May Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content from 52 Titles!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding new content from 52 newspaper titles, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 52 titles from 25 states
  • 30 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title list of more than 8,000 newspapers, click here.

Here is the complete title list of the content newly added in May.

State City Title Years of Coverage Issues Added Collection
Arizona Marana Marana News New! 12/24/2014 – Current Recent Obituaries
California Sacramento Sacramento Bee 02/03/1857 – 12/31/2016 34041 Newspaper Archives
California San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune 11/01/1954 – 11/01/1954 1 Newspaper Archives
California Sacramento Weekly Bee 09/08/1877 – 04/25/1900 1042 Newspaper Archives
California Fresno Vida en el Valle: Web Edition Articles New! 02/16/2018 – Current Recent Obituaries
California Del Mar Carmel Valley News New! 10/23/2016 – Current Recent Obituaries
California Pittsburg Pittsburg News New! 06/23/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
Connecticut Stonington-Port Patriot 03/29/1880 – 03/29/1880 1 Newspaper Archives
Connecticut Hamden, North Haven Post-Chronicle New! 01/10/2018 – Current Recent Obituaries
Florida Punta Gorda Punta Gorda-Port Charlotte Florida Weekly New! 01/12/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
Florida Port Orange Port Orange Observer New! 08/24/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
Georgia Columbus Columbus Daily Enquirer 06/11/1950 – 01/16/1988 9621 Newspaper Archives
Georgia Brunswick Brunswick News 08/01/1973 – 08/02/1983 2989 Newspaper Archives
Georgia Savannah NBC – 3 WSAV New! 04/01/2018 – Current Recent Obituaries
Illinois Woodstock Torch New! 11/18/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Indiana Evansville Evansville Journal 01/02/1871 – 12/31/1929 20882 Newspaper Archives
Indiana Evansville Evansville Press 01/01/1920 – 12/31/1991 25740 Newspaper Archives
Kansas Wichita Wichita Eagle 01/01/1978 – 12/31/1984 2512 Newspaper Archives
Kentucky Covington Kentucky Post 07/01/1943 – 06/30/1962 5243 Newspaper Archives
Kentucky Lexington Chevy Chaser New! 11/29/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
Louisiana New Orleans New Orleans Item 04/06/1909 – 05/20/1918 2 Newspaper Archives
Louisiana New Orleans New Orleans States 04/08/1923 – 04/27/1937 8 Newspaper Archives
Louisiana Gretna West Bank Advocate New! 11/26/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Louisiana Metairie East Jefferson Advocate New! 05/13/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Louisiana St. Tammany County St. Tammany Advocate New! 12/16/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Louisiana New Orleans Crescent City Advocate New! 03/17/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Massachusetts Springfield Springfield Union 12/16/1947 – 12/23/1950 4 Newspaper Archives
Mississippi Biloxi Daily Herald 01/02/1956 – 12/30/1983 7407 Newspaper Archives
Missouri Kansas City Kansas City Star 06/11/1949 – 12/31/1990 14353 Newspaper Archives
New Jersey Newark Newark Star-Ledger 01/01/1964 – 02/19/1988 573 Newspaper Archives
New Jersey Flemington Hunterdon Observer New! 02/02/2013 – Current Recent Obituaries
New York New York Chelsea Clinton News New! 07/22/2016 – Current Recent Obituaries
New York Kingston Almanac Weekly New! 04/06/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
New York Kingston Kingston Times New! 01/05/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
New York Ravena Ravena News-Herald New! 12/31/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Carolina Surf City Topsail Advertiser New! 01/17/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
Ohio CLINTON County Rural Life Today New! 06/01/2014 – Current Recent Obituaries
Oregon Portland Oregonian 09/30/1929 – 12/31/1974 5 Newspaper Archives
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Patriot 10/20/1873 – 08/19/1919 62 Newspaper Archives
Pennsylvania Towanda Farmer’s Friend New! 04/22/2016 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pennsylvania Gibsonia, Allison Park Pine Creek Journal New! 10/17/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
South Carolina Columbia Columbia Record 12/02/1910 – 10/11/1980 12 Newspaper Archives
Texas Beaumont Beaumont Journal 07/01/1942 – 07/31/1942 27 Newspaper Archives
Texas Wichita Falls Wichita Falls Times Record News: Web Edition Articles New! 08/28/2014 – 11/01/2016 Recent Obituaries
Virginia Culpeper Culpeper Times New! 07/21/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
Virginia Haymarket Lifestyle: the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine New! 02/01/2017 – Current Recent Obituaries
Virginia Washington Rappahannock News New! 01/30/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Washington Bellingham Bellingham Herald 01/02/1922 – 11/05/1998 451 Newspaper Archives
Washington Olympia Morning Olympian 05/06/1975 – 04/30/1986 2750 Newspaper Archives
Wisconsin Kenosha Kenosha News New! 03/08/2018 – Current Recent Obituaries
Wisconsin Kenosha Kenosha News: Web Edition Articles New! 03/08/2018 – Current Recent Obituaries
Wyoming Cheyenne Wyoming Business Report New! 07/26/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries

Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is always adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search results page that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time. With this feature, found along the left-hand side of the search results page, you can search only on the newest content – even newspaper articles GenealogyBank added within the past week!

A screenshot of GenealogyBank’s search results page showing the feature allowing you to search only on newly-added content

GenealogyBank adds new content to its Historical Newspaper Archives constantly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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4 thoughts on “May Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content from 52 Titles!

  1. I am so thankful for all the help and information from GenealogyBank. They make my search for my Genealogy easier!
    I always look forward to reading from GenealogyBank.

  2. Thank you for adding The Sacramento Bee. My four-year-old daughter had a story published about her while she was a heart patient at Sacramento Medical Center. We had never seen the story. Today, with your help, I did. She is now 51 and still a heart patient. I shared the article with her, and she is delighted. Thank you, again, for this wonderful service you provide.

    1. Mary – What an incredible experience! Thank you for sharing that with us! We hope that all of our members have a similar experience. Thanks for being a member of GenealogyBank.

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