March Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content for 54 Titles from 18 States!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding new content for 54 titles from 18 states, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 54 titles from 18 states
  • 34 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title lists, click here.

State City Title Coverage Added Collection
CaliforniaIdyllwildIdyllwild Town Crier01/06/1967 – 01/01/1981Newspaper Archives
IowaCouncil BluffsDaily Nonpareil05/26/1949 – 05/27/1949Newspaper Archives
IowaCouncil BluffsFrontier Guardian New!09/05/1849 – 08/08/1851Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansTimes-Picayune02/02/1961 – 02/02/1961Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansCommercial Letter Sheet Prices Current New!02/15/1837 – 02/11/1846Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansReview of the Market for the Past Week New!06/26/1824 – 06/26/1824Newspaper Archives
MaineAugustaGospel Banner08/22/1846 – 12/13/1873Newspaper Archives
MaineBangorBangor Journal of Literature, Science, Morals, and Religion New!06/01/1837 – 05/24/1838Newspaper Archives
MainePortlandPortland Price-current New!09/28/1861 – 09/28/1861Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreAmerican and Commercial Daily Advertiser07/01/1842 – 12/20/1842Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreBaltimore Price-Current01/20/1827 – 12/12/1829Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreLee’s Commercial and Literary Gazette New!09/03/1825 – 11/26/1825Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreLutheran Observer, and Weekly Religious Visiter New!08/24/1833 – 03/22/1834Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreM’Pherson’s Advertiser and Miscellaneous Journal New!11/10/1835 – 06/08/1836Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Watchman05/13/1858 – 12/30/1875Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonCongregationalist12/23/1853 – 02/22/1872Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonMassachusetts Ploughman and New England Journal of Agriculture10/04/1845 – 01/31/1874Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew England Farmer04/17/1858 – 06/05/1875Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsWorcesterChristian Reflector01/12/1842 – 06/01/1842Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Reflector02/26/1846 – 05/11/1848Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonBoston Market Produce Report New!07/06/1876 – 07/06/1876Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonCatholic Observer New!07/26/1848 – 09/20/1849Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Alliance and Family Visiter New!02/08/1850 – 05/02/1851Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonDupee, Beck, and Sayles–Stock and Bill Brokers New!06/30/1859 – 02/29/1860Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNewburyportEssex North Register and Family Monitor New!01/03/1835 – 12/29/1837Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew-England Baptist Register New!01/05/1831 – 12/28/1831Newspaper Archives
MississippiQuitmanClarke County Tribune New!02/28/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MississippiYazoo CityYazoo Herald New!02/27/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MissouriColumbiaColumbia Daily Tribune New!01/02/1998 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MissouriSt. LouisHerold des Glaubens New!02/27/1875 – 02/21/1877Newspaper Archives
MissouriSt. LouisSt. Louis Price-Current New!03/31/1864 – 03/31/1864Newspaper Archives
NevadaTuscaroraMining Review New!10/24/1877 – 11/11/1877Newspaper Archives
New JerseyJersey CityJersey Journal02/02/1939 – 10/28/1960Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlbanyPlough Boy06/09/1821 – 01/05/1822Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkShipping and Commercial List and New-York Price Current10/11/1828 – 07/20/1867Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York Freeman’s Journal and Catholic Register01/16/1841 – 03/11/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkWantagh, SeafordHerald Citizen New!12/11/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkFreeport, BaldwinLeader New!12/11/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkAlbanyAlbany Christian Register New!09/27/1828 – 05/09/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlbanyFarmers’, Mechanics’ and Workingmen’s Advocate New!07/17/1830 – 03/30/1831Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCross and Journal04/03/1835 – 03/16/1838Newspaper Archives
OhioRavennaCentennial Gazette New!03/17/1876 – 03/17/1876Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiWestern Christian Advocate New!05/02/1834 – 02/05/1836Newspaper Archives
OhioDaytonMissionary Visitor New!05/08/1876 – 05/08/1876Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaCommercial List, and Philadelphia Price Current New!01/05/1831 – 12/31/1831Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaGreensburgGreensburgh Gazette. And Farmers’ and Mechanicks’ Register New!10/12/1827 – 09/18/1829Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaCorryJournal New!06/30/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PennsylvaniaNorth EastNorth East News-Journal New!01/15/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Rhode IslandProvidenceManufacturers’ and Farmers’ Journal02/13/1860 – 09/12/1861Newspaper Archives
TexasHoustonHere New!05/30/2012 – 03/27/2013Recent Obituaries
VermontMontpelierChristian Messenger01/02/1850 – 10/27/1860Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRoanokeRoanoke Times New!07/31/1887 – 07/31/1887Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRichmondRichmond Times-Dispatch: Web Edition Articles New!01/02/2015 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WisconsinMilwaukeeMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel01/02/1921 – 05/22/1927Newspaper Archives

Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is constantly adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search box that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time:

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's Historical Newspaper Archives search page showing the feature allowing you to search on newly added content

GenealogyBank adds thousands of new records monthly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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