Maryland Archives: 162 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Maryland, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online MD newspaper archives: 162 titles to help you search your family history in the “Old Line State,” providing coverage from 1728 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online Maryland newspaper archives!

Photo: tidal wetlands of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Photo: tidal wetlands of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Credit: Jennifer Schmidt; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your ancestors from Maryland in these newspapers. Our MD newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search Maryland Newspaper Archives (1728 – 1922)

Search Maryland Recent Obituaries (1990 – Current)

Illustration: Maryland state flag
Illustration: Maryland state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a complete list of Maryland newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The MD newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleDate Range * Collection
AnnapolisWest County News11/14/2002 – 03/17/2005Recent Obituaries
AnnapolisSouth County Gazette01/09/2003 – 09/04/2008Recent Obituaries
AnnapolisNegro Appeal02/16/1900 – 02/16/1900Newspaper Archives
AnnapolisMaryland Republican and Political and Agricultural Museum12/23/1817 – 05/16/1826Newspaper Archives
AnnapolisMaryland Gazette12/03/1728 – 11/22/1734Newspaper Archives
AnnapolisMaryland Gazette03/25/1751 – 02/16/1832Newspaper Archives
AnnapolisCapital01/02/1991 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AnnapolisAnnapolis Gazette09/28/1854 – 11/24/1874Newspaper Archives
Annapolis, GlenburnieMaryland Gazette03/06/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ArbutusArbutus Times03/10/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BaltimoreWeekly Price Current from Odom and Co. Commission Merchants01/23/1871 – 10/02/1871Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreTrue Union04/26/1855 – 04/26/1855Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreTrue Democrat10/30/1875 – 10/30/1875Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreTelegraphe and Daily Advertiser05/14/1795 – 01/11/1807Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreSun05/17/1837 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreSun09/10/1990 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BaltimoreSouth04/22/1861 – 02/17/1862Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreRural Register02/15/1860 – 04/01/1860Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreRobinson’s Stock and Exchange Gazette09/19/1823 – 03/04/1825Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreRepublican; or, Anti-Democrat01/01/1802 – 01/14/1804Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreRecorder; or, Summary of Foreign, Domestic, and Literary Intelligence06/16/1810 – 06/16/1810Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreRace Standard01/02/1897 – 01/16/1897Newspaper Archives
BaltimorePalladium of Freedom; or the Baltimore Daily Advertiser08/08/1787 – 08/08/1787Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreOlive Branch11/01/1855 – 11/01/1855Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreNorth American and Mercantile Daily Advertiser01/11/1808 – 12/31/1808Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreMethodist Protestant04/18/1840 – 09/19/1874Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreMechanics’ Gazette; and Merchants Daily Advertiser03/14/1815 – 09/13/1815Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreMaryland Journal08/20/1773 – 01/16/1797Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreMarion and Co’s Monthly Reporter01/01/1854 – 02/01/1854Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreM’Pherson’s Advertiser and Miscellaneous Journal11/10/1835 – 06/08/1836Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreLutheran Observer, and Weekly Religious Visiter08/24/1833 – 03/22/1834Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreLee’s Commercial and Literary Gazette09/03/1825 – 11/26/1825Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreKatholische Volkszeitung07/02/1870 – 09/23/1876Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreFell’s Point Telegraphe03/06/1795 – 06/01/1795Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreFederal Republican07/04/1808 – 06/20/1812Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreFederal Intelligencer10/30/1794 – 12/30/1795Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreFederal Gazette01/01/1796 – 11/08/1823Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreEdward’s Baltimore Daily Advertiser10/29/1793 – 11/15/1794Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreDunlap’s Maryland Gazette, or, The Baltimore General Advertiser05/02/1775 – 01/05/1779Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreDemocratic Republican03/17/1802 – 08/13/1802Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreDaily Exchange Prices Current01/08/1859 – 