June Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content for 118 Titles from 30 States!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding new content for 118 titles from 30 states, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's home page showing the announcement for new content added in June 2017

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 118 titles from 30 states
  • 72 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title list of more than 7,000 newspapers, click here.

Here is the complete title list of the content newly added in June.

State City Title Coverage Added Collection
ArkansasLittle RockArkansas Gazette05/16/1988 – 10/13/1988Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco Chronicle01/19/1896 – 01/19/1896Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaLos AngelesPrensa03/28/1932 – 04/07/1932Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaFresnoFresno Bee, The: Blogs New!12/19/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
ColoradoFort CollinsRocky Mountain Collegian: Colorado State University New!08/28/2002 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FloridaMiamiSouth Florida Record New!01/13/1905 – 01/13/1905Newspaper Archives
FloridaLeesburgDaily Commercial: Web Edition Articles New!01/04/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeorgiaKennesawSentinel, The: Kennesaw State University New!06/27/2012 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
IllinoisPeoriaPeoria Journal Star, The: Web Edition Articles New!01/03/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
IndianaRichmondEarlham Word, The: Earlham College (Richmond, IN) New!04/16/2008 – 10/29/2015Recent Obituaries
IndianaIndianapolisWhig Rifle New!08/01/1844 – 08/01/1844Newspaper Archives
IowaFairfieldFairfield Ledger New!02/14/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
LouisianaNew OrleansTimes-Picayune07/23/1916 – 07/23/1916Newspaper Archives
MainePortlandChristian Mirror07/13/1822 – 07/18/1865Newspaper Archives
MarylandRockvilleTrue American and Farmers Register05/28/1824 – 05/28/1824Newspaper Archives
MarylandHagers-TownFarmers’ Register and Maryland Herald New!02/19/1828 – 02/19/1828Newspaper Archives
MarylandCumberlandMaryland Advocate and Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Register New!06/21/1828 – 01/24/1829Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsPittsfieldCulturist and Gazette07/12/1848 – 12/26/1849Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonMassachusetts Ploughman and New England Journal of Agriculture09/22/1866 – 12/26/1868Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew England Farmer01/03/1852 – 04/10/1858Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonBoston Cultivator12/02/1876 – 12/02/1876Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Register01/02/1841 – 12/28/1878Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBelchertownHampshire Sentinel and Farmers and Manufacturers Journal12/27/1826 – 02/03/1830Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNew BedfordIndependent Press11/01/1848 – 11/01/1848Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsWorcesterBay State Farmer and Mechanic’s Ledger05/22/1847 – 07/01/1848Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonGolden Rule09/06/1876 – 09/06/1876Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsLowellMiddlesex Telegraph, and Manufacturers’ and Farmers’ Advocate New!10/31/1831 – 07/14/1832Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsWorcesterWorcester Telegram & Gazette: Web Edition Articles New!01/02/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
MassachusettsSouthbridgeSouthbridge Register, and Farmers, Mechanics and Manufacturers Advocate New!03/23/1830 – 05/24/1831Newspaper Archives
MichiganSaginawSaginaw Daily Enterprise New!01/04/1869 – 12/31/1869Newspaper Archives
MichiganSaginawSaginaw Herald New!01/16/1879 – 05/27/1889Newspaper Archives
MichiganSaginawSaginaw Republican New!01/16/1879 – 05/01/1879Newspaper Archives
MinnesotaRed WingGrange Advance New!10/04/1876 – 10/04/1876Newspaper Archives
MississippiStarkvilleLivestock and Farm Journal New!08/03/1876 – 08/03/1876Newspaper Archives
MissouriKansas CityKansas City Star07/01/1935 – 07/08/1935Newspaper Archives
MissouriKansas CityKansas City Times07/01/1935 – 07/08/1935Newspaper Archives
MissouriMaconMissouri Granger New!05/12/1876 – 05/12/1876Newspaper Archives
MissouriSavannahPatron of Husbandry New!02/17/1876 – 02/17/1876Newspaper Archives
