Handy Quick List: 10 Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers Now Online

GenealogyBank is growing fast – we now have over 10 Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers online. That’s a lot of local papers to research your ancestry from the state capital of NC!

Trace your genealogy around the RaleighDurhamChapel Hill metro area and beyond. Here is the complete list of Raleigh, NC newspapers currently available in our online archives.

CityTitleDate RangeCollection
RaleighDispatch12/21/1991 – 4/10/1993Historical Newspapers
RaleighGazette12/16/1893 – 2/19/1898Historical Newspapers
RaleighMidtown Raleigh News1/16/2011 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
RaleighNews & Observer1/1/1991 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
RaleighNews & Observer5/6/2004 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
RaleighNorth Raleigh News7/21/2006 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
RaleighNorth-Carolina Minerva11/26/1799 – 5/20/1800Historical Newspapers
RaleighRaleigh Extra6/18/1995 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
RaleighSemi-Weekly Standard8/10/1861 – 3/8/1868Historical Newspapers
RaleighStar11/3/1808 – 5/12/1831Historical Newspapers

Also, bookmark this list of North Carolina newspapers that is frequently updated to stay abreast of newly added titles in and around the city of Raleigh, as well as other popular cities in NC.

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