01/08/1859Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreCommonwealth07/24/1915 – 09/04/1915Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreCity Paper01/14/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BaltimoreCatholic Mirror09/30/1876 – 09/30/1876Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreCanfield’s Lottery Argus, Commercial and Exchange Telegraph; or, National Miscellany02/19/1827 – 04/06/1829Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreCampaigner06/17/1852 – 11/06/1852Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Weekly American, Compendium of News and Prices Current03/29/1851 – 03/29/1851Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Trades’ Union05/28/1836 – 05/28/1836Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Telegraph06/23/1814 – 03/29/1816Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Saturday Visiter01/16/1841 – 04/03/1847Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Republican05/21/1829 – 12/31/1832Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Prices Current and Review of the Market07/31/1846 – 07/31/1846Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Price-Current Letter-Sheet09/13/1856 – 02/06/1858Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Price-Current and Weekly Journal of Commerce06/29/1850 – 09/09/1876Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Price-Current02/14/1803 – 12/25/1830Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Patriot12/28/1812 – 12/31/1834Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Pathfinder, Traveler’s Guide, and Business Register06/01/1852 – 06/01/1852Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Messenger02/13/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
BaltimoreBaltimore Guide: South Baltimore Edition03/25/2009 – 03/24/2010Recent Obituaries
BaltimoreBaltimore Guide01/19/2005 – 07/01/2015Recent Obituaries
BaltimoreBaltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser01/02/1826 – 01/27/1838Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Evening Post07/13/1792 – 09/30/1793Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Daily Intelligencer10/28/1793 – 10/29/1794Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Commercial Journal, and Lyford’s Price-Current04/14/1838 – 12/08/1849Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Commercial04/29/1876 – 04/29/1876Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Christian Advocate12/08/1860 – 12/08/1860Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore Bulletin04/20/1872 – 09/23/1876Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreBaltimore American01/01/1903 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican, and Baltimore Gazette07/30/1803 – 02/28/1805Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican Whig03/13/1847 – 03/13/1847Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican Whig02/10/1844 – 12/31/1844Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican Farmer04/02/1819 – 12/26/1828Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican Citizen04/19/1879 – 04/19/1879Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican and Commercial Daily Advertiser01/31/1801 – 12/31/1853Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican a Gazette for the Country07/10/1802 – 07/10/1802Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAmerican05/18/1799 – 03/01/1802Newspaper Archives
BaltimoreAfro-American04/29/1893 – 03/26/1898Newspaper Archives
Bel AirSouthern Aegis07/11/1857 – 12/26/1857Newspaper Archives
Bel AirNational American09/05/1856 – 11/09/1866Newspaper Archives
Bel AirHarford Gazette and General Advertiser05/27/1848 – 05/21/1852Newspaper Archives
BowieBowie Blade News10/03/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CambridgeDorchester Star06/30/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CambridgeBanner01/01/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CatonsvilleCatonsville Times03/14/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CentrevilleRecord Observer08/04/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ChestertownKent County News12/28/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ChestertownChestertown Transcript01/06/1866 – 12/25/1879Newspaper Archives
ChestertownApollo; or, Chestertown Spy03/26/1793 – 12/31/1793Newspaper Archives
ColumbiaJeffersonian02/26/2002 – 03/12/2008Recent Obituaries
ColumbiaHoward County Times03/14/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColumbiaColumbia Flier01/31/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CrisfieldCrisfield Times01/03/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CroftonCrofton-West County Gazette03/29/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CumberlandWeekly Civilian01/30/1852 – 09/21/1865Newspaper Archives
CumberlandPhoenix Civilian04/14/1835 – 01/04/1840Newspaper Archives
CumberlandCumberland Times-News08/22/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CumberlandCumberland Telegraph and Maryland Mining Register01/10/1856 – 01/10/1856Newspaper Archives
CumberlandCumberland Impartialist01/24/1809 – 01/24/1809Newspaper Archives