MissouriForsythPioneer Farmer New!06/02/1876 – 06/02/1876Newspaper Archives
NevadaLaughlinLaughlin Nevada Times New!01/07/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New HampshireExeterExeter News-Letter and Rockingham Advertiser08/04/1845 – 09/17/1860Newspaper Archives
New HampshireSomersworthGreat Falls Journal05/14/1836 – 07/30/1836Newspaper Archives
New HampshireKeeneFarmer’s Museum01/30/1829 – 02/08/1849Newspaper Archives
New HampshireWalpoleFarmer’s Museum09/14/1827 – 12/19/1828Newspaper Archives
New HampshireManchesterGranite State Farmer07/18/1857 – 07/17/1858Newspaper Archives
New HampshireNewportFarmer’s Advocate and Political Adventurer New!05/12/1831 – 05/12/1831Newspaper Archives
New JerseyTrentonTrenton Times12/06/1883 – 09/29/1887Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkDemocrat04/13/1836 – 04/14/1836Newspaper Archives
New YorkTroyFarmers’ Register12/01/1807 – 03/31/1829Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlbanyPlough Boy01/06/1821 – 05/26/1821Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkShipping and Commercial List and New-York Price Current03/06/1833 – 12/29/1841Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlbanyFarmers’, Mechanics’ and Workingmen’s Advocate06/07/1831 – 06/07/1831Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkChristian Intelligencer07/13/1848 – 07/01/1852Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkMethodist11/09/1861 – 08/02/1873Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York Observer05/17/1823 – 12/27/1828Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkMormon02/17/1855 – 07/28/1855Newspaper Archives
New YorkSaugertiesSaugerties Times New!04/13/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkOwegoAmerican Farmer New!09/14/1803 – 07/18/1810Newspaper Archives
New YorkForestvilleChautauqua Farmer New!06/06/1874 – 08/19/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkHudsonColumbia County Farmer New!08/08/1876 – 10/24/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkPoughkeepsieDutchess Farmer New!09/19/1871 – 08/22/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkPoughkeepsieFarmer New!04/29/1806 – 02/03/1807Newspaper Archives
New YorkBathFarmer’s Gazette New!07/22/1817 – 07/22/1817Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlexanderFarmers’ and Mechanics’ Journal New!05/19/1838 – 05/19/1838Newspaper Archives
New YorkPoughkeepsieFarmers’ and Mechanics’ Repository New!12/09/1809 – 12/09/1809Newspaper Archives
New YorkHomerFarmers’ Journal New!11/11/1812 – 01/18/1813Newspaper Archives
New YorkRochesterGenesee Evangelist New!02/26/1847 – 07/21/1854Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew York Farmer and Mechanic New!02/12/1846 – 12/24/1846Newspaper Archives
New YorkGoshenOrange Farmer New!02/12/1820 – 07/07/1823Newspaper Archives
New YorkMontgomeryOrange Farmer New!04/03/1824 – 04/09/1825Newspaper Archives
New YorkHerkimerRepublican Farmers’ Free Press New!05/18/1831 – 05/18/1831Newspaper Archives
New YorkWaterlooSeneca Farmer New!10/27/1824 – 10/27/1824Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkUniverse New!01/06/1870 – 06/02/1870Newspaper Archives
New YorkJamestownWeekly Grange New!04/19/1876 – 04/19/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkUticaObserver-Dispatch: Web Edition Articles New!01/09/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
North CarolinaCharlotteCharlotte News10/11/1971 – 10/11/1971Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaFayettevilleFayetteville Observer, The: Blogs New!10/18/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
OhioSpringfieldFarmer’s Advocate08/04/1819 – 08/04/1819Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Leader01/07/1852 – 10/14/1853Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandDaily Cleveland Herald05/30/1835 – 12/18/1843Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Daily Advertiser New!01/06/1831 – 03/22/1838Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Whig New!08/20/1834 – 12/28/1836Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCentral Christian Herald New!07/07/1842 – 09/28/1848Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiChristian Press New!06/01/1862 – 03/01/1876Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Advertiser New!01/05/1837 – 10/08/1840Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Herald New!01/04/1837 – 12/23/1857Newspaper Archives
