List of the Best Genealogy Blogs

Want to find the best genealogy blogs to delve into your family history? Explore our list of the top genealogy blogs that can help you trace your family tree. Our genealogy blog list provides the best personal genealogy blogs authored by professional genealogists and family historians. Also, see our list of genealogical society blogs throughout the United States.

If your personal genealogy blog or genealogical society blog is missing from our list submit your website for consideration via our blog submission form.

The Best Genealogy Blogs

Pass The TorchPass The Torch
Acadian Ancestral HomeAcadian Ancestral Home
The Ancestry InsiderThe Ancestry Insider
Angels & GhostsAngels & Ghosts
Apple's TreeApple’s Tree
Dear Myrtle's Genealogy BlogDear Myrtle’s Genealogy Blog
Genealogy TodayGenealogy Today
Le Blog GénéalogieLe Blog Généalogie
The National Museum of the American Indian BlogThe National Museum of the American Indian Blog
By Common ConsentBy Common Consent
Chula Vista Genealogy CafeChula Vista Genealogy Cafe
Digital Cemetery WalkDigital Cemetery Walk
Escape to the Silent CitiesEscape to the Silent Cities
Family FirstFamily First
Food Family EphemeraFood Family Ephemera
Genealogy's StarGenealogy’s Star
Genealogy Tip of the DayGenealogy Tip of the Day
Geder GenealogyGeder Genealogy
Granite in My BloodGranite in My Blood
Greta's Genealogy BogGreta’s Genealogy Bog
Have You Seen My Roots?Have You Seen My Roots?
Heritage ZenHeritage Zen
High-Definition GenealogyHigh-Definition Genealogy
Journey to the PastJourney to the Past
Le blog de la F.F.G.Le blog de la F.F.G.
Mormon WomenMormon Women
Native American Heritage AssociationNative American Heritage Association
Nutfield GenealogyNutfield Genealogy
Old Stones UndecipheredOld Stones Undeciphered
Olive Tree Genealogy BlogOlive Tree Genealogy Blog
What's Past is PrologueWhat’s Past is Prologue
Gena's GenealogyGena’s Genealogy
Practical ArchivistPractical Archivist
Janet the researcherJanet the researcher
Renee's Genealogy BlogRenee’s Genealogy Blog
The Educated GenealogistThe Educated Genealogist
Small-leaved ShamrockSmall-leaved Shamrock
Tracing the TribeTracing the Tribe
UpFront with NGSUpFront with NGS
The Ancestor HuntThe Ancestor Hunt
The We Tree BlogThe We Tree Genealogy Blog
World Mission Prayer LeagueWorld Mission Prayer League
Clue WagonClue Wagon
Records Preservation & Access CommitteeRecords Preservation & Access Committee
Footnote MavenFootnote Maven
Shades Of The DepartedShades Of The Departed
Family CuratorFamily Curator
The Genetic GenealogistThe Genetic Genealogist