CumberlandCumberland Gazette07/21/1814 – 07/21/1814Newspaper Archives
CumberlandCumberland Daily News04/05/1871 – 04/02/1872Newspaper Archives
CumberlandAmerican Eagle02/15/1809 – 02/15/1809Newspaper Archives
CumberlandAllegany Freeman12/04/1813 – 10/18/1817Newspaper Archives
DentonTimes Record08/09/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
DundalkDundalk Eagle04/02/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EastonSunday Star11/13/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EastonStar Democrat09/01/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EastonRepublican Star02/11/1800 – 06/12/1832Newspaper Archives
EastonMaryland Herald, and Eastern Shore Intelligencer05/11/1790 – 08/28/1804Newspaper Archives
EastonEaston Star09/16/1828 – 02/11/1862Newspaper Archives
EastonEaston Journal05/16/1874 – 05/16/1874Newspaper Archives
EastonEaston Gazette07/06/1818 – 06/28/1879Newspaper Archives
EldersburgEldersburg Eagle06/17/2004 – 06/19/2015Recent Obituaries
ElktonCecil Whig08/14/1841 – 09/01/1866Newspaper Archives
ElktonCecil Whig10/04/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ElktonCecil Democrat12/22/1832 – 11/11/1876Newspaper Archives
EssexAvenue News05/10/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FrankfortFreiheitsbothe04/14/1810 – 04/14/1810Newspaper Archives
FrederickRights of Man02/05/1794 – 11/05/1800Newspaper Archives
FrederickReservoir and Public Reflector07/25/1826 – 07/28/1829Newspaper Archives
FrederickRepublican Gazette and General Advertiser02/11/1801 – 09/28/1826Newspaper Archives
FrederickRepublican Citizen and State Advertiser08/29/1823 – 12/30/1831Newspaper Archives
FrederickRepublican Advocate12/06/1802 – 12/15/1808Newspaper Archives
FrederickMaryland Chronicle, or Universal Advertiser01/18/1786 – 05/28/1788Newspaper Archives
FrederickHornet06/29/1802 – 06/29/1814Newspaper Archives
FrederickGeneral Staatsbothe12/27/1811 – 12/27/1811Newspaper Archives
FrederickFrederick News-Post10/17/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FrederickExaminer07/08/1857 – 12/29/1875Newspaper Archives
FrederickBartgis’s Marylandische Zeitung02/18/1789 – 02/18/1789Newspaper Archives
FrederickBartgis’s Maryland Gazette05/22/1792 – 01/23/1794Newspaper Archives
FrostburgFrostburg Mining Journal08/26/1876 – 08/26/1876Newspaper Archives
Hagers-TownWashington Spy01/04/1792 – 02/01/1797Newspaper Archives
Hagers-TownTorch Light01/03/1826 – 10/12/1837Newspaper Archives
HagerstownMaryland Herald and Hager’s-Town Weekly Advertiser03/02/1797 – 12/28/1804Newspaper Archives
HagerstownHerald-Mail11/11/1996 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HalifaxHagers-town Gazette05/23/1809 – 06/15/1813Newspaper Archives
Hampstead, ManchesterAdvocate of Hampstead and Manchester03/14/2011 – 08/05/2015Recent Obituaries
HollywoodCounty Times05/05/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
JacksonJackson Picket Guard09/10/1856 – 09/24/1856Newspaper Archives
LaurelLaurel Leader03/15/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Lexington ParkEnterprise03/09/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
OaklandRepublican07/07/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Owings MillsOwings Mills Times03/13/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Owings MillsJewish Times03/07/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Parkville, CarneyNortheast Reporter03/14/2001 – 05/07/2011Recent Obituaries
Perry Hall, White MarshNortheast Booster05/09/2001 – 05/07/2011Recent Obituaries
PotomacPotomac Almanac02/26/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Prince FrederickCalvert Recorder07/30/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Prince FrederickCalvert Gazette05/01/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
RockvilleTrue American and Farmers Register03/10/1824 – 03/10/1824Newspaper Archives
RockvilleCentinel of Freedom01/14/1820 – 01/14/1820Newspaper Archives
SalisburySalisbury Independent05/29/2014 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
StevensvilleBay Times08/02/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
TowsonTowson Times02/14/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
TowsonNorth County News03/13/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
UniontownEngine of Liberty and Uniontown Advertiser10/21/1813 – 04/27/1815Newspaper Archives
Upper MarlboroEnquirer-Gazette04/21/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WaldorfMaryland Independent03/09/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WestminsterWestminster Eagle07/07/2004 – 06/19/2015Recent Obituaries
WestminsterCommunity Times11/10/2004 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WestminsterCarroll County Times01/23/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WestminsterAdvocate of Westminster and Finksburg04/28/2009 – 05/02/2014Recent Obituaries
WestminsterAdvocate of Eldersburg and Sykesville04/29/2009 – 08/05/2015Recent Obituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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