OhioClevelandCleveland Weekly Plain Dealer New!01/07/1842 – 12/28/1888Newspaper Archives
OhioDaytonDayton Watchman; or Farmers and Mechanics’ Journal New!08/20/1822 – 02/15/1825Newspaper Archives
OhioLebanonFarmer New!12/12/1817 – 12/12/1817Newspaper Archives
OhioUrbanaFarmer’s Watch-tower New!11/25/1812 – 08/11/1813Newspaper Archives
OhioNewarkNewark Gazette and Farmer’s Journal New!02/24/1841 – 02/24/1841Newspaper Archives
OhioLancasterWestern Oracle and the Farmers Weekly Museum New!02/06/1807 – 05/29/1807Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaGreensburgGreensburgh and Indiana Register07/02/1803 – 06/29/1810Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPittsburghAllegheny Democrat, and Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Advertiser08/29/1826 – 06/24/1828Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaLewistownLewistown Gazette10/28/1841 – 11/11/1841Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaCarlisleDemocratic Republican, and Agricultural Register03/05/1829 – 08/12/1830Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaChambersburgGerman Reformed Messenger11/28/1838 – 02/03/1847Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaMontroseSusquehanna Register, and Northern Farmer01/01/1836 – 08/31/1848Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgAmerikanische Bauer, und Pennsylvanische Democrat New!05/15/1829 – 05/15/1829Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaDoylestownDoylestown Democrat New!10/21/1823 – 08/10/1842Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaHarrisburgFarmers Instructor, and Harrisburgh Courant New!11/26/1800 – 07/01/1801Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaLancasterLancaster County Farmer and American Literary Gazette New!10/28/1848 – 10/28/1848Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaLancasterPennsylvania Farmer New!09/02/1812 – 08/11/1813Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaMilford SquareReformer und Agriculturist und Allgemeiner Neuigkeits-Berichter New!07/13/1876 – 07/13/1876Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaSaturday Pennsylvania Gazette New!05/10/1828 – 05/16/1829Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaMcVeytownVillage Herald, and Farmers and Mechanics Register New!11/30/1843 – 11/30/1843Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaGreensburgWestmoreland Republican and Farmers’ Chronicle New!06/08/1864 – 06/08/1864Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandProvidenceManufacturers’ and Farmers’ Journal07/17/1856 – 12/31/1868Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandProvidenceProvidence Journal05/01/1891 – 05/01/1891Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaRock HillGrange New!01/20/1876 – 01/20/1876Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaCharlestonCourier Letter-Sheet Prices Current New!10/01/1842 – 12/20/1850Newspaper Archives
TennesseeKnoxvilleKnoxville News-Sentinel05/19/1923 – 11/21/1926Newspaper Archives
VermontBrattleboroVermont Record and Farmer01/08/1868 – 12/26/1873Newspaper Archives
VirginiaStauntonStaunton Political Censor12/05/1810 – 08/23/1811Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRoanoke, LynchburgNBC – 10 WSLS New!04/19/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
VirginiaPetersburgCountry Advertiser New!02/07/1839 – 02/07/1839Newspaper Archives
VirginiaLynchburgLynchburg and Farmer’s Gazette New!04/05/1794 – 11/28/1795Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRichmondVirginia Farm Journal New!09/17/1859 – 09/17/1859Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRichmondVirginia Patron New!07/29/1876 – 07/29/1876Newspaper Archives
West VirginiaCharles TownVirginia Free Press07/08/1829 – 03/08/1832Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMilwaukeeMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel07/01/1904 – 08/13/1935Newspaper Archives
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Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is constantly adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search box that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time:

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's newspaper search page showing the feature allowing you to search on newly-added content

GenealogyBank adds new content to its Historical Newspaper Archives monthly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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