Kansas Archives: 137 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Kansas, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online KS newspaper archives: 137 titles to help you search your family history in the “Sunflower State,” providing coverage from 1841 to Today. There are more than 7.3 million articles and records in our online Kansas newspaper archives!

Photo: Kansas summer wheat field and an approaching storm
Photo: Kansas summer wheat field and an approaching storm. Credit: James Watkins; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your Kansas ancestors in these KS newspapers. Our Kansas newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search Kansas Newspaper Archives (1841 – 1981)

Search Kansas Recent Obituaries (1984 – Current)

Illustration: Kansas state flag
Illustration: Kansas state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a list of online Kansas newspapers in the historical archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The KS newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleDate Range * Collection
AbileneAbilene Reflector-Chronicle: Archive12/17/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
AtchisonWeekly Champion and Press02/20/1858 – 05/22/1869Newspaper Archives
AtchisonAtchison Blade07/23/1892 – 01/20/1894Newspaper Archives
AugustaAugusta Daily Gazette02/12/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Baxter SpringsSouthern Argus06/18/1891 – 02/04/1892Newspaper Archives
Cedar ValeProgressive Communist01/01/1875 – 12/01/1875Newspaper Archives
CentropolisKansas Leader06/17/1857 – 02/17/1858Newspaper Archives
ChanuteChanute Tribune03/27/1998 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CherokeeKansas Homestead12/23/1899 – 01/06/1900Newspaper Archives
CoffeyvilleVindicator12/17/1904 – 02/09/1906Newspaper Archives
CoffeyvilleCoffeyville Herald03/21/1908 – 06/13/1908Newspaper Archives
CoffeyvilleAmerican04/23/1898 – 04/01/1899Newspaper Archives
CoffeyvilleAfro-American Advocate09/02/1891 – 09/01/1893Newspaper Archives
ColumbusCherokee County News-Advocate12/24/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
DerbyDerby Reporter09/06/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Dodge CityDodge City Daily Globe08/09/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
El DoradoEl Dorado Times07/09/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
El DoradoButler County Times-Gazette11/05/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EmporiaEmporia Gazette04/01/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
EmporiaEmporia Gazette10/01/1895 – 06/24/1921Newspaper Archives
EmporiaEmporia Citizen03/01/1932 – 11/01/1932Newspaper Archives
Fort RileySoldier’s Letter12/20/1864 – 01/09/1865Newspaper Archives
Fort ScottMessenger08/02/1917 – 09/13/1918Newspaper Archives
Fort ScottFair Play04/22/1898 – 06/16/1899Newspaper Archives
Garden CityGarden City Telegram10/02/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GirardGirard City Press05/02/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GreensburgKiowa County Signal06/03/2008 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HaysHays Daily News04/03/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HutchinsonHutchinson’s Journal07/11/1908 – 07/11/1908Newspaper Archives
HutchinsonHutchinson News01/01/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
HutchinsonBlade12/20/1919 – 04/01/1922Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityWyandotte Echo04/04/1930 – 12/24/1937Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityWestern Christian Recorder02/05/1898 – 08/19/1899Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityTopics05/16/1895 – 12/07/1895Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityPlaindealer05/20/1932 – 11/07/1958Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityPeople’s Elevator08/19/1937 – 09/19/1940Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityNational Review04/26/1913 – 10/25/1913Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityKansas Elevator02/12/1916 – 11/04/1916Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityKansas City Kansan02/13/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Kansas CityDaily American Citizen11/11/1897 – 08/05/1900Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityAmerican Citizen01/01/1897 – 08/02/1907Newspaper Archives
Kansas CityAdvocate01/07/1916 – 04/23/1926Newspaper Archives
LansingLansing This Week04/05/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LawrenceWestern Recorder03/17/1883 – 11/06/1884Newspaper Archives
LawrenceLawrence Journal-World10/11/1989 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LawrenceHistoric Times07/11/1891 – 11/14/1891Newspaper Archives
LawrenceHarambee01/01/1971 – 01/01/1971Newspaper Archives
LawrenceFor Our People09/08/1971 – 09/08/1971Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Times10/06/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LeavenworthLeavenworth Herald02/17/1894 – 12/26/1896Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Daily Times08/01/1860 – 11/10/1867Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Daily Conservative04/28/1861 – 12/31/1865Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Colored Radical08/24/1876 – 11/16/1876Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Bulletin07/20/1867 – 11/10/1871Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthLeavenworth Advocate08/18/1888 – 08/22/1891Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthKansas Weekly Herald09/15/1854 – 12/26/1857Newspaper Archives
LeavenworthFort Leavenworth Lamp01/22/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LiberalSouthwest Times12/13/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ManhattanManhattan Mercury05/01/1997 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
