Leicester
Daily Leicester*. 2010 to Current
MA Millbury
Daily Millbury*. 2009 to Current
MA Northborough
Daily Northborough*. 2010 to Current
MA Northbridge
Daily Northbridge*. 2009 to Current
MA Shrewsbury
Daily Shrewsbury*. 2011 to Current
MA Springfield
Springfield Union. 1963 to 1987
MA Westborough
Daily Westborough*. 2010 to Current
MA Worcester
Massachusetts Spy. 1857 to 1857
MD Baltimore
Baltimore American. 1903 to 1904
MD Fredericktown
Political Intelligencer. 1817 to 1818
ME Portland
Portland Advertiser. 1832 to 1832
ME Sanford
Sanford News*. 2011 to Current
MI Grand Rapids
Cadence Advance*. 2007 to Current
MI Hudsonville
Grand Valley Advance*. 2007 to Current
MI Jackson
Jackson Citizen. 1898 to 1898
MI Jackson
Jackson Citizen Patriot. 1870 to 1904
MI Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Gazette. 1896 to 1906
MI Kent City
Northwest Advance*. 2008 to Current
MI Kentwood
Southeast Advance*. 2008 to Current
MI Michigan
On-the-Town* 2009 to Current
MI Rockford
Northeast Advance*. 2007 to Current
MI Sparta
Northwest Advance*. 2008 to Current
MI Wayland
Penasee Globe*. 2007 to Current
MI Wyoming
Southwest Advance*. 2008 to Current
MO Kansas City
Kansas City Times. 1884 to 1885
NC Winston-Sal.
Winston-Salem Journal. 1917 to 1919
NE Omaha
Omaha World Herald . 1980 to 1981
NH Dover
Foster’s Daily Democrat*. 2011 to Current
NJ N. Brunswick
Jewish Journal 1956 to 1968
NJ Trenton
Trenton Evening Times. 1900 to 1922
NY Armonk
Daily Armonk*. 2011 to Current
NY Bedford
Daily Bedford*. 2011 to Current
NY Briarcliff
Daily Briarcliff*. 2011 to Current
NY Bronxville
Daily Bronxville*. 2011 to Current
NY Chappaqua
Daily Chappaqua*. 2011 to Current
NY Cortlandt
Daily Cortlandt*. 2011 to Current
NY Croton
Daily Croton* . 2011 to Current
NY Dobbs Ferry
Daily Dobbs Ferry*. 2011 to Current
NY Eastchester
Daily Eastchester*. 2011 to Current
NY Greenburgh
Daily Greenburgh*. 2011 to Current
NY Harrison
Daily Harrison*. 2011 to Current
NY Hastings
Daily Hastings*. 2011 to Current
NY Larchmont
Daily Larchmont*. 2011 to Current
NY Lewisboro
Daily Lewisboro*. 2011 to Current
NY Mamaroneck
Daily Mamaroneck*. 2011 to Current
NY Mt. Pleasant
Daily Mount Pleasant*. 2011 to Current
NY Mt. Kisco
Daily Mt. Kisco*. 2011 to Current
NY New Rochelle
Daily New Rochelle*. 2011 to Current
NY New York
Civil Liberties Reporter+. 1950 to 1952
NY New York
Commercial Advertiser. 1853 to 1873
NY New York
Daily People. 1908 to 1909
NY New York
Irish American Weekly. 1849 to 1892
NY New York
People. 1891 to 1901
NY New York
Socialist Call. 1937 to 1959
NY New York
Spectator. 1823 to 1851
NY North Salem
Daily North Salem*. 2011 to Current
NY Ossining
Daily Ossining*. 2011 to Current
NY Peekskill
Daily Peekskill*. 2011 to Current
NY Pelham
Daily Pelham*. 2011 to Current
NY Pleasantville
Daily Pleasantville*. 2011 to Current
NY Port Chester
Daily Port Chester*. 2011 to Current
NY Pound Ridge
Daily Pound Ridge*. 2011 to Current
NY Roslyn
Roslyn News*. 1997 to Current
NY Rye
Daily Rye*. 2011 to Current
NY Saratoga Sp.
Saratoga Sentinel. 1833 to 1833
NY Scarsdale
Daily Scarsdale*. 2011 to Current
NY Schenectady
Cabinet. 1813 to 1814
NY Sl. Hollow
Daily Sleepy Hollow*. 2011 to Current
NY Somers
Daily Somers* . 2011 to Current
NY Tarrytown
Daily Tarrytown*. 2011 to Current
NY White Plains
Daily White Plains*. 2011 to Current
NY Yorktown
Daily Yorktown*. 2011 to Current
OH Avon
Sun Sentinel*. 2010 to Current
OH Avon Park
Sun Sentinel*. 2010 to Current
OH Bay Village
West Shore Sun*. 2009 to Current
OH Beachwood
Sun Press*. 2008 to Current
OH Berea
News Sun*. 2007 to Current
OH Brunswick
Brunswick Sun*. 2007 to Current
OH Chagrin Falls
Chagrin Solon Sun*. 2009 to Current
OH Cleveland
Plain Dealer. 1878 to 1916
OH Gates Mills
Sun Messenger*. 2007 to Current
OH Lakewood
Sun Post-Herald*. 2009 to Current
OH Medina
Medina Sun*. 2009 to Current
OH Parma
Parma Sun Post*. 2008 to Current
OH Sandusky
Sandusky Register*. 2006 to Current
OH Solon
Chagrin Solon Sun*. 2009 to Current
OH Strongsville
Sun Star Courier*. 2009 to Current
OK Tulsa
Tulsa World. 1922 to 1922
PA Harrisburg
Old Warrior and…+. 1844 to 1844
PA Lancaster
Lancaster Journal. 1817 to 1817
PA Philadelphia
National Gazette. 1833 to 1833
PA Philadelphia
Philadelphia Inquirer. 1858 to 1859
PA Pittsburgh
National Labor Tribune. 1875 to 1958
TX Blanco
Blanco County News*. 2007 to Current
TX Dallas
Dallas Morning News. 1983 to 1983
VA Richmond
Virginia Patriot. 1815 to 1815
WI Green Bay
Sunday Advance+. 1884 to 1884
WI Hartford
Times Press*. 2011 to Current
WI Milwaukee
Milwaukee American. 1857 to 1857
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