McPhersonMcPherson Sentinel01/02/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MinneolaKansas Leader02/24/1858 – 04/21/1858Newspaper Archives
NewtonNewton Kansan08/22/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
NicodemusNicodemus Enterprise08/17/1887 – 12/23/1887Newspaper Archives
NicodemusNicodemus Cyclone12/30/1887 – 09/07/1888Newspaper Archives
OlatheOlathe News12/31/1959 – 12/30/1961Newspaper Archives
OlatheOlathe News12/22/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
OlatheJohnson County Democrat12/31/1959 – 12/31/1959Newspaper Archives
OttawaOttawa Herald04/08/1996 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ParsonsParsons Weekly Blade09/24/1892 – 12/28/1900Newspaper Archives
ParsonsParsons Sun01/08/1998 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ParsonsEye Opener07/09/1892 – 12/26/1892Newspaper Archives
PeruFreeman’s Lance02/20/1891 – 08/28/1891Newspaper Archives
PittsburgUplift12/05/1914 – 12/19/1914Newspaper Archives
PittsburgMorning Sun03/02/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Prairie VillagePrairie Village Post10/13/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PrattPratt Tribune07/01/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SalinaSalina Journal10/12/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
SalinaSalina Enterprise11/14/1908 – 02/04/1909Newspaper Archives
SalinaAfro-American Review02/01/1915 – 02/01/1915Newspaper Archives
SedanSedan Times-Star06/05/1908 – 05/25/1911Newspaper Archives
SedanSedan Lance08/24/1892 – 10/14/1909Newspaper Archives
SedanFreeman’s Lance09/04/1891 – 12/25/1891Newspaper Archives
ShawneeSiwinowe Kesibwi11/01/1841 – 11/01/1841Newspaper Archives
St. JohnSt. John News02/01/2010 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
TopekaTopeka Weekly Capital01/17/1884 – 05/14/1901Newspaper Archives
TopekaTopeka Tribune and Western Recorder05/09/1885 – 07/18/1885Newspaper Archives
TopekaTopeka Tribune06/24/1880 – 12/25/1880Newspaper Archives
TopekaTopeka Post-Review10/01/1970 – 02/01/1971Newspaper Archives
TopekaTopeka Messenger06/14/1969 – 01/21/1970Newspaper Archives
TopekaTopeka Capital-Journal10/01/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
TopekaTopeka Call06/28/1891 – 12/16/1893Newspaper Archives
TopekaTimes-Observer09/04/1891 – 09/10/1892Newspaper Archives
TopekaState Ledger07/22/1892 – 06/16/1906Newspaper Archives
TopekaPlaindealer01/06/1899 – 12/25/1931Newspaper Archives
TopekaNational Watchman05/09/1914 – 05/09/1914Newspaper Archives
TopekaLucifer the light-bearer10/02/1891 – 04/17/1896Newspaper Archives
TopekaLittle Weekly04/09/1938 – 06/25/1938Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas Whip11/02/1934 – 09/30/1955Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas Watchman05/25/1905 – 11/17/1905Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas State Tribune10/06/1881 – 10/06/1881Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas State Record01/07/1871 – 11/27/1871Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas Sentinel07/07/1960 – 11/26/1960Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas Blackman04/20/1894 – 06/29/1894Newspaper Archives
TopekaKansas Baptist Herald11/11/1911 – 05/03/1913Newspaper Archives
TopekaHerald of Kansas01/30/1880 – 06/11/1880Newspaper Archives
TopekaEvening Call06/13/1893 – 07/08/1893Newspaper Archives
TopekaColored Patriot04/20/1882 – 06/22/1882Newspaper Archives
TopekaColored Citizen06/17/1897 – 11/16/1900Newspaper Archives
TopekaCapitol Plaindealer09/20/1936 – 08/06/1938Newspaper Archives
TopekaBenevolent Banner05/21/1887 – 10/22/1887Newspaper Archives
TopekaAmerican Citizen01/11/1889 – 07/19/1889Newspaper Archives
TopekaAdelante06/10/1972 – 06/19/1977Newspaper Archives
Valley FallsLucifer, the Light-Bearer01/01/1886 – 02/28/1890Newspaper Archives
Weir CityWeir City Eagle01/12/1900 – 03/23/1900Newspaper Archives
WellingtonWellington Daily News02/12/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WichitaWichita Times03/16/1972 – 09/22/1977Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Searchlight06/02/1900 – 10/26/1912Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Protest06/05/1919 – 10/19/1923Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Post-Observer01/23/1953 – 12/25/1953Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Globe02/17/1887 – 10/29/1887Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Factarian02/26/1914 – 04/02/1914Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Eagle12/31/1967 – 12/31/1974Newspaper Archives
WichitaWichita Eagle10/02/1984 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
WichitaPeople’s Friend05/24/1894 – 09/28/1894Newspaper Archives
WichitaPeople’s Elevator02/21/1924 – 12/29/1927Newspaper Archives
WichitaNews Hawk03/12/1979 – 03/12/1979Newspaper Archives
WichitaNegro Star05/07/1920 – 12/26/1952Newspaper Archives
WichitaNational Reflector12/08/1895 – 12/25/1897Newspaper Archives
WichitaNational Baptist World08/31/1894 – 11/23/1894Newspaper Archives
WichitaMidwest News Press03/07/1959 – 04/04/1959Newspaper Archives
WichitaKansas Weekly Journal10/09/1980 – 03/05/1981Newspaper Archives
WichitaKansas Voice10/19/1946 – 09/26/1947Newspaper Archives
WichitaKansas Sunflower09/26/1890 – 11/07/1890Newspaper Archives
WichitaKansas Headlight09/14/1894 – 09/14/1894Newspaper Archives
WichitaColored Citizen02/21/1903 – 02/06/1904Newspaper Archives
WichitaAmerican Times03/07/1908 – 03/28/1908Newspaper Archives
WinfieldAmerican Nonconformist and Kansas Industrial Liberator11/11/1886 – 11/11/1886Newspaper Archives
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*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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